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[PGT] Anaheim Ducks vs. Vancouver Canucks

-Vintage Canuck-

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6 minutes ago, Bo fan said:

Before I forget again - thank you Vintage Canuck for always getting the PGT  up and running

Can we trade both goalies for Miller? 

Nothing else to add - nite all

i agree

but still mixed feelings


came onto pgt

cuz i was hoping vintage woulda worked some magic

and changed the outcome to a canuck win

but i'm thinking he might be switching to the all tank team now :P


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1 minute ago, Stelar said:

Goalies are killing us.  Starting down 1-0 within 2-3 minutes is not great with this beligerd squad.


Not any shinning stars tonight.  Whole team was $&!#.  

This is happening way too often.  It's tough for the team to constantly play from behind.  And the soft goals are demoralizing for a team that has trouble scoring.

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3 minutes ago, canuck2288 said:

It may have been 5-0 and easy to say you can’t win if you don’t score BUT when early pathetic goals are let in by our sad excuse for goalies it just deflates the team and kills momentum 



Agree.   Someone else is listening to SN 650 ;) 

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4 minutes ago, Dazzle said:

Edmonton also lost 5-0 today against the Kings.

Edmonton is a hot mess.


4 minutes ago, Harvey Spector said:

Gerard Gallant’s team is second overall in the NHL. Just sayin...  

Not only did Vegas mini plunder their way into the league, but they're leading the west with 5 starting goalies this year. WTF

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Green is play aggressive but give up lots of goals and Willie was play defensively and lose by a goal or 2.  Tonight was a sleeper but Green's style is generally better to watch.  


Winning of course has nothing to do with systems but rather what kind of personnel you got.  At the moment our team is not much different than what we had last year at this stage.  Sutter, Horvat, Sven are severely missed.   


Demko should get a look ASAP just to give him and taste and for management to see where he is at.  I also think now that Archie is back they should sign him and get him up here.   

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