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Work life blanace

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1 hour ago, Shift-4 said:

The email will be there on the morning of the next working day  

it will, and you do have to set your boundaries even though its very hard. If you answer emails on the weekend it will be expected of you all the time. You can always use the excuse that you were hiking somewhere and out of cell range :P or just turn it off. 


A couple of years ago I started a new thing where I just don't open email after 3pm on friday and its been great. 

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5 hours ago, otherwise said:


yeah, I don't understand why emails can't be left for work hours...


It's nice to hear that some people don't have to deal with this and makes me think I should  start looking for a different job. More structured hours, no one contacting me after those hours, sounds lovely.

Yeah, been thinking about looking elsewhere for awhile now. But I feel like I'm at that point where I wouldn't be happy starting over at entry level, but I don't quite have enough experience to be in a managerial position at a new company. In other words, I have too much experience and too little experience at the same time. 


4 hours ago, riffraff said:

I haven't had a completely defined set schedule in my entire adult working life.  With that being said maybe my comment is not quite valid but here it is:


it it seems like the once clear line of work time and not work time has been blurred.  Gadgetry has made it easier for co-workers and bosses to communicate. bosses/employers have taken advantage of/ abused this option to encroach on an employees personal time.  Some or

most employees may be apprehensive in speaking out for fear of loss of job, loss of promotion etc.


at the end of the day bosses are paid to max out what they can get from a worker and they will push and push to do so.  An employee either needs to stand up during,  or establish the boundaries during the hiring process.


having said that I would think in some careers "extra" company time may go with the job and prospective employees are aware of what they are getting into.


sadly I doubt there are many jobs out there for the average person to make a living/support a family that start in a Monday and end on a Friday (40 hours).


for me, Ive become used to it.  It's part of my work, (many consecutive long days) and in a way I've made my own decisions to be involved with a hectic work load.  Im my own boss so I have only myself to blame.


but, when I'm not working I certainly make a point t of filling that time with activities i and my family enjoy.


i don't have any complaints.  It's all in the hopes for a better future for me as a my own person and for my kids.

Totally agree with the bolded. We are so connected now, that if I have a thought regarding work at 3AM on a Saturday, I can just pick up my phone and email it out. Many times, I've emailed/texted a co-worker regarding work before we're technically "on the clock". 


I guess I'm just a little burnt out as I haven't been able to take a proper vacation in almost 2 years.   



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I work pretty much exactly what I originally signed up for, though I've only been at my current job for about six months so far. My work-life balance was fine until I started the CPA PEP program. Now I'm almost always busy and have very limited free time.

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