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13 hours ago, Zach Parise said:

Haha damn i played the beta yesterday and both teams combined for 20 penalties just in the 1st period :lol: !

Jeez, that's crazy. They should tone it down a bit. I think they are trying to make us adapt to it by not spamming the poke check or trying to guess. But I still find myself taking penalties even when I'm in a position where I'm facing the player with the puck and it still somehow trips the player instead of going for the puck.

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count how many poke checks actually happen in a game, I counted at seasons end about 5 in a period every game I watched which was over 20, playoffs even less


so seriously that has to change in 5 minutes you get 20 that is more then in a real game!


plus hitting is not as it used to be


penalties are a joke


the game sure is not what it used to be


i play it but have to say since the 80's the best game ever was 2010,if they made it like that with the AI like now the game would be awesome



when I got a comp in the 90 I lost one game in over 5 years, on the PC so stopped playing, came back few years back and am shocked the game is so bad

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I think the last time I played this much EASHL was in '09.




My buddies and I have been going hard for the last few years now and '19 is off to a decent start. 


They will nerf the poke check a bit, but I can't see by much, they want to eliminate the button spammers. Goalie/Compy AI is improved since '18 for sure. The skating is not as rigid, there seems to be more '2nd effort' animations when your player loses the puck giving a more realistic feeling. I like how the physics allow you to tight turn and power underneath the check of a defender who is standing 'taller' than you. As much flak as the game gets, it looks as if they are really working on a way more realistic approach (You put your stick in a players skates in real hockey, he usually gets tripped up). I mostly play defense and it has already made me play smarter with the poke check, if you get a proper angle, you don't trip the opposing player.


The biggest difference I have noticed with '19 over '18 is that you had to avoid ALL contact in '18 because the puck would get poked off your stick so easily or a little bump would knock you off the puck, no matter what player type, it was ridiculous. I also noticed, but not sure if it was actually a thing, whenever we would play clubs with players sub 500 CR, it was as if they always had top momentum, our time on attack would be triple and their goalie would stand on his head and the other team could come down, skate over the blue line, press up and our goalie would let it in. With that, if we were 3v2, their compy d man would bail them out in ANY situation while they floated at our blue line and mashed compy pass. We went on a club heater last night in '19 and absolutely dominated. We were getting rewarded by completely out playing teams which was refreshing.


So far, I am more pleased with '19 than '18. Just my .02...er....05, need to round up now!

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15 hours ago, cripplereh said:

count how many poke checks actually happen in a game, I counted at seasons end about 5 in a period every game I watched which was over 20, playoffs even less


so seriously that has to change in 5 minutes you get 20 that is more then in a real game!


plus hitting is not as it used to be


penalties are a joke


the game sure is not what it used to be


i play it but have to say since the 80's the best game ever was 2010,if they made it like that with the AI like now the game would be awesome



when I got a comp in the 90 I lost one game in over 5 years, on the PC so stopped playing, came back few years back and am shocked the game is so bad

EA is played nothing like a real game though, and that's why there are huge differences.


How many open ice hits do you see in an NHL game? Nowhere near as many that happen in EA. 


Also, the real game is more team-based, so you get more passing plays and less individual deking. There are a lot of poke checks because players deke more, players are more accurate with shots (so not much gets blocked), and there are rarely any shot deflections off poke checks, so you don't "score on yourself" either.

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Until they fix the faceoff issues in the defensive zone faceoff alignments as a standard and creating more x's and o's playbook, I'm not buying the NHL series.  If you compare the defensive zone faceoff, the defenceman doesn't stand by the middle of the circle close to the goal line. I am not sure why the NHL video games programmers set this a standard for decades since NHL 93.    Also there's more to the faceoff strategies and my biggest pet peeve is how the defensive faceoff PK where the side of the circle has no skater to it.  I'm surprised that they haven't even fixed that since the series appeared in 93 as well.    As for X's and O's playbook, I would love for the players to draw  up a PP playbook, attempting to open up plays and the final minutes with extra attacker playbook as well.  I felt that is lacking in the hockey series and who plays 5 minutes periods with high scoring affairs?   Put some love to the defensive side of hockey and perfect passing no looks when facing wrong side to get out of trouble is unrealistic is also my biggest pet peeve along with goaltenders passing to their own defender without a whistle for a faceoff or even an attacker being in face of goalie and still making a perfect pass without any consequence is also my pet peeve as well.  Even with goaltender caught the puck, the whistle is too slow to blown dead even when attacker is close to the goalie.  No matter how many features they may add, this still ruins the perfect hockey experience, imo.    The developers still haven't fixed this issues for more than 25 years.   Yet people doesn't mind this and play game as it's still an arcade hockey game.  

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  • 2 weeks later...

EA NHL is counting down the Top 50 OVR players in NHL 19. Today, they revealed 50-41 rankings:




Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews is a highly-decorated two-way forward, whose experience and talent have helped bring his team to incredible heights. The five-time All Star led his team to three Stanley Cup championships between 2010 and 2015, while also collecting a stack of awards for individual performance along the way. It will be interesting to see what the 87-overall center has in store for the 2018-2019 campaign.


An imposing presence who uses his size to play assertively, Frederik Andersen has established himself as a premier talent. Setting a personal record for most shutouts in a season, Andersen's total of five perfect games last year signified an elevation in his game, which is apparent in his 88-overall rating.


Few players enter the league and make an immediate impact, which is why Matt Murray is such a special talent. Murray made his NHL debut in 2016 and would go on to win back-to-back Stanley Cups with the Pittsburgh Penguins as a rookie. His 88-overall rating speaks to his efforts in backstopping Pittsburgh to glory.


Winning last year’s Vezina Trophy as the league’s best goaltender was more proof of Pekka Rinne’s talents. This stalwart backstop has spent his entire 13-year career with the Nashville Predators, guiding them to numerous playoff appearances with over 550 games played. His experience and overall dominance at the position is reflected in his 88-overall rating.


It's safe to say that Andrei Vasilevskiy has arrived at the NHL level, as the 19th-overall selection from the 2012 Entry Draft has become an elite goalie. Vasilevskiy is a key piece on the stacked Tampa Bay Lightning roster, as he helped guide the team to an impressive record of 54-23-5. At 88-overall, Vasilevsky is one of the game's best backstops.


It's hard to poke holes in the game of Ryan Suter, as the sturdy defenseman is an all-around player who can take on a hefty workload. Known for playing a responsible game with few mistakes, Suter can also contribute on the offensive side, as he matched a career-high 51 points through last year's campaign. His career-year is reflected in his overall rating.


Coming off a career-high year in points, Jakub Voracek has developed into an elite winger whose playmaking skills strike fear in all opponents. Putting up 65 assists for a total of 85 points, Voracek is equipped with an overall rating of 88 and ranks in the top 10 for hardest wrist shot, giving him the ability to do much more than just set up goals.


Veteran presence is an intangible, and when combined with first-class skill, you get a player like Ryan Getzlaf. Having already played over 900 NHL games, Getzlaf is an on-ice leader whose playmaking skills have fueled his career point totals. A power forward with faceoff skills ranked in the top-10, the 88-overall Getzlaf continues to build on his legacy with the Anaheim Ducks.


Make no mistake about it, Niklas Backstrom has proven himself to be a force at the center-ice position as one of the top 5 premier passers in NHL 19. His stats indicate he can contribute at a point-per-game pace, and the durable Swede has stayed healthy through his 10-year career, missing just a handful of games due to injury. Having won the Stanley Cup last year, there’s no doubt that Backstrom will have a spring in his skates with an 88-overall rating this season.


Sizeable and highly-skilled, John Carlson mixes a shutdown style with offensive prowess, a toolbox that contributes to his overall rating of 88. Carlson’s well-rounded game and high hockey IQ have helped him achieve greatness with the Washington Capitals – namely winning last year’s Stanley Cup.
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5 hours ago, Psycho_Path said:

Anyone here a Be a GM mode player? Bought NHL 15 for the PS4 when it came out assuming the sim speed would be faster (even at worst comparable to the Xbox 360 sim speed) but it seemed to be as slow as it was on the PS3. Has that improved at all since NHL 15?

I almost exclusively play Be A GM / Franchise mode.  When I sim, it's only one game at a time or even one period at a time, and that seems to go almost instantly.  Are you talking about simming a game, a bunch of games, or a whole season?

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Big players are often assumed to be physically intimidating, however in the case of Aleksander Barkov, there is much more than meets the eye. The 6’3” Finnish centerman has all the physical attributes he needs, but backed up by incredible skill and diligent discipline. A two-time Lady Byng nominee, Barkov will look to take the Florida Panthers to the next level with his rating of 88-overall.

39. P.K. SUBBAN – 88 OVR

Electrifying and powerful, P.K. Subban is known league-wide for his explosive hits and rocket-fueled slapshots. The 2013 Norris Trophy winner and three-time All Star brings swagger on and off the ice, acting as a natural leader for his Nashville Predators teammates. This 2-way D-man is recognized as one of the top-10 defenders in this year’s game, and as this year's Cover Athlete, P.K. represents the spirit of NHL 19.


Having the #39 and #38 best NHL players on your team is obviously great, and having them play the same position is a luxury that gives the Nashville Predators one of the most trusted D-corps in the league. Roman Josi is calm under pressure and has great puck movement, quick skating, and a keen eye for the game. His 88-overall highlights a defensive core that's rich with talent.


Sweden is home to some of the best NHL defenders on the planet, and Oliver Ekman-Larsson can count himself amongst those ranks. This elite puck-mover has quick feet and a feel for the game that all add up to an 88-overall rating, making him a vital member of the Arizona Coyotes.


When you look at the performances Artemi Panarin has had in his first three NHL seasons, the statistics jump off the page. Through 243 games the Columbus Blue Jackets left winger has a total of 233 points, 77 of which came in his first season, when he would win the Calder Trophy as the league's top rookie. Panarin's rating of 88-overall puts him and his 94 deking in an elite class of NHL forwards.


There are few players who can get under the skin of their opponents quite like Brad Marchand can. The Boston Bruins left winger uses his physicality and general pestering to bother those playing against him, and the chippy forward backs it up with performance, placing in the top-10 in NHL scoring over the past three seasons. His disruptive demeanour might not factor much into his 88-overall rating, but his knack for putting up points sure does.


Since joining the Minnesota Wild in 2015, Devan Dubnyk has proven himself to be one of the league's best goalies, amassing wins and statistics that have earned him an 89-overall rating. The former Vezina Trophy candidate and two-time All Star will once again look to steer Minnesota into contention this year.


One of the most decorated goalies on this list, Jonathan Quick has a jam-packed trophy cabinet with all the skill to back it up. The Los Angeles Kings backstop played a major role in winning the Stanley Cup in the 2011-2012 and 2013-2014 seasons, and there's no doubt he's capable of doing it again. The 89-overall Quick is a Hybrid goalie to keep your eye on.


As the leading scorer in last year's playoffs, playmaker Evgeny Kuznetsov's 32 points were critical in helping the Washington Capitals win the Stanley Cup. Known for his offensive prowess and a brash style of play, his bird-walk goal celebration is famous league-wide, and the versatile center/right winger can contribute in multiple ways as one of the top 10 fastest skaters in NHL 19. With an 89-overall rating, Kuznetsov is sure to be a force this year.


Alex Pietrangelo is a steady presence for the St. Louis Blues, as the 6'3” defender plays with poise and intelligence that pair perfectly with his frame. The 89-overall blueliner is a terrific all-around player, and he's showing no signs of slowing down heading into the coming season.
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During the Winnipeg Jets' playoff run last year, Mark Scheifele played an integral role, notching a total of 20 points in 17 games. This well-rounded centerman has a knack for setting up offence, as he utilizes his hockey sense and passing abilities to create space for him or his teammates. Scheifele's all-around game earns him an 89-overall rating in NHL 19.


With one of the most potent wrist shots in the entire league, Phil Kessel has made a name for himself as a prolific right winger. A wrist shot power rating of 92 to go alongside an accuracy rating of 94 makes Kessel a force to be reckoned with, as the speedy forward strikes fear into opposing goalies with unstoppable releases.


Putting up a career-high 91 points last year showed just how good Blake Wheeler is, as the captain of the Winnipeg Jets led his squad to the Western Conference Finals. His 68 assists through the regular season contributed massively to not only his success, but also helped the players around him reach new heights. Wheeler will once again look to be a catalyst for his team as one of the league's best Power Forwards with an 89-overall rating in NHL 19.


Initially drafted as a forward, Brent Burns made a seamless transition to playing defense, as shown when the 6'5” veteran won the Norris Trophy as the league's best blueliner in 2017. Burns can do it all, as his checking rating of 90 allows him to play with a physical edge, and his all around offensive stats keep him involved in the play at both ends of the ice.


An elite goal scorer with soft hands and a big frame, Auston Matthews has enjoyed an excellent start to his NHL career, scoring 74 goals and a total of 132 points through his first 144 games. A top 10 player at the center ice position, Matthews is an integral member of the Toronto Maple Leafs, and has a bright future ahead with an 89-overall rating.


The lighting-quick shot possessed by Patrik Laine is one of the tops in the league. His 93 wrist shot power and 95 accuracy stats are top-notch, while his slapshot ratings of 93 power and 94 accuracy give him even more ways to score. The Winnipeg Jets forward finished second in league goal scoring last year, and in NHL 19, he'll be just as dominant.


Finishing second in league point totals with 102 last year, Claude Giroux enters NHL 19 with a passing rating of 94 that makes him one of the game's elite playmakers. Giroux's faceoff rating of 88 gives him the edge over just about anybody when taking draws, and with 34 goals last year, the Philadelphia Flyers centerman gets an overall rating of 89.


A 2014 Vezina Trophy winner and Stanley Cup champion in 2011, Tukka Rask continues to be one of hockey's elite goalies, earning a 90-overall rating in NHL 19. Having achieved massive success with the Boston Bruins over a span of 10 years, Rask and his teammates remain top contenders in a highly-competitive league.


94 wrist shot accuracy and 93 slapshot power ratings give Tyler Seguin the ability to score at will in NHL 19, as the Dallas Stars center put up a career-high 40 goals last year. A well-rounded Playmaker, Seguin is a threat to create offense any time he's on the ice, and his 90-overall rating makes him one of the game's most elite players.


Dallas Stars Captain Jamie Benn is one of the game's best snipers, boasting a wrist shot power rating of 92. This All Star left winger led the league in points during the 2014-2015 season to capture the Art Ross Trophy, and he's continued to put up strong seasons to earn himself an overall rating of 90.
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13 hours ago, goalie13 said:

I almost exclusively play Be A GM / Franchise mode.  When I sim, it's only one game at a time or even one period at a time, and that seems to go almost instantly.  Are you talking about simming a game, a bunch of games, or a whole season?

Well even simming to the next game, or going to the calendar and simming through games during a week or month. It's mostly the time in between games that takes much longer than the Xbox counterpart.

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Looking at the top ratings for Johnny Gaudreau, it's clear that the Calgary Flames left winger is an incredibly skilled talent. 93 skating, 94 passing, and 95 deking are exceptional stats that make Gaudreau one of the most offensively skilled players in NHL 19. With 84 points last season and a total of 288 through 312 NHL games, Gaudreau is ready for more this year at 90-overall.


Over the offseason, John Tavares was the subject of one of the biggest Free Agency moves in the salary cap era. Joining the Toronto Maple Leafs will be a big shift for Tavares, but what hasn't changed is his place as one of the game's best centers. With wrist shot accuracy of 94 and slapshot accuracy of 93, this elite Sniper will continue lighting the lamp this year.


Tremendous defensive play to go along with an array of offensive abilities give Patrice Bergeron one of the most effective skill sets in NHL 19. A faceoff rating of 95 puts Bergeron well ahead of the pack when it comes to winning draws, while the four-time Selke Trophy winner and best defensive forward in the game is easily deserving of 90-overall.


With a wrist shot power rating of 92 and 94 deking, Vladimir Tarasenko is an offensive powerhouse in NHL 19, as the St. Louis Blues right winger has an amazing shot and can create chances for him or his teammates. With 350 points through 421 NHL games, Tarasenko will once again look to be a dominant force this season.


Last year's Hart Memorial Trophy for league MVP was awarded to Taylor Hall, as the left winger notched a career-high 93 points to help push the New Jersey Devils into playoff contention. A four-time All Star, Hall has a slapshot accuracy rating of 92 to go along with 95 skating, making him a premier talent in NHL 19 at 90 overall.


Two-Way forwards are known for their ability to play effectively in any zone, a reputation that has followed Anze Kopitar on his way to massive success. Two Stanley Cups and two Selke Trophies as the leagues top defensive-forward are highlights through his first 12 NHL seasons, and the Los Angeles Kings centerman is coming off a career-year in which he put up 92 points.


An Offensive D-man with deking and passing ratings of 95, Erik Karlsson is a force to be reckoned with on the blueline. The two-time Norris Trophy winner has been named to five All Star teams in just nine seasons played, and high-level skills make Karlsson one of the most exciting players in NHL 19.


Nathan MacKinnon took his game to a new level this past season, notching 97 points for the best statistical totals through his first five years in the NHL. A rating of 93 in skating gives MacKinnon one of the quickest and most powerful strides in NHL 19, and at number 15 on our list, the center for the Colorado Avalanche is amongst the absolute best players in hockey.


Three-time All-Star and 2016 Vezina Trophy winner Braden Holtby backstopped the Washington Capitals to hockey's greatest achievement last year when they won the Stanley Cup. Playing with a Hybrid style, Holtby's overall rating of 91 puts him in elite territory as one of the game's top three goalies.


Sergei Bobrovsky has had remarkably strong stats over the past two seasons, posting over 70 wins and 12 shutouts, so fittingly he's one of NHL 19's best goalies at 91-overall. The Columbus Blue Jackets netminder will look to guide his team to even more success after a strong 2018 campaign.
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One of the most gifted forwards in all of hockey, Steven Stamkos comes equipped with 92 wrist shot power, 94 slapshot power, and a passing rating of 94 that lets him take over the offensive side of the game in NHL 19. A two-time “Rocket” Richard Trophy winner as the league's leading goal scorer in 2010 and 2012, Stamkos also put up a career-high 59 assists last year, showing he's a complete player who can dominate games with point production.


Immensely talented at the center ice position, Evgeni Malkin plays with pure skill and can put up huge numbers every single season. A slapshot power rating of 94 and equally-great wrist shot accuracy help give Malkin offensive capabilities that strike fear into opposing teams, and the Pittsburgh Penguins superstar has a career total of 930 NHL points. Malkin's ability to play wing on the powerplay makes him a versatile offensive option, as the three-time Stanley Cup champion can score from anywhere.


The ratings speak for themselves in the case of Chicago Blackhawks right winger Patrick Kane. 95 wrist shot accuracy, 96 passing, and 97 deking make Kane one of the most exciting players in NHL 19, as his reputation for flying up the wing and finding breathtaking offensive opportunities is well deserved. Uncontainable when he's on his A-game, Kane is well-regarded for his ability to create chances for teammates, as the six-time All-Star has helped lead Chicago to three Stanley Cups since 2010.


Awarded last year's Norris Trophy as the league's top defenseman, Victor Hedman enters NHL 19 with a 91 overall rating. The Tampa Bay Lightning blueliner is a commanding presence who can shut down offense just as effectively as he can create it, and he has tremendous skating ability for his 6'6” frame. Playing big minutes against top competition, the 27-year old Swede looks like he'll be one of hockey's best defenders for a long time to come.


Putting up 100 points last year has helped Nikita Kucherov make a name for himself as a top NHL talent, and the 91-overall scoring machine will carry the same reputation into NHL 19. 93 slapshot accuracy and 94 wrist shot accuracy highlight Kucherov's ability to fire off precise shots, while passing and deking ratings of 94 give Kucherov the ability to dangle through the competition on his way to setting up teammates.


At 92-overall, Carey Price retains his spot as the game's top rated goalie, which gives him the #5 spot on our list. Calm and collected while taking full control of the net, Price makes the game look easy, even against the most elite goal scorers. With virtually no holes in his game, Carey Price will be very difficult to score against this year.


Regarded as a fierce competitor who can play huge amounts of minutes against top competition, Drew Doughty is a dominant force on the backend for the Los Angeles Kings, and the highest-rated defenseman in NHL 19. Rarely caught out of position, Doughty can play at all ends of the ice while he controls the action, and as a Norris Trophy winner, two-time Stanley Cup champion, and four-time All-Star, there's no doubting his credentials.


Already one of the greatest goal scorers in NHL history, last year Alexander Ovechkin captured the one prize that had eluded him, the Stanley Cup. Ovechkin's mixture of size and skill equals a uniquely-gifted player, one with first-class ratings like 94 wrist shot power and 95 slapshot power in tandem with a body checking rating of 91. All of these help Ovechkin contribute on multiple fronts, and having led the league in goal scoring seven times, Ovechkin is NHL 19's best Sniper.


With an incredible 1116 points through 864 NHL games, Sidney Crosby has repeatedly put up impressive seasons as a complete player with no weaknesses in his game. Bringing both passing and deking ratings of 95 to the ice, Crosby's offensive skillset is undeniable, and having captained the Pittsburgh Penguins to three Stanley Cups, he's also a natural leader who excels in big moments.


When you watch Connor McDavid, you get the sense you're witnessing a player like no other. With skating rated at 96, McDavid outpaces all competition, combining speed and power to zoom up the ice in spectacular fashion. A passing rating of 95 gives McDavid endless options for setting up other players, and 96 deking keeps him out of the way of defenders looking to stop him at all costs. His shot is great, too, as his slapshot and wrist shot accuracy ratings come in at 93 and 94 respectively. With 256 points through his first three seasons, McDavid is without a doubt the game's top player.
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Updates made to NHL 19 after the open Beta:



After an Open Beta that saw massive numbers of players take their game to the World of CHEL, our team has been working diligently to incorporate updates to help round out the best hockey experience in gaming. Keep reading to see all the changes that have gone into NHL® 19, in preparation for worldwide launch on September 14, 2018.

The first set of updates have been made after receiving your feedback during the Open Beta, and have already been implemented in NHL 19. Gameplay, presentation, and World of CHEL have received updates around physics, poke checking, and more that help make NHL 19 a deeply immersive experience.

Fixes from Open Beta to Final Game (No patch update required)



  • Fixes to physics tensions and joint limits
  • Hip check improvements
  • Improvements to stumble fall animations
  • Various animation blend fixes during physics reactions


  • Improvements to stop animations and transitions from stop to stand
  • Improvements to pivot direction consistency
  • Various animation improvements


  • Fixed a user goalie blend after passing the puck out
  • Various fixes to saves where the pads were not flush to the ice
  • Fixed a case where goalies would get stuck in free skate in Ones
  • Fixed some known cases for users getting stuck in butterfly

Poke Check

  • Improvements to collision volumes to more accurately detect incidental stick on stick or stick on body contact
  • Fixed some cases where the defensive player could contact the puck after their stick went through the puck carrier’s geometry
  • Fixes to conditions where the blend out of a poke check was still causing trips

Puck Pickups

  • Fixed an issue to allow the player to pick up their own pass if it was blocked/deflected
  • Improvements to interception balance based on player ratings
  • Improvements to staying onside during pickups
  • Various improvements to puck pickup animations


  • Various fixes to specializations and traits


  • Improve player support to get to loose pucks
  • Fixed various desyncs
  • Protect puck stumble animations added
  • Improvements to CPU behaviour on breakaways and shootouts
  • Improve logic to prevent accidental manual RS Switching
  • Various fixes to fighting and scrum alignment
  • Fixes to faceoff alignment in World of CHEL
  • Seen once the AI skater will remain idle behind the net
  • Fixes to control hints in training camp


  • Various fixes to overlays not clearing properly
  • Improvements to multiplayer hugs
  • Various camera fixes
  • Fixes to cameras clipping with crowd and arena geometry
  • Lighting and Material improvements/fixes. Player skin will now appear more accurate.
  • New cameras added for each of the venues within NHL Ones.

World of CHEL

  • Fixed various desyncs when going into gameplay in 3v3 and 6v6 drop in
  • Fixed various crashes in the Dressing Room while opening hockey bags
  • Fixed various crashes while customizing in the dressing room while match making
  • Fixed a soft lock in the post match up dressing room, when one user would open the loadout selection screen as the timer ran out

The second set of updates will be made in the Day One patch update (1.1.0) and features similar additions to Gameplay and World of CHEL. Again, many of these changes would not have been possible without your participation in the Open Beta!

NHL 19 Beta Feedback Tuner (1.1.0 patch update required]



  • Disabled various player interactions (fights, scrums, instigations) during Ones
  • To compliment the fix to the bug that allowed you to win a forehand draw while using the backhand grip we made some faceoff balance changes
  • Backhand stick lift now beats the tieup
  • Forehand stick lift now beats the Backhand stick lift
  • Removed broken sticks from online modes
  • Fixed cases where CPU players were still taking penalties in non player locked online games


  • Improvements to AI goalies from sharp angles

Poke Checking

  • Fixed cases where poke checks were tripping a player after getting puck first
  • Fixes to accuracy of poke checks on stationary/slow moving loose pucks
  • Fixed a case where players were not being tripped after consecutive pokes
  • Various additional poke check targeting fixes


  • NHL
  • Anaheim Ducks 3rd Uniform
  • EBEL
  • EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz
  • Red Bull Salzburg Home and Away
  • Vienna Capitals Home and Away

Stadium Updates

  • Updated scoreboard in the Prudential Center

World of CHEL

  • The game now defaults to preset home and away tops in 6v6 instead of user assigned casual tops. This resolves visual confusion during gameplay.
  • Various changes to customization items for better in-game readability
  • Fixed an issue where gameplay assets were being rendered in the main menu
  • Fixed a case where the game would frequently hang when going into a 6v6 game of drop in
  • Fixed rare crashes when rolling over to the dressing room after a match
  • Fixed a rare crash in the post game screen due to Voip conflicts.
  • Fixed a rare desync at the puck drop in Ones
  • Fixed various issues where the game would crash when moving from one mode to another

We'd like to thank you for your participation in the Open Beta, many of these updates are thanks to you, and we can't wait to see you out on the ponds. 


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Top 10 Rookies Ratings:



With a strong crop of prospects ready to burst onto the NHL® scene, it’s time to get a glimpse into the future with NHL 19's list of the top 10 rookies. These potential superstars are ready to give it their all, in hopes of being crowned the best first-year player in a class that's stacked with talent. See the full list of NHL Rookies and their ratings below. 




10. Thatcher Demko – 79 OVR
Our list starts with Vancouver Canucks prospect and Utica Comets goalie Thatcher Demko, a skillful and composed backstop who looks like he could become an elite competitor for a long time. There's a very good chance he could play his way into a starting role this year, and possibly even top rookie honors.




9. Filip Zadina – 76 OVR
Selected sixth overall in last year's Entry Draft by the Detroit Red Wings from the Halifax Mooseheads of the QMJHL, Filip Zadina is a strong two-way player who will look to compete for the coveted Calder Trophy this year. With a serious opportunity to take on an important role, Zadina is one to keep your eye on.




8. Henrik Borgstrom – 74 OVR
6'3” centerman Henrik Borgstrom has the potential to become a complete forward, as the Florida Panthers rookie boasts both the size and skill to compete in the NHL for years to come. Joining a strong group of young players in Florida, Borgstrom could have tons of talent around him to help grow into topping the list.




7. Kristian Vesalainen – 69 OVR
A fantastic Finnish prospect from the Winnipeg Jets prospect pool, Kristian Vesalainen can fit in well with the team's high-tempo pace that makes the team so dangerous. If he can play his way onto a stacked Winnipeg team, there's no doubting he'll be in the running for hockey's top rookie prize.




6. Casey Mittelstadt – 79 OVR
Gifted with the puck on his stick, Casey Mittelstadt looks like he's going to be an offensive spark plug for the Buffalo Sabres. It seems like this could be Mittelstadt's year, as Buffalo is bursting with talent and looking ready to compete now.




5. Eeli Tolvanen – 77 OVR
Selected 30th overall by the Nashville Predators in the 2017 Draft, Eeli Tolvanen has quickly become an NHL-ready prospect. Adding some offense to the defensive powerhouse in Nashville could qualify Tolvanen as a Calder Trophy candidate, especially with the help of his 88 slap shot power rating.




4. Miro Heiskanen – 70 OVR
Quick skating and creative puck moving skills are what Dallas Stars defenseman Miro Heiskanen hangs his skates on, and what causes many to consider him one of the most exiting up-and-comers in hockey. Heiskanen has the potential to win the Calder, and push Dallas into the next level of contenders. 




3. Andrei Svechnikov – 80 OVR
The second overall selection in last year's draft, Andrei Svechnikov was named the No. 1 North American skater by the NHL Central Scouting Bureau. A pure offensive talent with 87 wrist shot power, he put up 40 goals with the Barrie Colts this year, and is projected to be a top-line talent for the Carolina Hurricanes down the line. He's definitely one to keep your eyes on in the race to best rookie. 




2. Elias Pettersson – 78 OVR
Setting the SHL record last year for most points in a season by a player under the age of 20, Elias Pettersson is ready to break out with the Vancouver Canucks. With 87 offensive awareness and 86 speed ratings, Pettersson will be a force to be reckoned with as a rookie centerman. 




1. Rasmus Dahlin – 82 OVR
Swedish-born Rasmus Dahlin has all the skills to compete against the best players from the first drop of the puck, with excellent stats like 89 slap shot power and 87 defensive awareness. Able to play both sides of the puck, the Buffalo Sabres defenseman is one of the best blueline prospects in a long time, and it's going to be very difficult to stop him from capturing the Calder.


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NHL 19 Hockey Ultimate Team Deep Dive:




Create your fantasy lineup and compete to be the best in Hockey Ultimate Team™ (HUT). In HUT 19, you’ll be able to build your dream team using current players, top prospects, and over 200 NHLⓇ Legends and Alumni players. Along the way, you’ll be able to play with your team, earn rewards from playing, and use the rewards to upgrade your team.


Let's get in to all the information on HUT 19 to get you ready to start your season!




    In HUT 19, there will be 140+ NHL Alumni Player Items. These players range from fan favourites to local legends to greats of the sport, and can be found in any pack that contains the prospects of a gold player item. 30 of the Alumni players will be available year-round from launch in regular store packs. The rest will be released in waves each week, with a different selection of Alumni players available each week, and as rewards in specific instances (such as rewards for competitive seasons.


    On top of this, there will be 63 NHL Legend player items to add to your team. From fan favourites to local legends to all-time greats, you’ll be able to create your ultimate team with more legends than ever before.


    There are 4 ways to obtain legends, detailed below.



    32 Legends are available in Sets at launch – 30 regular Legends and two 99 OVR Ultimate Legends including Wayne Gretzky.


    To obtain the 30 regular Legends from Sets, you’ll need to get the base Alumni Player Item from regular store packs or the Auction House and upgrade it 3 times through Legend sets. You can upgrade the Alumni version by trading in the base Alumni version along with Gold and/or Carbon Collectibles to get the upgraded version.


    Each time you complete one of these sets, you obtain an untradeable Legend Collectible. The Legend Collectibles are able to be used to complete the Ultimate Legends sets. Each Ultimate Legend set requires you to trade in 45 Legend Collectibles but will reward you with a 99 OVR Ultimate Legends Player Item.


    The base Alumni Player Item for those in the Legends set will always be available in packs.


    Monthly Collectibles
    Legends can also be obtained by turning in Monthly Collectibles. These are obtained in the Daily Log-in Pack and by completing all Daily Objectives. You’ll be able to earn a new Legend each month up to and including April 2019 as a reward for collecting and turning in enough Monthly Collectibles.

    There are 7 Legends who will be obtainable as rewards for completing full Milestone groups. These Legends will be earned through completing in-game tasks like scoring goals, completing sets, and taking shots.


    As you progress through the Milestone for a Legend, you’ll also earn a loan item of the Legend that increases in overall the closer you are to completing the set. These Legends will be untradeable.

    Legend Packs
    These are not always available, and when they are they will have a purchase limit. It guarantees you a random Legend from a pre-selected pool for a high price.






      New to HUT 19 are Objectives. Objectives will reward you with HUT items, packs, and coins for completing tasks throughout your year in HUT.


      There will be a variety of objectives for you to complete in your HUT journey. Every day there will be new Daily Objectives for you to complete, along with Progression Objectives that you’ll work towards throughout your HUT 19 experience. There will also be Event Objectives for every special event in HUT 19!


      Some examples of Objectives include completing sets, completing games, and winning games.




      Also new to HUT 19 are Milestones! Milestones are long-term tasks with big-time rewards that you’ll work towards as you progress in HUT. With rewards that include Legends, Loan items, coins, and more, Milestones give you goals to chase throughout the year with massive payoffs upon completing all of the tasks.


      Some examples of Milestones include Goals, Challenge Stars Earned, and Objectives Completed.


      Completing both Objectives and Milestones are a great way to improve your HUT team in HUT 19!






      Loan Items are coming to HUT 19 and will allow you to try out some of the top players on your team for a limited duration. With the Loan Players feature, you’ll be able to see how a player fits on your squad before purchasing them on the Auction House. From HUT Challenges to Objectives and Milestones, there will be plenty of ways for you to earn Loan Items to try out in your squad.



      A key priority for us heading into NHL 19 was to work on rebalancing the HUT economy. As a result, there are a few changes to how your progression in HUT will work in NHL 19.


      Lower Overalls

      This year, players will be starting at a lower overall rating than in previous years. Base items at launch will generally range from 50-85 OVR, with a few exceptions mainly for Alumni and Legend Items. This will allow more room for stat growth throughout the year, which we have also re-evaluated (more on that later).


      Changes to Bronze, Silver, and Gold Player Items

      In HUT 18, a player’s grade and rarity reflected the league that they play in. For example, all NHL players were Gold regardless of their stats, all CHL players were bronze, etc. This created a problem where we weren’t able to leverage our entire player catalogue effectively.


      In HUT 19, a player’s rarity will now be determined by the player’s overall rating. Here is how a player’s rarity will be determined:

      • 50-55 OVR = Bronze Common
      • 56-61 OVR = Bronze Rare
      • 62-67 OVR = Silver Common
      • 68-73 OVR = Silver Rare
      • 74-79 = Gold Common
      • 80+ = Gold Rare

      This will make items of higher grades and rarities harder to obtain because of their higher stats (regardless of their league).




      Changes to Live Content

      Due to the frequency and volume of HUT 18 live content updates, we had periods during the year where players lacked incentive to chase new items. This year, we aim to do a better job of managing the amount of Player Items we release as well as the OVR increases themselves.  


      In HUT 18, there were four types of Daily Content Player Items throughout the year:

      1. Team of the Week (TOTW) player items
      2. Milestone player items
      3. Prime Time player items
      4. Flashback player items

      In HUT 19, there will only be three types of Daily Content player items:

      1. TOTW player items
      2. Milestone player items
      3. Prime Time player items

      On top of these changes, Events will no longer have Daily Content items to further reduce the amount of Items a player can receive over the year.


      Additionally, there are also changes in how frequently a player can receive attribute boosts from a Daily Content Item. A player is now only able to receive one attribute boost per calendar month. This means that if a player receives a TOTW item, they can still receive Milestone and Prime Time items, but they will only be distinguished by synergy differences and inform art. A player can only receive one TOTW, one Milestone, and one Prime Time Item per month.


      Finally, since a player can only earn one attribute boost per calendar month, they will receive a +3 boost to their stats instead of a +1. This will allow you to know that this is the highest overall player for that time period, giving it more consistent value throughout the year.


      Changes to Player Items in Packs

      In HUT 19, all types of players will be available in all base packs. You’ll be able to find Gold Rare items in Bronze packs and Bronze items in Gold packs. The difference between the packs will be the probability you have of getting a specific item (i.e. amount of rares, amount of golds, NHL players, etc.).


      Additionally, there are some changes to the standard packs available in store. There will be different price points for standard packs (i.e. Gold Plus, Gold, Silver, etc.) and there will also be packs containing only Player Items regularly available in the HUT Store from the launch of NHL 19.


      Revamped Trade-In Sets

      Have unwanted player items that you don’t need? In HUT 19, you can trade them for upgraded players in new, repeatable Player Trade-In Sets. This is aimed to give more value to lower grade/rarity players and allow you to use your unwanted players to upgrade your team.


      Here are the Player Trade-In Sets that will be available in HUT 19 at launch:

      • 5 Bronze Common Players = 1 Bronze Rare Player
      • 5 Bronze Rare Players = 1 Silver Common Player
      • 5 Silver Common Players = 1 Silver Rare Player
      • 5 Silver Rare Players = 1 Gold Common Player
      • 5 Gold Common Players = 1 Untradeable Gold Rare Player (8 hour cool down)
      • Gold Rare Re-Roll (2 Gold Rare Players = 1 Untradeable Gold Rare Player) (8 hour cool down)

      The above Bronze and Silver player set trade-ins will have a six hour cool down before you can complete it again and the Gold player trade-in sets will have an eight hour cool down.


      Additionally, we have also added in a Gold Rare Player to Gold Collectible Trade-In Set. This set will allow you to turn in 5 Gold Rare Players for 1 Gold Collectible, and will have a 24 hour cool down.




      Simplified Consumable items

      Every year, we see complaints around the complexity of getting and applying consumables in HUT. As a result, we have simplified both Healing and Contract consumable items. There will only be one Contract item (10 Game Contract item) and one Healing item (3 Game Any Injury Healing item) in HUT 19.

      Additionally, there will be a Gold Contract Pack available in the HUT Store at launch. This will allow us to have player-only packs in the HUT Store and prevent contracts from becoming too expensive to play games.

      Position Locking

      One of the biggest complaints we saw last year was around players position locking to take advantage of the AI in online mode. As a result, we have removed the ability to position lock in HUT 19.


      Single Player Seasons

      We have moved the Single Player Seasons experience into a brand new set of HUT Challenges. This allows us to streamline the mode and provide a more engaging user experience.


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      NHL 19 Soundtrack:



      Sharpen your skates, tape up your stick, and grab some pals, because NHL® 19 is coming. It’s time to unveil the EA SPORTS™ NHL® 19 official soundtrack, stuffed with in-game songs to get you psyched before you skate into the World of CHEL.

      Find your groove with genre-bending rockers twenty one pilots (“Jumpsuit”). Jam out with the perfect pop-rock soundscape of Imagine Dragons (“Natural”). Throw up the horns with Greta Van Fleet (“When The Curtain Falls”). Revisit the Stanley Cup® Finals vibe with Panic! At The Disco (“High Hopes”). Head north of the border for a sampling from Canadian rockers Arkells (“People’s Champ”). There are so many bangers on the NHL® 19 soundtrack, we can’t even wrap our elbow pads around it all. 


      And while you’re listening to these great tracks, get ready to play some of the coolest new additions to NHL 19 in the World of CHEL, including the addition of hockey legends like Wayne Gretzky (more to come), the EA SPORTS™ Hockey League (EASHL), NHL® ONES, and Real Player Motion (RPM) technology that brings the gameplay to the next level. And the puck hasn’t even been dropped yet.

      Check out the full track-listing below.

      NHL® 19 Official Soundtrack

      • Arkells – “People’s Champ”
      • Bishop Briggs – “White Flag”
      • Don Diablo – “Head Up” feat. James Newman
      • Grandson – “Blood//Water”
      • Greta Van Fleet – “When The Curtain Falls”
      • Imagine Dragons – “Natural”
      • JVG – “Tarkenee”*
      • King Tuff – “Psycho Star”
      • Moon Taxi – “Good As Gold”
      • Ohana Bam – “All Roads Lead Home”
      • Panic! At The Disco – “High Hopes”
      • Parade Of Lights – “I Want It All”
      • Parquet Courts – “Almost Had To Start A Fight/In And Out Of Patience”
      • Robert DeLong – “Favorite Color Is Blue” feat. K.Flay
      • SUR – “Make It To Morning”
      • The Blancos – “Know My Name”
      • The Cool Quest – “Goodlife”
      • The Struts – “Bulletproof Baby”
      • Tom Morello feat. Gary Clark Jr. and Nico Stadi – “Where It’s At Ain’t What It Is”
      • twenty one pilots – “Jumpsuit”
      • Wallows – “Pulling Leaves Off Trees”


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