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1 hour ago, Pete M said:

What would be great is if Hughes get 40+ pts and he is a "+" player

Hell, I'll be pretty happy with even a negative approaching somewhere around even. 40 points and -5... I take that all day.

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5 hours ago, wexcar said:

Canuck jersey looks so much better without the wordmark 

I have to disagree.  Something is just missing without the wordmark.  Maybe if there was some colour change on the shoulders like New Jersey it would look better but in the Canucks case I don’t believe that would work.

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7 hours ago, Glug Datt said:

something tells me the 50 will be short - lived ::D

Not short enough for my liking.


The 50 looks stupid.


Edit; although I probably won't even notice it once some hockey actually starts. Thank god we are close.  :towel:

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30 minutes ago, RowdyCanuck said:

They don't start talking about Quinn until 3:40 but they both give him the edge for Calder for what's it's worth, I can't wait to see Quinn play a full season ,last season five games just got me more excited ha

Thanks for sharing that. The clips of how he breaks the puck out and how fast he can come back to break up opportunities got me really excited. Cant wait to get this season started!!!

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