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[Trade] Coyotes trade Anthony Duclair, Adam Clendening to Blackhawks for Richard Panik, Laurent Dauphin

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30 minutes ago, wai_lai416 said:

Depends on how the GM value things. Defensemen in general should have a higher value but Duclair have a far higher ceiling then Hutton. Hutton also regressed quite a bit so to say Hutton is worth way more then Duclair is a bit of homerism here. They are more of a 1:1 trade value if it was Hutton of previous years then maybe.. 

I would agree for the most part except with the higher ceiling. In the end they are pretty darn equal I suppose. 

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On 2018/1/11 at 8:47 AM, oldnews said:

I don't know - tank nation tends to be a draft pick accumulation strategy - Chayka dealt a top 10 pick for Derek Stepan.


I really don't know what Phoenix is doing - more often than not I'm dumbfounded by their moves. 


In this case though I'm not sure what choices he had - apparently Duclair asked out?  Who knows - this may have been the best offer.   I'm not sure what people expected Duclair to return - when I first looked at this my thought was that it's a bit of an odd move on both sides.  Chicago - the more competitive club, deals a guy that just scored 22 goals for them - and Arizona deals the younger asset - they both took risks that would seem at odds with what they 'should' be trying to do - but it isn't that simple in any event.   If I'm a playoff team or contender I might opt for Panik, if I'm a retooling or young team I might opt for Duclair.   Perhaps this is a mini-transition move for Chicago to get a bit younger (or maybe they feel they need more than Panik and are willing to take the risk on Duclair) while Arizona may want more veteran presence as seemed the case with Stepan.  To me it looks like a reasonable enough hockey trade in terms of value - the reasoning would be interesting to know.

1.6M in salary cap for TDL moves.

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