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What do you want as the Canucks alternate/third jersey?

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3rd jerseys  

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The Canucks confirmed they will be getting a new Alternate/third jersey in the 2019-2020 season. Which jersey would you pick? Some examples are posted below.






2019 THIRD JERSEY: Confirmed. Canucks COO Jeff Stipec told TSN in August that there will be a new third jersey in 2019-20 — in addition to the throwback sweater fans voted for over the summer. The Adidas catalog does corroborate this.


The Canucks fourth jersey for the 2019-2020 season will be the black skate jersey.

In the 2019-2020 season, the skate jersey will be worn for select nights only, however, they will also be releasing an official third jersey that season. So that means they will have 4 different jerseys in one season. :blink:

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4 minutes ago, Roberts said:


Good grief man those are some horrendous jerseys. 


I liked these


Image result for canucks red jersey

Image result for canucks morrison red jerseyman these 3 are so good looking. Greatest Trio of all time. 



Also this

... I chose this pic because I think this is an iconic pic... similar to that guy that stood infront of a tank in china... Tiananmen square? This was the nail in the coffin of the Luongo / Vancouver saga... a saga that ended far too early. Glorious hero became a villain... hope Torts chokes on some pucks.  

Image result for canucks millionaires jersey

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7 minutes ago, AlwaysACanuckFan said:

Picturing Pettersson Horvat Boeser in these jersies.


MAN those were slick jerseys. I was really disappointed when we ditched them in 06 before the Reebok sale.


I'd love us to go back to the stick in rink alternates. Loved those jerseys. Though the skate's pretty good too. 

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6 minutes ago, yes we can nucks said:

I'd like to see the flying V's again except with the current blue/green/white instead of the ugly yellow.  Add stick in rink patches on the shoulders.  Do away with the orcas.  No Johnny Canuck.  Let's keep it simple.  Can someone put this together?  I'm no techie.



I found this online


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24 minutes ago, yes we can nucks said:

Thanks.  I think it's a simple but strong distinctive design.  Maybe not as low-plunging though.  It's V for Vancouver, and the stick in rink shoulder patches for Canucks.

for an alternate it's not bad actually, I'm sure if there was an official one, it would look even nicer

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The McCaw corpo brand orca has been an eye sore for me personally. Stick in the rink should be the regular uniform it's our original concept and it is our destiny too.


The Black Skate will always remind me of the greatest Canuck team ever under Pat Quinn in 1994 would work well as an alternate.


Th Orca would be the third jersey for the obvious reason being the Canucks most successful team in our history.

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3 minutes ago, Chris12345 said:

I have always hated that Orca. I'll get flamed for this but are the Canucks the Orcas? Get real.


Put a Canuck on there and get er done.


I also love the black skate although it is hypocritical to my statement above.

Totally with ya on this one!


Nobody likes us now :/

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