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Why does the MSM wonder why we don't trust them when they go and give Star Wars The Last Jedi 93% on Rotten Tomatoes?


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I can't get past the entire premise of the new trillogy. 


The New Republic was the dominant military and goverment in the galaxy after the events of Return of the Jedi. The last Executor class SSDs had all been hunted down and destroyed. How does this "First Order" group build new capital class ships, new SSD sized dreadnaughts, and turn an entire planet into a super death star without the New Republic noticing?


The dialog was stale and the acting left a lot to be desired in the prequel trilogy, but at least it had continuity and explained the politics. This trilogy just says "forget all the victories the Rebel Alliance won in the original movies, events are resetting to a dominant Empire or "First Order" and we're starting at episode 4 again."


Edit: I know Disney scapped everything that happened in novels/games post Return of the Jedi, but they don't offer an alternative explination for how a new group with the resources and technology of the old Empire comes to power and destorys the New Republic with a single shot from their new death star.


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