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Top 10 Post-Lockout Teams (Article)


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Times are rough with our Canucks stinkin' up the barn, so how about we switch things up with a good 'ol Top 10? (written by yours truly, of course)


You can see part 1 below in the post, but they'll look prettier on the actual website if you prefer that.

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This was a list that was suggested to me by someone and I immediately found myself wondering about what the final list would look like, which is always a sign of a good list. Usually, when comparing top teams, winning the Stanley Cup is a necessary box to check to even be considered, but because the NHL Lockout was just over 10 years ago, I figured that choosing ten teams out of eleven Cup winners would be silly, so I allowed non-Cup winning teams into the picture. That said, there was still a strong emphasis on post-season play, particularly taking home the Cup, so most of the list is made up of championship teams. Also note that individual player performance had no effect on this list, so a player winning the Calder or Hart meant nothing for the purposes of this list. Let’s get to it!


For the second half click here: Top 10 Post-Lockout NHL Teams (5-1)


10. 2005-06 Detroit Red Wings


The 2005-06 Red Wings had a long road winning streak during their season

The highest single-season point total since the 2004-05 lockout belongs one of the biggest post-season collapses since the lockout. The 2005-06 Red Wings had an amazing 124 points with 58 wins on the season, but collapsed against the #8 seeded Edmonton Oilers in the first round, winning just two playoff games. Still, few teams have been more dominant in the regular season during the playoffs. This team finished 2nd in goals for and goals against and first in power play percentage with 22.13%.


9. 2014-15 Chicago Blackhawks


The 2015 Chicago Blackhawks celebrate their third Cup in six seasons

Chicago’s third Cup of the post-lockout era came in what was probably their weakest regular season of the three. The team finished with a strong, but relatively modest 102 points. They had the best defense in the league, but their offense was somewhat lacking and their special teams were near the middle of the pack. Still, the team powered on and took home it’s third Cup in six years.


8. 2011-12 Los Angeles Kings


Kings captain Dustin Brown kisses the Cup after winning it all in 2012

The Los Angeles Kings greatly under-performed during the regular season of 2011-12, but turned on the jets in the playoffs. They had the 29th ranked offense in the league and a mediocre powerplay to go along with it. The only reason they were able to squeak into the playoffs was due to their stellar defense, with their 4th ranked penalty kill and 2nd best defense in the league, but squeak in they did, and they went all the way to Lord Stanley’s Cup.


7. 2010-11 Vancouver Canucks


The Canucks celebrate a dramatic Game 7 OT winner by Alex Burrows in the first round of the 2011 playoffs

This one could be slightly controversial. Despite finishing with less points than the 2005-06 Red Wings, the Canucks have two things that put them above the Red Wings. First, the Canucks finished 1st in Goals For, Goals Against, and powerplay percentage, something that no other team on our list was able to accomplish (no one even managed first in just goals for and against, never mind powerplay percentage). Second, unlike the Red Wings, the Canucks actually made it deep into the playoffs, falling one game short of the Cup in the Finals against the Boston Bruins. And while the seven game series wasn’t as close as the seven games might make it seem, the incredible regular season of the Canucks and a strong playoff run earn them the 7th spot on this list.


6. 2015-16 Pittsburgh Penguins


The Penguins celebrate their first Cup since 2009

The Penguins finished 4th in the league with 104 points in 2015-16 and had the third ranked offense to boot. Interestingly, despite their strong even-strength offense, their one noteworthy weakness was probably their powerplay, which finished 17th in the NHL. The Penguins bested the President’s Trophy-winning Washington Capitals in the 2nd round en route to their fourth Stanley Cup.


Part 2: https://hookedonhockeyhistory.wordpress.com/2017/12/14/top-10-post-lockout-nhl-teams-5-1/

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