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I was like wtf at first, but i'm down with this. He needs to add weight, but playing in the world championships as an 18 y/o he proved he can play with the bigs. 


So is it another year in the NCAA, or does he sign after development camp?

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Has anybody ever seen Jim Benning this excited?! He wasn't even this excited about Petterson and he is looking outstanding. I get the feeling he absolutely nailed this one.


Also f@(€!ng Sportsnet trying to jinx us with that Stojanov mention. Why ya gotta be like that?!

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7 minutes ago, Tiger-Hearted said:

I'm curious. What separates the likes of Quintin Hughes and Jordan Subban? Subban's weaknesses were his height and poor defensive play obviously. 

Hughes is much better. Much much better skater, much better hockey sense, better defensively. Just overall alot better hockey player.


Subban draft year: 51 points, 68 games, 0.75 PPG in the OHL


Hughes draft year: 29 points, 37 games, 0.78 PPG in the NCAA. And Hughes played in World Championships against best players in the world.

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Going to be refreshing seeing a defenseman that can skate with the puck. Hughes is going to be the play driver for this core.

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