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[SIM] RGMG 5.0


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Before you start

Do not make a new PM for each time you are wanting to change line/strategies.

Have one PM, titled Team Name - RGMG 5.0 and use that.

Updating lines

All line changes must be PM'd to Baer on CDC in your designated PM.

Whenever you are making a line-up change, BOLD your changes.

Please copy and paste the following template, and replace the players with your own roster.

Forward lines: 
Panarin - Anisimov - Kane 
Panik - Toews - Hossa 
Motte - Kruger - Hartman 
Hinostroza - Schmaltz - Tootoo

Defense pairs: 
Keith - Hjalmarsson 
Kempny - Seabrook 
Forsling - Campbell


5 on 4 Powerplays: 
Keith - Seabrook - Panarin - Anisimov - Kane 
Forsling - Campbell - Panik - Toews - Hossa

4 on 5 Penalty Kill: 
Keith - Seabrook - Toews - Hossa 
Campbell - Hjalmarsson - Kruger - Anisimov

3 on 5 Penalty Kill: 
Keith - Seabrook - Toews 
Campbell - Hjalmarsson - Anisimov

4 on 4 lines: 
Keith - Seabrook - Toews - Kane 
Campbell - Hjalmarsson - Anisimov - Panarin

Roszival, van Riemsdyk, Rasmussen

Edited by Baer.
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I feel like everyone should be tagged that it's line sending time.


So I'll just throw out the whole list.


medium.png - @Zfetch

medium.png - @Tylez

medium.png - @Nail + @JE14

medium.png - @Alain Vigneault + @Sane33

medium.png - @BM24

medium.png - @Zach Parise

medium.png - @Patrick Kane

medium.png - @Herberts Vasiljevs

medium.png - @Ilya Kovalchuk.

medium.png - @SliteriousBlackbeard

medium.png - @Go Faulk Yourself

medium.png - @Tanev

medium.png - @Master Mind

483288048.png - @Dion Phaneuf

 - @OurTimeToShine

medium.png - @Spoderman

medium.png - @Brocks Flow

medium.png - @Baer.

medium.png - @Vrienzy

medium.png - @MikeyBoy44

medium.png - @Jaku

medium.png - @Zhukini

medium.png - @DollarAndADream

medium.png - @morrissex95

medium.png - @ThaManbeast

medium.png - @inane

medium.png - @StevieY.19

medium.png - @Caboose

medium.png - @Time Lord

medium.png - @Blue Jay 22

medium.png - @kj29

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The following players have announced they will retire at the end of the 2017-18 season;


Zdeno Chara (BOS)

Michal Rozsival (PHI)

Joe Thornton (DET)

Francois Beauchemin (VAN)

Dominic Moore (NYI)

Daniel Sedin (NYI)

Henrik Sedin (DAL)

Radim Vrbata (LAK)

Matt Hendricks (STL)

Patrick Sharp (ARZ)

Mike Cammaleri (OTT)

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