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2 minutes ago, Rob_Zepp said:

Think Duncan Keith but faster, better passer, better stickhandler and shiftier.   Keith probably better at cheap shots to Swedish superstars though.

If that's true count me as excited as hell. Keith caused the Canucks fist for many years.

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Kid has skill, and I know the league is trading smaller but his size gives me pause.  My 12 year old is bigger than him. I hope the best for him and the organization. 


As as long as he can hold his own against larger centers and maintain his own defensively I’ll be happy. 

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1 minute ago, samurai said:

no way, centers are worth a lot and every assessor was saying this kid is a legit NHLer.  I thought he might go higher and even wondered about Van.  That is a good pick the yotes.  

Who's to say not me thats for sure. I'm not saying its a bad pick, just was totally out of left field to me. I hope he is a good pick for them I'm not an Arizona fan, but the fans there deserve some good fortune.


The Petterson pick through me for a loop too last year and look how that's turning out.

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1 minute ago, Dombrova22 said:

Not who I wanted, at all. Will trust in Benning though. Welcome, Hughes. 

Even Chicago passed on Bouchard and Dobson.   And Dobson fell even lower.    If you thought we were going to get Tkachuk or Zadina there was no chance.  I thought the nucks wanted Hughes but didnt think we had a chance - this is good day for Benning.  Hughes was very decent at the worlds

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