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Elite Keeper League 2018-2019 - Official Draft Thread


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24 minutes ago, D-Money said:

I can`t believe he fell to the 2nd round.


Some GM`s are going to be sorry... or, in this case, Sar-ry.

It was down to him or Barkov for us and we just couldn't justify freeing up 9.5M every year for 20+games on the IR. 


Really hurt to pass though. 

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45 minutes ago, canucklax said:

@D-Money & @CabooseYeah I couldn't pass him up falling this far down. He's older and definitely has an injury history in the regular season, but is reliable in the post season so I couldn't pass on taking 2 top 10 scorers from teams that are going to be cup contenders for the next few years at least.

I get it. You`re in rebuild-city in Puck, so it`s probably more fun to go for it here.


...But good luck with that Wheeler extension!!! :lol:


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So we went Barzal & Seth Jones. There were some bigger names on the board?


But it is a keeper league. Hopefully our 1D & 1C for the foreseeable future.  And at $6.5 mill combined cap for this year and next. It should leave us heaps of flexibility with the balance of the draft.

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