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It is time to end food banks ?


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14 minutes ago, milk and honey said:

I can't say all safeways do this but the local safeway manager who is a family friend, has told us numerous times how safeway donates all the leftover bread, buns and certain produce to the local foodbank.


Can't say thats all of them though. also I agree with we should make throwing food away illegal. especially fruits and vegetables. So many people have health issues and eating some more fruits and vegetables can only help them in the long term.  

Loblaws certainly doesn't (or didn't years ago) and mega chains in the US are notorious for this.  I'm not surprised Safeway would do this...they've always been great in whatever communities they're in.  I used to love the Safeway back home but it closed 15 years ago now. 

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14 hours ago, Jester13 said:

Do what France did and legislate that grocery stores cannot throw out or destroy food. Instead, the old food gets picked up in a matter of hours and goes to those in need. 

Would be a fantastic idea, I worked at Save On Foods from 1995 to the present. I've worked at 4 different stores in Burnaby, Vancouver and North Van and it would break your heart to see the amount of what the company throws away in the edible fresh Produce. Which alot of low income and working poor don't have in they're diet.

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4 hours ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

You ever been to a food bank? Ever had to deal with homeless people? Or addicts? Or mentally ill? Or even been to social service office on cheque day?

There's always going to be scammers. Don't see anyone getting up in arms when money is being laundered through our casinos and real estate, and the owners of million dollar homes are collecting welfare, and proclaiming to be poor. 

Yes. I have been in the past. As I said, I don;t use them now because as a single guy with no "dependents" (pets don't count) - you get almost nothing from them.
Dumpster diving is a much better and fresher option.
As far as being homeless, I'm staring down that barrel myself now as well due to being renovicted and put out onto the street. Having had my place for over 4 years, rents have gone through the roof and I won't be able to afford a roof at my wage. Even working full time. 

As far as money laundering at casinos and real estate, that illustrates my point. There are a lot of people out there who take advantage and lie at every turn they can to get ahead. I'm not one of those people but to each their own. 

Having food banks or "welfare" at all, is a symptom of a sick and failing society. I'm not here to be fatalistic, but it's going to get much worse. Our western economic structure is based around a "trickle up effect" (NOT "trickle down") - this is why the old adage of "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer" has never been more pertinent than it is today.
Our entire economic system is literally built to fail. 
Think of the housing bubble that popped about 10 years ago, but stretch that out over 2-300 years, and multiple the devastation it created proportionally.

Historically, an Empire's lifetime is only about 250 years. 
The USA is currently 242 years old.
Look at what's happening. (And I'm not talking about any one particular political party and/or President because it has exactly zero to do with any of that.)
The bubble is getting ready to pop. 
When it does, everyone is going to get flushed down the proverbial toilet, including us. 

Until then. I'm trying to find a way just to survive so.... I digress........... 


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