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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Toronto Maple Leafs

-Vintage Canuck-

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11 minutes ago, Qwags said:

Green should win the Jack Adams. He achieved the impossible. Winning a coach's challenge against Toronto, in Toronto.

Yeh and the only reason it took so long, the NHL was on the phone with the TV network to see if they showed the obvious clip befor they deleted it.

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You play not to lose, you lose.


Green totally wasted the last 45 seconds of OT with Eriksson, MDZ and Dowd. They were not even trying to make a play to win — all they did was keeping the puck away as if they will have a better chance in SO which they didn’t.


I thought ‘Wtf are they doing? Do they think they can beat the leafs in the shootout? Are you serious?’


I knew we were effed when I saw Boeser’s cannon not going in in the OT.

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12 minutes ago, drummerboy said:

So the Sedin's weren't on in OT. That's good. 

But where is Jake?      

It just makes sense to me that when you have that much open space, you would use somebody that fast

Completely agree. Thought Jake played really well. Weird that Green won't trust him in OT

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