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What is the greatest compliment you have ever received? (Discussion)

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I have 1 that sticks out vividly and will for a long time.


During my Sr. Year of HS, my school sends its soon to be graduates (and some grade 11s) on a retreat at some point during the year. The goal is to grow closer to your classmates and with some of your teachers, as well as open up about personal issues that you might have. Basically you are split up into cabins with about 6-7 guys each from a different social circle. During the day, you go through through a lot of spiritual and bonding activities with the entire camp, but at night you go to the cabins with your cabin mates and a teacher and have some deep conversations about life. The first night, I completely opened up about some of my issues, that including depression over the loss of my aunt (who was one of my absolute best friends in the world) including how she died suddenly and how several years later I still am not over it. Additionally I talked about having all of my immediate family (grandparents and parents) still with me (with the exception being my aunt), and how as they got older I feared of losing them. I am not going to lie, I shed a lot of tears that night, but my cabin mates and the teacher gave me a lot of support. So on the last night before we head home, we have a compliment session where we talk about each of the members in the cabin and talk about what we learned about them. I received and gave a lot of compliments that night, including 1 from our teacher liaison. My cabin's teacher was a PE teacher who had retired the year previous,after 40 years of teaching at my school, and who I had the pleasure of having during his last year. The compliment he gave me is one that I will NEVER forget. He said that during his 40 years of teaching at the school he had never had a student who was so genuine, inclusive and caring as I was, and that if he had a grandson that was half the person that I was, he would consider himself damn lucky (he never had grandchildren). I didn't know how to respond. How do you respond to something like that? So I graduated that year and saw him a couple more times as he dropped by the school every so often, but since I left haven't seen him. If I ever do see him again, I will tell him how much that compliment mean't to me. I really miss seeing him around the school everyday. TBH I miss High school in general.


I look forward to hearing what compliment has impacted you the most in your life.

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It's not the "greatest" compliment that I've ever received, but one of the most memorable ones was during a yearly performance review about 20 years ago (my 4th year with that particular company).

It was a very "back-handed" compliment.

My supervisor complained that I always found easier and quicker ways of doing my job, like that was a bad thing.

That earned me only a small wage increase.

I was led to believe that they would have preferred me to continue to do everything just the same way that they had been done for decades.

No sense in improving things I guess.

I barely left that meeting without laughing or raging (I felt like doing both).

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