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Who Is On The Hot Seat?


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10 minutes ago, Alflives said:

I love EK.  If he’s not the best right now, it’s darned close.  Great player, and fun to watch.  Stone is really good too.  I’m not a Duchene fan.  I like Turris’ 200 foot game.  

I was disgusted with the Sen’s Owner saying he could move them team.  Hope Sens get a new, and much better owner. 


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On 12/23/2017 at 4:00 PM, Alflives said:

He did protect the first, which was wise.  I don’t think Duchene is a better player than Turris to start with.  Yes.  That GM should get fired, but not before he trades us Chabot for Hutton.  :o

I never saw why the Sens made this move in the first place...

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Coach Q in Chicago is probably feeling a little heat, which I think is ridiculous, but the Hawks aren't winning a lot of games and sit on the edge of the playoff picture. There's a growing number of fans that think he is the problem, or that they need a shake-up in general. The dynasty days are probably over, and there's a couple year gap between the aging core and the younger guys like Forsling, DeBrincat, Vinny, Schmaltz, etc. being ready to be relied on in important roles.


If they miss the playoffs or sneak in and get destroyed like last season I could see them making a change.


Also wouldn't surprise me to see the Hawks sneak into the lottery by one point, win it, and get Dahlin.

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