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Some realistic talk on Sedin salary. TSN 1040 Jeff Patterson.


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I'm starting to lean on the time to retire side.  As they slow down, they are becoming defensive liabilities 5 on 5.  Both on pace to be in the minus mid 20s.

They do still get decent points, but many are on the power play, and that will drop as a new top PP unit emerges.  


I think you take the current forward group....Sedins and Vanek are gone this year.

Need 3 forwards for next year....hope 1-2 prospects are ready, then 1-2 UFA's.

Lots of money to spend.  If we can convince a couple UFA's to come here, team would be competitive much quicker than a couple more Sedin years.

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39 minutes ago, The Game said:

Well, I mean, they're third and fourth in team scoring and it's not like we're swimming in talent. And we're probably going to be a lottery team next year too. I say they've earned the right to play another year if they want to.

We’re a lottery team as long as the Sedins and Edler play here.

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let's just see how they finish out the year

if it is a repeat of the last 4 or so .

and we see their production again dry up

then i cannot see why we would resign them to prominent roles

if they come back they need to come back to play 4th line minutes

and act as power play specialists with sheltered minutes


if they actually continue to produce till the end of the season

they can be again signed to play 2nd or 3rd line minute roles

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I don't think they are trying to "rekindle" anything.  They are trying to play for as long as they can compete, and graciously doing what they can to help the transition of this team.  They've made so much money over the years, I'm sure they could retire now quite happily.


I am still on the train of thought that they should play 1 more year here. They can be made to understand (if they don't already) that they are being given sheltered minutes and despite no defensive zone starts they are still some of the biggest minuses on the team.  They can sign for 2 mill each.  Heck - truly close out their legacy on another classy note and sign for 1 mil each.  That gives us lots of cap to re-sign Vanek and bring in another player to foster a winning culture for our young guys to enter into.  I know in the audio clip they talk about how slow these players are, but imagine where we would be right now if we didn't have their production.  I agree with them when they say we need to get faster, and we will in a year or two.  But for now, let's play out the cards we have available.

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I think the Sedin's can still be impact players, but just not with the Canucks. They need another line or 2 ahead of them that will be threats so that they get weaker matchups so they can produce decent points without being too much of a liability. 
I for one am a big fan of the Sedin's, but I'm ready to see a new identity for the Canucks as it's been over a decade watching these 2 players. 

There's no doubt they will be honored by the Canucks, but there's no hard feelings if they desire a cup at the age they are now. 

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3 hours ago, The Game said:

Well, I mean, they're third and fourth in team scoring and it's not like we're swimming in talent. And we're probably going to be a lottery team next year too. I say they've earned the right to play another year if they want to.

I think it is too early to suggest that. We could very well be a lottery team.....or some of the younger players take that next step. Stetch becomes a sturdy top 4 dman. Hutton cuts out some of the mistakes and becomes a good 5 dman, Horvat becomes a true #1 in the mould of Anze Kopitar with a PPG 0.85-0.95), Boeser keeps doing Boeser things, Adam Gaudette wins a job and becomes that thorn in your side that we have been missing the past few years, Demko gets some games at the end of the year and wins the job next season (and gives us consistent goaltending), we win the lottery and get a franchise defining dman who is immediately a top pair guy, Juolevi comes over and does exactly what he has done for 4-5 years now playing a quick, poised game. Look at Colorado. After that dumpster fire last year, did any of us have them pegged for a playoff spot (especially with both goalies having a GAA above 2.6)? 


Im not saying any of this is likely, I am just saying its a little too early to make predictions about next season when we have no idea what the roster is going to look like from a talent perspective

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I'll be happy with their retirement so we can stop focusing on 2 players that could be having an adverse effect on the team as it stands right now.

I mean how do we look in the UFA market if the Sedin's sign. Players may not consider us if they know Sedins with get the majority of offensive opportunities.


Also if Gagner, Vanek, Granlund, Virtanen and Eriksson had more O Zone starts and PP1 time their numbers would more then make up the so call 80-90 points we would lose.


We will have money to sign a UFA 2nd-3rd line center to support the transition of Pettersson and Gaudette over the next 2 years and than hopefully we have a playoff team that can win a round or 2.


Love what the Sedin's have brought to this organization and have a 22 and 33 jersey to support that, but the only option I see is move on without them.











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There is mention of the possibility of moving them to San Jose with Joe Thornton going down with an injury and possibly on to IR.  Would give them enough cap space to take on the twins.




A Longshot

Thornton’s move to injured reserve means the Sharks have a ton of potential cap room. If it seems Thornton is done for the regular season, San Jose can acquire expensive players in his stead, as his cap hit won’t count against the cap as long as he is on IR (there is more to it than that, but its close enough for this analysis).

Two players stand out: the Sedin twins from the Vancouver Canucks. Their annual cap hit is $7 million per Sedin and their contracts expire this season. They’d be affordable for San Jose based on cap space, perhaps the only potentially playoff-bound team who can afford them. This means there’d be little competition for the Sedins on the trade market and San Jose wouldn’t need to part with much.

Henrik and Daniel Sedin Canucks

Henrik Sedin and Daniel Sedin  (Amy Irvin / The Hockey Writers)

You’d have to think the twins will consider taking a shot at a Cup run if given the chance (despite their own letter to Vancouver penned in September). Time is running out on their opportunities and it’s not likely to happen in Vancouver, either this season or in the near future. The call on whether to stay in Vancouver or move on largely belongs to them. If they want to take the shot, Vancouver management will be hard-pressed to say ‘no’. It’d be a Ray Borque situation – giving these aging stars a chance to play for the game’s biggest prize. Much as Bruin fans wanted Borque to win a Stanley Cup, Canuck fans will wish them the same for the Sedins.

Cap hit restrictions disappear at the start of the playoffs, meaning Thornton could (if healthy) return and play in the playoffs. Thornton and the Sedins in the same lineup would make San Jose a very deep, very dangerous playoff team. There is a lot of reward in this equation.



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