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PREDICT THE SCORE CONTEST: Canucks vs Predators Dec 13th 2017


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Preds will want to tie the season series, after losing at home in their last meeting.


NSH - 6

VAN - 2


16 blocked shots


I wonder when the Canucks will win another game. It'll be 4-6 weeks until Bo and Baer are back, and still might be a week or two before Guddy and Sutter are back. They're on a 3-game losing streak and competition just seems to be getting tougher. Chaput isn't going to make the difference. Why they're sitting Goldobin is beyond me. Maybe we should predict when the Canucks will win again? Maybe against CGY on the 17th? Or maybe MTL on the 19th? I'm not sure they'll win more games than that this month.

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I don't like this game anymore... my predictions aren't coming true :(


4-3 Canucks! LETS GETIRRRR

13 Blocks! 


By the way... fun fact, Vancouver is 30th in the league in blocks. Only Detroit have blocked less shots. Well that's not a very fun fact...

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