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On 5/1/2021 at 12:24 AM, gurn said:

I'd like to see the team stay out of the penalty box.

I'd like to see them win.

I'd like to see the penalties called in a fair mannerr, that doesn't happen to the Canucks.

They get rough, they go to the box and the team gets scored on.

Rinse repeat.

did you see what happened to Hamonic, then what did not happen to Simmonds?

Does that not tell you the league doesn't like it when the Canucks play rough?

How many more losses due to crappy penalty calls are you willing to ses?

5, an instigator and a misconduct for a Canuck versus 5 minutes for fighting to any other team.

Have a feeling the aftermaths from the Bertuzzi incident still lingers around the Canucks... Don't know if the club is on a shorter leach that other teams, but do remember so ridiculous decisions handed out every time the team prepares to fight back...

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13 hours ago, Googlie said:

Final score 3 - 1, Mikey just missing a shutout by 76 seconds 

Nice I’m gonna watch that game today. Glad to see Mikey get some reps finally. With the last couple games coming up it’s pretty bitter sweet. Out of all the Canucks AHL teams in the past 20 years Utica has been top shelf, gotta say Abbotsford has big shoes to fill and I really wonder if they will support our young guys like Utica did. I sure hope so.


Manitoba Moose and Utica are tied for me. Both great affiliates and both had rabid fan bases. And both have churned out some good players for us.




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On 5/2/2021 at 5:41 PM, Slegr said:

What do people think are the odds of Woo playing in the big league next season? With Tryamkin out of the picture now, the defense needs a shot-in-the-arm of toughness. I’d think that gives Woo an advantage. He’s still young, but it might be his time to shine in October.

I'd say, give him the best chance to make the team this upcoming season. He's part of the young core moving forward and has played very well this year in Utica. 


And like you've mentioned, he's not afraid to go toe-to-toe and defend himself and his teammates. 

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It'll never happen (next season) but I'd like to see a d corps of:


Hughes - Schmidt 

Rathbone - Woo

Juolevi - Rafferty


Perhaps Woo needs another season (or partial) in Abbotsford, in which case a Hamonic resign would be great, but I think it is time for Edler to gracefully hang them up, and I wouldn't be averse to Seattle picking Myers (but ofc he'll be protected so that ain't gonna happen)


I could see Brisebois and Chatfield commuting fairly regularly between Vancouver and Abbotsford 

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44 minutes ago, Googlie said:

It'll never happen (next season) but I'd like to see a d corps of:


Hughes - Schmidt 

Rathbone - Woo

Juolevi - Rafferty

You're right; that will not happen next season.


One possible D-man lineup next season could look like this; but a lot of water to go under the bridge between now and then. With the addition of Rathbone the team should be at least more exciting to watch.


Hughes - Hamonic

Rathbone - Myers

Juolevi - Schmidt

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