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How Many 20 Goal Scorers?


How Many 20 Goal Scorers?  

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Last season, the Canucks only had one player to score 20 goals. That was Bo Horvat who scored exactly 20 to go along with his 32 assists.


This year Vancouver may potentially have five 20 goal scorers.


Boeser is currently at 26 goals with 28 games left, I'd love to see him hit 40 but he'll be hard pressed to do so.


Vanek has 15 goals in 54 games, if he doesn't get traded at the deadline I'd be surprised if he didn't hit 20.


Horvat (36 gp) and Baertschi (43 gp) are both at 12 goals right now, despite missing quite a few games to injuries. If they both play all remaining 28 games I think they should be able to each break the goal mark. Horvat may be more of a sure thing than Baertschi. 


The only player I don't think will hit 20 goals who could feasibly do it is Daniel Sedin. He currently has 13 goals in 53 games and I see him finishing the season in the 16-19 range. Would love to see Daniel break 20 in what could be his final season though.


Regardless of what happens, we are definitely better off this year than last year.

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Based on my projections, I'm guessing 4, though two of them might just barely make it (or miss).


Boeser has obviously already scored more than 20. I have Vanek projected to score 23 goals, whereas Daniel and Horvat are projected both to finish with about 20 goals each (19.8 technically). As a runner up, Baertschi is on pace for 19 goals.


EDIT: I didn't consider the possibility of Vanek being traded. If he's traded, Baertschi would have to step up his pace to hit 20. My answer would change to three then, but still close to four. After Baertschi, Eriksson is our best scorer, so it drops off pretty hard there.

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There are 28 games left this year.


If Vanek stays, he'll hit 20 but I'm guessing he'll get dealt.


Horvat is scoring at 1 goal every 3 games, meaning if he plays the rest of the season he'll have 9-10 more goals most likely, which would put him at 21-22 goals.


Daniel and Baertschi are real close to a 20 goal pace, but I think only Baertschi will get there (based on him being on a line with Horvat).


After that we have no one even close.


So my guess is 2 more players after Boeser.

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only brock

unless vanek is kept

based on last year's production

bo will again produce at a lower rate in the last half of the season


brock is exactly on pace to score 40 goals

he is scoring a small fraction better then half a goal a game

and if he plays out the season will play 79 games which will put him spot on 40 goals

but he has produced at a lower rate last 10 games

so he'll need to up his pace just a bit

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It doesn't matter how many goals you score - what actually matters is the goal-differential.  Last year we were minus-61.  This year we are on-pace for minus-55.  It doesn't really matter how many 20 goal scorers we have, when none of them can play defense to save their lives.


EDIT:  Correction, after getting smoked again tonight, we are now on-pace for minus-58!  So, those extra 50 goals we're going to score this year have meant absolutely nothing. 

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