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Report Cards: The halfway point [Discussion]



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We’re halfway through the season at this point and I figured this kind of thing might crop up, and I’m interested to hear opinions, so though I’d start a thread on a halfway “report card” for our players throughout the year. I’ll mention my thoughts below and feel free to share your own!

As a rubric, I’d say I’m probably 75% judging our players based off of my expectations from the start of the year, not objective performance nor off of expectations that have developed part way into the season, so take that into account. Feel free to use whatever rubric you want.



  • S. Baertschi - A-
    • Baertschi started to cool off before he was injured, but he was still on pace for career-bests in goals and assists.


  • B. Boeser - A+
    • This one’s obvious. I expected him to be good, but not this good. So far, he’s the best rookie in Canucks history.


  • A. Burmistrov - C+
    • Couldn’t shine very well and then retired. Pretty forgettable time in Vancouver.


  • D. Dorsett - A-
    • Was playing the best hockey of his career before he had to cut his career short. Was on pace for bests offensively and was a great shut down forward.


  • N. Dowd - C+
    • Hasn’t done much here so far this year. Was much better last year. Hasn’t been terrible though. I had low expectations for him.


  • L. Eriksson - B
    • A bit of an odd year so far for Eriksson. Started injured, then got hot and has now cooled off. He’s still on pace for better numbers than last year though, so he gets a mediocre satisfactory grade.


  • S. Gagner - B
    • Started quite poorly, but has picked it up as of late. Still not doing as well as last year, but isn’t terrible. 


  • B. Gaunce - B
    • I’m disappointed he hasn’t been getting more points, but his defensive game is still great and he does create some chances. Average grade.
  • N. Goldobin - B-
    • I was hoping for a bit more from Goldobin this year, but he’s been pretty similar to last year. Maybe something will click soon.


  • M. Granlund - C
    • Having a far worse year than last year. He can play defensive hockey, so he’s still useful, but his offense has vanished.


  • B. Horvat - A
    • Horvat continues to improve, and was on a drastically higher goal-scoring rate than he’s ever had before he was injured. He still might break his career best in goals even with his injury.


  • D. Sedin - B+
    • I expected Daniel to regress, but he’s actually on a slightly better point pace than last year. On pace for 6 more points this year than last year.


  • H. Sedin - B+
    • Same deal as his younger brother. Also on pace for a better year, even if just barely. A pleasant surprise not to see them regress much at all.


  • T. Vanek - A-
    • Despite scoring at a lower rate than he did last year, I expected Vanek to play at about Eriksson’s level when he arrived here. He’s far exceeded my expectations and is scoring at a borderline first line forward’s rate.


  • J. Virtanen - B
    • Virtanen has made the team full-time and is fitting in well. He’s learning to do the little things right and that will make him last long in the NHL. His offense still leaves something to be desired, so hopefully that improves at some point.


  • M. Chaput - I
  • R. Boucher - I
  • J. Megna - I



  • A. Biega - B
    • Biega has scored 5 points in 21 games, far more than usual, but his energy is sometimes inconsistent. If he could go full “bulldog mode” every game, he’d be an NHL regular.


  • M. Del Zotto - B-
    • While not terrible, I did hope for a bit more from Del Zotto. He’s scored just 1 goal and I was hoping for more than 5 on the year. Maybe he picks up his offense in the second half, because our defense sorely needs it.


  • A. Edler - B-
    • Edler is the same guy he’s been for the last several years. Mostly reliable, but makes egregious errors every now and then. His lack of offense continues to leave me wanting more from him.


  • E. Gudbranson - C+
    • He’s brought the physical side and the leadership, but doesn’t seem to have many tangible skills to offer besides those. He’s average defensively and very poor offensively.


  • B. Hutton - C
    • I don’t think Hutton’s year has been as bad as some are saying, but that doesn’t mean it’s been good. His offense is lacking this year. His defense has some good moments, but can be a bit inconsistent.


  • D. Pouliot - B+
    • Pouliot has been a pleasant surprise for me. When we acquired him, I had him penciled in as the 7th defenseman, but he’s worked his way onto the main roster. His offense isn’t amazing, but it’s among the best of the team’s defensemen (which isn’t saying much, admittedly). He shows promise.


  • T. Stecher - C
    • He makes less egregious errors than Hutton, but Stecher is in a very similar boat, though he’s lacking even more offensively with just 3 points in 27 games.


  • C. Tanev - A
    • Tanev continues to be outstanding and by far our best defenseman. His injury problems are frustrating, but have no bearing on his rating. His offense is fairly poor, but that’s never been his calling card. His calm and steady play on the back end is mesmerising to watch. He’s a fantastic decision-maker.



  • J. Markstrom - B-
    • Markstrom has struggled a bit to take the starting role, but did have a strong start. His current save percentage (.907) is only slightly below last year’s .910, but I was hoping for an improvement, not a decline.


  • A. Nilsson - C+
    • Nilsson started the year on fire, but he’s shown extreme inconsistency since then. His strong start caused some to think he may steal Markstrom’s starting job, but his recent poor play (even poorer than Markstrom’s) has eliminated those notions.
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I loved that people had Dorsett on the outskirts of their opening night roster, or at least counted him as a forward that would sit mostly for the youngens and come in every once in a while.  Then he proved everyone that he could not only be an everyday NHLer, but an effective one.  Game 1 shutting down and aggrevating Conner McDavid was the highlight of the season alone for me.  I love my old school hockey players, and Dorse showed the whole hockey world that he has just as much determination, and drive than any other player in the NHL.  



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Thomas Vanek - A+

  • He's been our second best forward behind Boeser. Very very smart and skilled and has underrated play making abilities. He's definitely been one of our most consistent forwards. Could be traded by the deadline and would be a very nice pickup to any playoff team.

Brock Boeser - A+

  • Surpassed every single expectations I had for him this season. The fact that he has 22 goals in 38 games and is having a better rookie season so far than the likes of Matthews and Laine and is currently the calder trophy favourite and still producing with a decimated lineup crop just speaks volumes to just how much of a special player he is.

Bo Horvat A+

  • Such a valuable player. Sucks he got injured, was on pace for a breakout year. Ever since that injury we've only won once and since then we've been 2nd last in our division. We need him back ASAP.

Derek Dorsett - A

  • Very unfortunate he had to end his career so abruptly but he was such an amazing team player, team is obviously missing him. At least he ends his career as a point producer.

Chris Tanev A-

  • Great defender, but so injury prone.

The Sedins A-

  • Have done a heck of a job and are still producing despite being 37. They've done a good job providing secondary scoring, though very abysmal to watch them not defend at times, but i'll let that slip since they've been effective offensively.

Sven Baertschi - B+ 

  • At times before his injury I was very frustrated as his lack of effort in some of the games but overall hes definitely our best offensive forward not named Boeser and Horvat.

Derrick Pouliot B+

  • He's shown glimpses of what kind of an NHL defenseman he can be in the future. Very good PMD but has to work at his defensive awareness and better reads at the puck. Most nights he's been solid

Alex Biega B+

  • Very solid 7th defenseman but has proved he can be a mainstain top 6 defenseman. Character guy, fan favourite.

Sam Gagner B

  • He's been average. Good in all three zones but hasn't been consistent at times. Though, I'm very pleased to see he's emotionally engaged in games, has a lot of courage

Nikolay Goldobin B

  • In his limited ice time that he gets he's done the most of it. Very skilled player and has scored some big timely goals but hasn't been very consistent and needs to work on retrieving pucks and get physically stronger. Defensive play has been average.

 Micheal Del Zotto B

  • Solid. Like that he's been very physical and uptempo but can have a few miscues but other than that, he's been quite solid.

Alex Edler B-

  • As painful as it was to give him a C+, he's shown that he can still be a reliable top 4 defenseman, especially on a contender. Though his few brain farts and stuck miscues as well at that awful drop pass and his lack of vision really makes me want to give him something ridiculously lower..

Jake Virtanen C+

  • Still a work in progress. A full season in the NHL should do wonders for this kid. Needs to be more consistent and be more engaged. His skating is a treat to watch.

Nic Dowd C+

  • Been quite effective and is a real solid defensive forward. I can definitely see him as our 4th line center with a healthy line-up.

Troy Stecher C+

  • Great heart and determination, but has been piss-poor offensively for some strange reason and hasn't been all too good defensive either. Though his toughness and ruggdness for a rather smaller dude alone gives him a C+

Erik Gudbranson C

  • Has been quite inconsistent and hasn't had the best of luck. Also injury stricken. Though he's been a good physical presence. But no offensive upside.

Jacob Markstrom C

  • Just hasn't come prepared a lot of nights and his one weak goal that he allows has gotten to the point of laughable. He needs be more prepared for games. And for a 6'6 goaltender he plays like hes 6'0. Needs to be better

Anders Nilsson C

  • Had an amazing start by having like 2 shutouts in his first 4 games but after he had his baby, his play has gotten to utter $&!#. I'm thinking it has to do with all of the emotions and roller costers due to having his first child which is very understandable but he's also not come prepared for games.

Brendan Gaunce C

  • In my eyes, as much as he's a real solid defensive forward, he hasn't done much offensively and has been brutal to watch with the puck. Though he has been unfortunate at times. Though, he's still very valuable to the team defensively

Markus Granlund C

  • Has not had the best year. Offensive capabilities are there, has been very unlucky but his uninspired play hasn't really helped his case either.

Loui Eriksson C- 

  • He had real good streak going on and then did his amazing disappearing act again. His offensive awareness has regressed significantly. Not earning that full value of his contract.

Ben Hutton C-

  • Consistently has been our worst defender AINEC. I just don't know what happened to him way back in his rookie season to where he is now. He's been scratched the last few games for good reason. I can see him being the odd-man out if his poor play continues. He's shown glimpses of very good defenseman but then his consistent gaffe's in his own completely nullify any of that. 

Alex Burmistrov F

  • Didn't do enough to earn the coaches trust which ultimately led him getting replaced by Nic Dowd who's been far more effective. Unfortunate



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everyone not named alex edler and jacob markstrom - B

this year's team at least tries to put something together


travis green - A

i had my doubts at first, i didn't buy the hype train, but i'm glad to eat crow. he runs this team fairly well and takes no **** from the media



go away


jacob markstrom - D

can't blame the guy for being thrown in to a position he wasn't meant for


brock boeser, bo horvat - A

where would this team be right now without these guys, omg



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  • S. Baertschi - A
  • B. Boeser - A+
  • A. Burmistrov - C+
  • D. Dorsett - A
  • N. Dowd - B-
  • L. Eriksson - B-
  • S. Gagner - C+
  • B. Gaunce - B-
  • N. Goldobin - B-
  • M. Granlund - C
  • B. Horvat - A
  • D. Sedin - B+
  • H. Sedin - B+
  • T. Vanek - A-
  • J. Virtanen - B-



  • A. Biega - B
  • M. Del Zotto - B
  • A. Edler - B-
  • E. Gudbranson - C-
  • B. Hutton - C+
  • D. Pouliot - A-
  • T. Stecher - B+
  • C. Tanev - A+


  • J. Markstrom - C
  • A. Nilsson - C
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i cannot believe people dont have Tanev as the biggest D disappointment this year - he has been a walking accident now for the past 2.  It now seems we got a D that cannot stay healthy - that is a major major disappointment because he is so crucial to us.  As for Hutton, he isn't as bad as people think he is.  Yeah he isnt going to be a stud D for us but he was overhyped from that training camp 2 years ago.


On the flip side Boeser has been great and against Toronto on the biggest stage he was clearly our best player.  

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Baertschi - A-
Boeser - A+
Burmistrov - D
Dorsett - A
Dowd - C+
Eriksson - C
Gagner - B
Gaunce - B-
Goldobin B
Granlund - C
Horvat A+
D. Sedin - B+
H. Sedin - B+
Vanek - A
Virtanen - B


Biega - B
Del Zotto - B
Edler - B-
Gudbranson - C+
Hutton - C
Pouliot - B+
Stecher - C
Tanev - A


Markstrom - C+
Nilsson - C+

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I'm surprised Burmistrov isn't getting more love.   He fizzled hard and quit.   Lol. 


I chose Tanev for the Dman.  

I really like him, and he is our best defenceman. But, he is having a terrible year for injuries.  If you aren't there, you aren't helping. 

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41 minutes ago, Where'd Luongo? said:

Dowd won't last till March. 

Dowd played great last night.  He started off terrible with the Canucks, but he gets a pass as it's difficult to transition to a new team mid-season.  Without Horvat and Sutter he has been the only guy that can win a faceoff.  He is a perfect 4th line centre and PKer.

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51 minutes ago, drummerboy said:

They are all fairly close grades, but let's be honest.   If our team was loaded with Bs and As, we wouldn't be a bottom feeder again.   

The grades are a little optimistic IMO 


It's not relative to the league, it's relative to our expectations as a fanbase. Otherwise Boeser might be the only high grade.

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8 hours ago, Where's Wellwood said:

How could Dorsett be anyone's most disappointing forward? That's disgraceful.


I'm sure they mean what happened to him is the biggest disappointment. Was having a great year.


I guess one could say Tanev or Gud have been the biggest disappointment on D due to their injuries with that logic, kinda skews the poll.

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  • S. Baertschi - B
  • B. Boeser - A+
  • A. Burmistrov - D
  • D. Dorsett - A
  • N. Dowd - C
  • L. Eriksson - D
  • S. Gagner - C
  • B. Gaunce - C
  • N. Goldobin - C
  • M. Granlund - D
  • B. Horvat - A
  • D. Sedin - C
  • H. Sedin - C
  • T. Vanek - A
  • J. Virtanen - C



  • A. Biega - C
  • M. Del Zotto - C
  • A. Edler - C
  • E. Gudbranson - C
  • B. Hutton - D+
  • D. Pouliot - B
  • T. Stecher - B-
  • C. Tanev - B


  • J. Markstrom - D+
  • A. Nilsson - D+
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1 hour ago, Sedintwinpowersactivate said:

Dowd played great last night.  He started off terrible with the Canucks, but he gets a pass as it's difficult to transition to a new team mid-season.  Without Horvat and Sutter he has been the only guy that can win a faceoff.  He is a perfect 4th line centre and PKer.

And when Horvat and Sutter get back by March he won't be needed, which is why I said what I did. 

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3 hours ago, drummerboy said:

They are all fairly close grades, but let's be honest.   If our team was loaded with Bs and As, we wouldn't be a bottom feeder again.   

The grades are a little optimistic IMO 

That's exactly what I was thinking :lol:


I think there has to be a few more D's and F's in the mix unfortunately. 

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