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If you could resurrect a group of musicians who have passed on to form a supergroup (they have 1 year to record and rehearse, and finish with a final concert broadcast world-wide before returning to their final reward) who would your group consist of?  Its not about who's best, but more who you'd like to hear and people you think would make interesting music together.


Drums - Buddy Rich

Bass - Jaco Pastorius

Guitar - Joe Pass & Allan Holdsworth

Guitar/multi instrumentalist - Brian Jones

Piano/Vocals - Freddy Mercury




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Metal (Thrash)

Drums                               Nick Menza

Bass                                  Cliff Burton

Lead Guitar                       Tobin Abasi

Rhythm Guitar                   Dave Mustaine

Vocals                               Alissa White-Gluz:gocan:


Punk (Orange County)

Drums                                     Erik 'Smelly' Sandin

Bass                                       Fat Mike

Lead Guitar                            Mike Ness

Guitar/Vocals                         Dexter Holland


CDC Version*

Drums                              Drummerboy

Bass                                The Cue Bass Solo guy

Lead Guitar/Vocals          Me

Rhythm Guitar                  Ibanez


* I just based that off of user names, don't know if they actually play or are anywhere close to my level:ph34r: 


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