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Junk Food Playoffs, Conference Finals

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Calorie Cup Conference Finals  

20 members have voted

  1. 1. High Sodium Conference Final

    • Nachos
    • Hot wings
  2. 2. Glucose Overload Conference

    • Ice cream sundae
    • New York cheesecake

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  • Poll closed on 05/25/2018 at 07:00 PM

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We're headed for a colossally caloric showdown in the Junk Food playoff Conference Finals!

You get to vote for the winners of the High Sodium *and* the Glucose Overload conferences, with the two winners heading to the finals of the Calorie Cup 2018! This poll will close on May 25 or sooner, depending on the progress of the Stanley Cup Conference Finals.

The matchups are:

High Sodium Conference Final

(1) Nachos vs (3) Hot wings

[Image: quick-and-easy-nachos-with-whipped-feta_...0228-1.jpg]Crispy-Baked-Buffalo-Wings-5-680x486.jpg

Glucose Overload Conference Final

(1) Ice cream sundae vs (2) New York cheesecake

[Image: shot-2_31.jpg?resize=4098:*][Image: NY-Cheesecake-575x434.jpg]

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2 minutes ago, Shift-4 said:


If I am eating out I am having both wings and Nachos

&^@# that dessert stuff!



I drink whisky for dessert. I will take down the odd Sundae if I'm really stoned, even though ice cream makes me bloated, gassy and lethargic.

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17 hours ago, otherwise said:

I hate sauce-y wings, for me lemon pepper all the way. Made that decision a lot easier.


can we have a booze playoffs next?

I'm kind of with you on the wings. I don't need them to be 'hot'. Salt and pepper wings are usually my fave. Just a little seasoning. It's the crispy skin and meat I want!

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21 minutes ago, luckylager said:



However, I can drink beer all day, night and well into the morning without puking everywhere. Can't say the same for whisky 


Hence, the 200ft game

but what about cider? coolers? cocktails?

there are many options; however beer is the worst.


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5 minutes ago, otherwise said:

but what about cider? coolers? cocktails?

there are many options; however beer is the worst.


Cider and coolers will get destroyed in the first round, (unless they're opponents) because there aren't many females on CDC.


Depending on the cocktail, I'd pick them to lose in the conference final to whisky. Beer takes out wine in the other conference


I'll ignore your last statement

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