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(Proposal) Van-Nash / Pettersson


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Emil Pettersson (Elias's older brother) would be an interesting player for the Canucks to target via trade. 


Now 23, Emil is almost a point per game player in the AHL, and was also around the point per game mark last year in the SHL.  He plays center, is 6'2" (only 176 LBS) could possibly be a good depth 4th liner.  Worst case scenario he would be a good addition for the Comets.


I would like to think Emil could help his brother with the transition of moving from Europe to North America as an added benefit.


What would Nashville ask for in return?


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I like it, a new set of brothers for the Canucks.


Emil looks like a pretty so,lid prospect though so I don't think we would want to part with a prospect with equal value. Our best bet would be to snatch him at the tdl same as how Goldobin and Dahlen were obtained by moving a pending UFA 

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15 hours ago, Dave "The Hammer" Schultz said:

no more brothers please :P and maybe alittle less swedens...no offence, we minus well be sweden once the couple other swedes join the nucks, and if we finish near the bottom and get 1st round pick and draft dahlen :P team vanweden

what's wrong with Vans history in brothers?  I loved watching the Courtnalls and the Sedins will be hall of famers.


The history of only 1/2 of the brothers tandom (typically the younger one) is where trouble begins.  Federov, Karia.... Grandlund?   Kidding about Grandlund of course.


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