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Hockey Player Named Cole

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I am tripping out hard right now. I understand there is a Ian Cole who plays for the pittsburgh penguins. But wasn’t there another Ian Cole who was older and played for deteoit red wings? Or at least another defencemen who played with the last name Cole? He was a shorter defencemen, known for a bit of his offensive skills and had a beard/bald. I’m looking all over the internet for another Cole. i swear he played for detroit for a season or two. Can someone help me out? Is this the Mandela effect taking place rigt now..

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1 hour ago, Alflives said:

is cute still allowed, or do I have to change my profile pic too? :lol:

nope,  you have to be grumpy and miserable  rainbows and unicorn's ,that's the past ,if your actually happy people will think your weird  NO HAVING FUN !:unsure:  until the canucks win the cup.:P

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