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I remeber this. I tried it last night and he got Stephen Dedalus. I didn't know what to answer when he asked whether the chacter was a kid or adult, under or over the age of 15, etc. as the character gets older throughout one of the novels he's in, but I knew the akinator was getting it right when he asked if the character was Irish.

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4 hours ago, Spitfire_Spiky said:

Just stumped him with Pavel Bure, first guess was Tretiak, second guess was Mogilny(closest guess), third guess was Naslund and last guess was Gretzky

Just tried Bure, he got it in like 18 questions.

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I saw this like a year ago with a bunch of YouTubers back when I used to watch more YouTube gamers. He's definitely stump-able if you have enough niche knowledge...like hockey history.


He couldn't get Cy Denneny.


Guessed Herb Brooks first, Gordie Howe second, and Gordie Howe again the third time.

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