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Favourite Canucks of all time!


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CDC, who are your favourite Canucks ever?  Share your top 3



For me...

1)  Pavel Bure - It has to be Bure at #1 for me.  When I moved to Canada I became a hockey/Canuck fan just as Bure was in his prime.  He got me into hockey and I'm hella biased but he's the most exciting player I've watched.



2) Jarkko Ruutu - I don't know why but I've always loved the pests and there are so many to pick from.  Burrows, Kesler, Esa Tikkanen... but Ruutu is my fav.  He was just a beauty.




3) Sami Salo - Now picking a 3rd one is a tough one.  Bertuzzi, Ohlund, Linden, Luongo, Sedins, Mogilny... but for me it's Salo.  Probably the hardest slap shot ever on Canucks.  Quirky, hilarious, a rock on the blue line for 9 seasons.



UPDATE!  Here are the votes so far:

(Including few votes from non-CDC Canuck fans)

Bure        19

Linden     8

Sedin.H   7.5

Burrows   6.5

Bertuzzi   6

Sedin.D   5.5

Smyl        5

Ohlund    4.5

Rypien    4.5

Luongo    4

Naslund   4

McLean   3.5

Jovo        3

Brodeur   3

Ruutu      2.5

Odjick     2.5
Cloutier   2

Salo        2

Horvat    2

Kesler    1.5

22 players tied with 1 vote

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Hmm... that's a toughie. I'd go with Sedins as my #1 and #2 probably. Growing up, my favourite player was Bertuzzi, but I'm not sure he'd make my top three anymore. My #3 would probably be Luongo, though Mitchell would put up a good fight. Naslund and Horvat are in the discussion too.

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1. Markus Naslund. Grew up as a kid watching the WCE. That wrist shot was LETHAL.

2. Alex Burrows. All heart, and one of the most clutch performers we've ever had. 

3. Todd Bertuzzi. As earlier mentioned, grew up watching the WCE. Best power forward in the game. 

H.M: Daniel, Henrik, Willie Mitchell, Sami Salo, Andrew Cassels, Ed Jovanovski, Trevor Linden, Roberto Luongo, Cory Schneider, Matthias Ohlund, Jannik Hansen, Kevin Bieksa. 

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In terms of combining heart and loyalty with skill,


The Twins (with Burr, they were three underrated guys who were pretty selfless and were key contributors on the ice, while being class acts off it)

Luongo (rode it out with the team in thick and thin while maintaining class and of course his sense of humor combined with #1 goalie skill)
Kesler (pre-demands and trade, I felt he was a heart-and-soul guy who had value on his team.  Even though it happened as it did, he's still a beast)

Rypien (embodiment of courage, I admired him in his fearlessness in his fight against titans on the ice.  He will be missed)

Bo and Brock are rising too.

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