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Junk Food Playoffs, Glucose Overload Conference, Round One

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Junk Food Playoffs, Glucose Overload Conference, Round One  

19 members have voted

  1. 1. Vote for 1 v 8:

    • Ice cream sundae
    • Rice Krispie squares
  2. 2. Vote for 2 v 7:

    • New York cheesecake
    • Tiramisu
  3. 3. Vote for 3 v 6:

    • Dairy Queen ice cream cake
    • Lemon meringue pie
  4. 4. Vote for 4 v 5:

    • Black Forest cake
    • Chocolate mousse

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  • Poll closed on 04/26/2018 at 07:00 PM

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Bored as hell, thought it was a good time to pop into WN.  


Don't like coffee, so cheesecake is now leading by a nose.  Or, perhaps a strawberry?


Edit: BTW, if you want to make Rice Krispie squares worthwhile, make em with melted Mars bars instead of marshmallow.

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The first round is over!  The winners, advancing to the conference semi-finals are:


(Poll results normalized to a best-of-seven ratio.)


Ice cream sundae, chilling out the upstart Rice Krispie squares 4-1.


New York cheesecake, beating tiramisu in seven games, 4-3.


Dairy Queen ice cream cake, in a dramatic Game Seven double-overtime victory over lemon meringue pie, 4-3.


Chocolate mousse, upending their higher-seeded rival chocolate dessert, Black Forest cake, 4-2.


Conference semi-finals will start shortly!

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