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Report Cards: The halfway point [Discussion]



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3 hours ago, Baggins said:

A 'B' is average grade? I always thought 'C' was average. But by your grades I'd think pretty much everybody has exceeded your expectations. By a lot.


That aside if you're putting a letter grade to players as rating for what you expected I would think a 'C' would be meeting your expectations. An 'A' far exceeding your expectations and an 'E' for not even coming close to your expectations. So for me most of the team would be getting C's, meeting my expectations for them. Some would have higher grades and a couple lower. Looking at your grades you must not have been expecting much of anything from anybody this season.

I think it's a product of my school system and perhaps my own grades as well. Even though 'C' was stated as average, the average was far closer to a B- or so and my own grades were generally a bit higher than that, so I guess I perceive B as average.

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Are all in the Not meeting expectations bracket.


The rest are doing pretty much what was expected and where they left off last year.


Trade Hutton and Gaunce for something at the draft or a prospect. I’ve nothing against Gaunce, but he is a dime-a-dozen player. 


Other than Horvat and Brockstar, I don’t see any core players on this roster. For being this far into a rebuild, that’s not ideal. Next year, it better pan out for OJ and JB better get lucky again in the first round. 

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Tough call on a report card. Had we been healthy, we could have been in the hunt for a final or wild card spot. We were exceeding everyone's expectations at that point. So what grade to you give that? C or C+ maybe. 


But those exceeded expectations are an early guage that we are turning the corner but we need more depth. We still can't sustain injuries. 


Next season we should see a marked improvement. I'm expecting Pettersson and Gaudette to make the team, maybe Juolevi, and both Horvat and Boeser to be even better. If we miraculously land Dahlin, next season will be about maintaining that C+ instead of dropping to D and F. 


Even if we don't, the goal needs to be the same.


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I'd give most of the forward group Cs, Sedins get Bs, Baer, Bo get As, and Boeser gets A+. Boeser has been the only major standout. I was gonna be a happy camper with a 20 goal, 40 point season, hit those marks quite early. Sedins have been good. I like their new roles on the team and it looked like it was working prior to losing our first line to injuries. Vanek has been good, considered giving him a B but I feel like he is picking up easy points just by doing what Edler should be doing, passing to Boeser.


MDZ, Pouliot, and Tanev get Bs, everyone else gets Cs. Considered giving Hutton and Edler D grades but I felt generous and seeing Hutton's hit and fight tells me his poor play isn't due to a lack of interest/passion. Tanev's injuries woes docked his grade for me. Have to factor it in since it's clearly a problem he has every season. Pouliot has been given favorable looks so it's hard to give him a grade above B. He's been good but he's being enabled by favorable zone starts. MDZ has been steady as she goes. Like how he's played overall. Don't get me started on Edler.


Goalies both get D-. They have been very poor overall and I felt like docking some of the D-men's grades because they have played a part in our goalies poor seasons too, but Nilsson and Markstrom have given up multiple weak goals a night I had to give them the worst grades. They definitely need to tighten up on those softies. Team is always battling from behind or losing momentum because of soft goals. 

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