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{GDT} Canucks At Wild - A Brother Vs Brother and A Welcome Home Brock Edition | Jan 14 | 5 PM | SN |


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Nice GDT AlwaysACanuckFan

I think this is going to be a hard game to pull a win out of but as long as they give their all and play a full 60 minutes I will be happy.

Brock will probably have his family there and hope he gets a couple points


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6 hours ago, 867-five-309 said:


180px-Lilac-Chaser.gif optical illusion, circle appears green if you look hard enough




don and bubbles.jpg


Terrific GTD


How is Skriko playing these days?

I cant believe it !    I was going to post all of  this stuff just the other day.:blink:

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All these years. 50 of them. We've only had the better brother once. Tanev.   Federov, Kariya, Courtnall, Pronger. The list goes on and on. EDIT. Boy was I wrong on this one. I forgot we had the better Bure. Was brought to my attention by a fellow poster. Sorry Pavel. You are a legend. 

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I'm gonna predict a miraculous effort by Granny culminating in a hat trick to pay back the one his brother scored on us.


Realistically just hoping Brock gets a point or two and that Hank keeps his point streak going as well. 5-2 Canucks, goals by Hank, Vanny (×2), Brock, and Granny. 

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