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[Waivers] Jaromir Jagr (CGY)


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1 hour ago, ReggieBush said:

And as I mentioned before I feel like any scoring records set in the 80s should have an asterisk next to their name. Jarri Kurri would not be HOFer if not for playing beside gretzky all those years.

Where would Hank and Danny be without playing beside each other all those years? :P

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41 minutes ago, Gnarcore said:

It equals out...we Canadian men absolutely slay down in Australia for some reason. 

We are typically educated enough to speak properly and can actually hold our liquor.


And we're not Melbourne Bogans.

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I say claim him... perhaps he can learn a thing or two from The Ayatollah of Brock N Rolla ... 


I'd guess a Jagr Sedin line would score 50 goals each in the remaining 40 games. Cup?! 


Sigh.... I can't even believe my own cup hype anymore :(


2018-2019 Cup for sure though.

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