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[PGT] St. Louis Blues vs. Vancouver Canucks

-Vintage Canuck-

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Please bear with my venting.


Bettman: "I hate Vancouver fans, they boo'd me. I don't want any homer reffs. Make sure they get the short end of the stick at home. Frack the fans"


Reffs: "are you sure Gary, it will look pretty obvious and call in to question the integrity of the NHL?"


Bettman: "Like I care what Canadian fans think. they will go to games regardless".



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2 minutes ago, luckylager said:



The inlaws have been here a few days... I'm thankful there was a hockey game to watch.


If you need me, I'll be deadpan in a chair pretending to care and drinking beer with a whisky side car.


Merry Christmas 




Lol Merry Christmas 

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The Good:

Honestly was so impressed by Virtanen tonight. Thought he was our best player. Possibly his best game of the year. Awesome seeing him out there with the goalie pulled.

Boeser hit 20!!!! Great game by the Brockstar.

Vanek honestly had a real solid game. Made some great passes. 

Goldobin and Hutton responded very well after being healthy scratches. Solid games by both.

Biega was flying again.

The Posts. Bailed us out too many times.


The Bad:

The defense was much better this game, but still needs a lot of work. The Blues had a lot of open ice in front of Markstrom tonight.

The Sedin's cycled very well tonight, but need to set up some better shot opportunities. 

Edler needs to learn to pass the puck.


The Ugly:


The Refs. Don't even know what a penalty is anymore.



Honestly a solid game. You could tell the Blues were the more skilled team, but we did a great job of matching their intensity. Just a shame that not one, but two brutal goals decided the game.

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