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16 minutes ago, bishopshodan said:

Cause they wanted mood lighting?

If the screen is too bright, and you spend time looking at it, it takes a bit for your eyes to adjust to the outer darkness.


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17 minutes ago, RUPERTKBD said:

It's actually a pretty common complaint with seagoing vessels.....back when I sold Navigation software and charts to fishermen, brightness filters were one of the more asked for items.


Apparently, when you're running in total darkness, computer screens are uncomfortably bright....


10 minutes ago, gurn said:

If the screen is too bright, and you spend time looking at it, it takes a bit for your eyes to adjust to the outer darkness.


Was it just a rumour that they were humping? 

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1 minute ago, bishopshodan said:


Was it just a rumour that they were humping? 

I don't know that it's ever been proven, but AFAIK they were both fired and the story is pretty commonly accepted.

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39 minutes ago, bishopshodan said:


Was it just a rumour that they were humping? 


Court case   -The Officer gets convicted

Transport Canada Investigation

BC Ferries internal investigation


Nothing about 'frolicking' on the bridge was proven, or even mentioned/suggested at these 3 levels, to my knowledge.

Makes for a really good story though.


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54 minutes ago, gurn said:

If the screen is too bright, and you spend time looking at it, it takes a bit for your eyes to adjust to the outer darkness.


Pirates had eye patches so one eye would be used to the dark for going below deck and they'd the patch to the other eye ;)

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41 minutes ago, RUPERTKBD said:

but AFAIK they were both fired

Both fired and the Officer did jail time, lives in the interior somewhere now.

And a few heads rolled, at Human resources for that area, as the QM wasn't qualified but was sent anyway.

If the ship had no choice but to use this person, it should have been during the day, and under the supervision of the master-and she should have been kicked off the boat at the next port.


It is very rare for a tragedy to be from only one cause.



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4 minutes ago, gurn said:


Court case   -The Officer gets convicted

Transport Canada Investigation

BC Ferries internal investigation


Nothing about 'frolicking' on the bridge was proven, or even mentioned/suggested at these 3 levels, to my knowledge.

Makes for a really good story though.


Thanks for the info...I just recall that chatter at the time lol 

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4 minutes ago, Gnarcore said:

Pirates had eye patches so one eye would be used to the dark for going below deck and they'd the patch to the other eye ;)

Going up to the bridge to steer, at night I always closed one eye, till I reached the bridge-and never relieved at the wheel till I could see properly.

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GOOD!  Though the FCC asking nicely isn't likely to make anything meaningful happen.


Our government should outlaw it in Canada, along with that ccp surveillance and disinformation tool, "wechat".



FCC asks Google, Apple to remove TikTok due to data privacy concerns at Chinese-owned company

Former U.S. president tried to ban the company from operating in the U.S.

Pete Evans · CBC News · Posted: Jun 29, 2022 11:19 AM ET | Last Updated: 42 minutes ago
TikTok is owned by a Chinese company called ByteDance, which is itself linked to the Chinese government. (Dado Ruvic/Reuters)

A commissioner with the U.S. communications regulator is asking Apple and Google to consider banning TikTok from their app stores over data security concerns related to the Chinese-owned company.


Brendan Carr, a commissioner with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), has written a letter to the CEOs of both companies, alerting them that the wildly popular video-sharing app does not comply with the requirements of their app store policies.


"TikTok is not what it appears to be on the surface. It is not just an app for sharing funny videos or meme. That's the sheep's clothing," Carr said in the letter. "At its core, TikTok functions as a sophisticated surveillance tool that harvests extensive amounts of personal and sensitive data."


"It is clear that TikTok poses an unacceptable national security risk due to its extensive data harvesting being combined with Beijing's apparently unchecked access to that sensitive data."



In the letter, Carr lists multiple instances of the company running afoul of various privacy and data security laws around the world. He's asking Google and Apple to remove the ability to use the app on their phones. 


If they refuse to do so by July 8, he's demanding a response from them explaining "the basis for your company's conclusion that the surreptitious access of private and sensitive U.S. user data by persons located in Beijing, coupled with TikTok's pattern of misleading representations and conduct, does not run afoul of any of your app store policies."


The letter comes after U.S. news outlet Buzzfeed reported last week that data on U.S. users has been repeatedly accessed by entities in mainland China. TikTok subsequently announced that it plans "to delete U.S. users' private data from our own data centres and fully pivot to Oracle cloud servers located in the U.S." the company said. 


It is not the first time that the company has come under fire in the U.S. for its links to the Chinese government. Former U.S. president Donald Trump railed repeatedly against the company, going as far as trying to ban the company via executive order


India banned the company in 2020. TikTok briefly had talks with major tech giants Microsoft and Oracle about buying the company, in order to assuage those fears about data security. Those talks were fruitless, however.


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Since the US Politics and Roe v Wade threads are MIA, I suppose this is as good a place as any to remind everyone that Ketanji Brown Jackson is now officially a member of the Supreme Court. She was sworn in by Chief Justice Roberts and the man she is replacing, Associate Justice, Stephen Breyer who is now officially retired.

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29 minutes ago, nuckin_futz said:


It ended after about 30 hours. For those who are unfamiliar the last 60 seconds of the song is repeating the phrase " **** you, I won't do what you tell me".

I mean, it's sad that a couple of people (beloved, according to the tweet) got axed, but I couldn't help but laugh at the very fitting response to the station's personnel moves.  :lol:


EDIT: I see there are reports that it's being spun as a publicity stunt by the station itself, but I'm sure there are better songs for publicity stunts than RATM's.  :bigblush:

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Not sure where else to put this, and I'm not about to start a new thread for this, so WET it is.



Black bear caught on video in Burnaby's Central Park killed by conservation officers

Bear was seen to chase after geese near the park's pitch-and-putt course

CBC News · Posted: Jul 04, 2022 12:57 PM PT | Last Updated: 20 minutes ago
A black bear was seen chasing some terrified geese in Central Park in Burnaby, B.C. on Saturday, July 2. (Submitted by Mandeep Uppal)

A black bear that was spotted in Burnaby, B.C.'s Central Park chasing geese near a pitch-and-putt course has been put down, according to conservation officers.


The bear was caught on video chasing after what appeared to be a baby Canada goose on Saturday, flanked by squawking geese and humans who had their golfing interrupted.


The bear appears to pounce on the goose in the video, taken by Burnaby resident Mandeep Uppal at around 3:40 p.m. Saturday.


Uppal says he had been going to Central Park for years and had never thought a bear would appear there. The park is located in the Metrotown area, nowhere near the larger regional parks in Metro Vancouver.


WATCH | Black bear chases geese in Central Park:


Prowling black bear chases after geese in B.C. park

2 hours ago
Video taken by Mandeep Uppal shows a bear on the hunt near a pitch-and-putt course in Central Park in Burnaby, B.C.



"I've been going to Central Park since I was a kid," he told CBC News. "I've never heard of a bear being there.


"I'm not even sure how it got there. That was the real head-scratcher."


Uppal said he was out playing the first hole of the pitch-and-putt course when someone said there might be a bear nearby.


"At that point, I was thinking, this person's out to lunch," he said. "There's no bears at Central Park."



But then, he says park staff told them not to play the first hole because there was a bear nearby.


"People are scratching their heads at this point, and we're just waiting around," he said. "There's no one playing on the first hole, which is where all the geese went onto the course. 


"A couple of minutes later, they started making a bunch of noise and flying away. And at that point, I thought, OK, this might be it. I'm going to start recording now."


After the unfortunate baby goose met its end in his video, he says the bear jumped away into bushes and trees nearby.


Uppal said it was "pretty cool" to see a bear up close, but he was surprised at how comfortable it was with people around it.


The B.C. Conservation Officer Service told CBC News that the bear had been trapped and put down. They said further details on the incident would be coming soon.

Uppal says conservation officers were at the scene when the bear made its appearance on the course,  and one of the park workers had told him the bear had been spotted in the park a day before the incident.


The bear sighting caused the pitch-and-putt course to be shut down for two hours on Saturday.

Uppal said he would be back this weekend to resume his game and would be on his toes for any further ursine encounters.

I don't think the CBC video (2nd graphic, listed under "WATCH") will load properly, so here's the URL if you want to watch that video from CBC's own website:




I spent most of my childhood and all of my adolescent years in Burnaby, and this is the first time I'd heard of a bear sighting that far south in Burnaby (and surrounded by that densely populated an area, albeit within the park's forest).

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Posted (edited)

Good news, about one use of facial recognition tech,with a Canadian angle-this time:


A website that uses artificial intelligence to help Holocaust descendants find previously unseen photos of their loved ones in image archives has uncovered a photo of Rush rocker Geddy Lee’s mother.

Mary Weinrib, who died a year ago at the age of 96, survived Auschwitz before starting a new life in Canada back in 1946, with her husband, Morris Weinrib, whom she met in the concentration camp.

Mary Weinrib always shared her traumatic experiences in Auschwitz with her children, Lee has said, but now the family has new images that show what life was like during the Holocaust. A photo has been discovered that shows Weinrib at Bergen-Belsen, a concentration camp in northwestern Germany.

Weinrib was born Manya (Malka) Rubinstein in Warsaw in 1925. She grew up near a Jewish shtetl. In 1939, when Nazi soldiers took over her home, she was sent to a labour camp in Starachowice before being relocated to Auschwitz and later Bergen-Belsen.

In an interview with Q1043 New York, Lee said his mother survived through the strength of his grandmother, who kept the family together.

“She believed that if they were all going to perish, they would perish together and if they were all going to survive, they would survive together,” Lee said.

Google software engineer Daniel Patt created the website From Numbers to Names (N2N), which uses facial recognition powered by AI to analyze photos of Holocaust survivors and match them with headshots provided by users.


“We reached out to Geddy Lee, from Rush, with a photo we thought was of his mother. He was able to confirm this was indeed a photo of her at the displaced persons camp at Bergen-Belsen,” Patt told the Times of Israel.

“Geddy was then able to subsequently discover photos of his grandmother, uncles, an aunt and other extended family by browsing the Yad Vashem collection where the initial photo came from.”

Patt said he started the project after visiting the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

“I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had potentially walked past a photo of a family member without even knowing it,” said Patt. “I’m the grandson of Holocaust survivors, all from Poland.”

Originally, Patt began working on this website during his free time and using his own resources.

Now, with a team of engineers and researchers, Patt hopes to partner with museums, schools, research institutions and other organizations that raise awareness about the Holocaust.

The free website has been used to analyze more than 500,000 photos containing about 2 million faces. Still, Patt hopes to access more than 700,000 other photos from before and during the Holocaust.

Patt said there is so much interest, “there is a backlog of potential identifications we’re manually going through now.”

The technology is also being used by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM).

The USHMM collection contains a database of over 270,000 registered survivors, with over 85,000 historical photographs; the museum will now have access to an additional one million photos.

Despite their growing success, there is still one problem the N2N team faces, and according to Patt, that’s limited time.

“We have been developing the project over the course of evenings and weekends over many months. There’s an urgency to this effort as the last remaining survivors pass, and there are many connections that could still be made,” Patt told The Times of Israel.

“We hope that N2N can help build those connections while the survivors are still with us.”




NOTE- stay away from the comment section of this story- unless you like to see posts from a lot of holocaust deniers.



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On 6/30/2022 at 11:22 AM, RUPERTKBD said:

Since the US Politics and Roe v Wade threads are MIA, I suppose this is as good a place as any to remind everyone that Ketanji Brown Jackson is now officially a member of the Supreme Court. She was sworn in by Chief Justice Roberts and the man she is replacing, Associate Justice, Stephen Breyer who is now officially retired.

Some other news from down south; something to do with a previous election;


ATLANTA (AP) — The Georgia prosecutor investigating the conduct of former President Donald Trump and his allies after the 2020 election is subpoenaing U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and other members of Trump's campaign legal team to testify before a special grand jury.


Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis on Tuesday filed petitions with the judge overseeing the special grand jury as part of her investigation into what she alleges was "a multi-state, coordinated plan by the Trump Campaign to influence the results of the November 2020 election in Georgia and elsewhere.”

The move marks a major escalation in a case that could pose a serious legal challenge to the former president as he weighs another White House run. While the special grand jury has already heard from top state officials, Tuesday's filings directly target several of Trump's closest allies and advisers, including Giuliani, who led his campaign's legal efforts to overturn the election results.

“It means the investigation is obviously becoming more intense because those are trusted advisers, those are inner circle people,” said Robert James, former district attorney in DeKalb County, which neighbors Fulton.

The special grand jury has been investigating whether Trump and others illegally tried to meddle in the 2020 presidential election in Georgia as he desperately tried to cling to power after Democrat Joe Biden's victory. Trump continues to insist that the election was stolen, despite the fact that numerous federal and local officials, a long list of courts, top former campaign staff and even Trump's own attorney general have all said there is no evidence of the fraud he alleges.

The investigation is separate from that being conducted by a congressional committee that has been examining the events surrounding the deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 as well as the Department of Justice's own sprawling probe. Trump is also facing other legal challenges, including in New York, where he, his namesake son and his daughter Ivanka have agreed to answer questions under oath beginning next week in the New York attorney general’s civil investigation into his business practices.

The escalation comes as Trump has been mulling announcing a third presidential run as soon as this summer as he seeks to deflect attention from the ongoing investigations and lock in support before a long list of other potential candidates, such as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, make their own moves.

Willis, who took this unusual step of requesting a special grand jury earlier this year, has confirmed that she and her team are looking into a January 2021 phone call in which Trump pushed Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “find” the votes needed for him to win the state. She has said the team is also looking at a November 2020 phone call between Graham and Raffensperger, the abrupt resignation of the U.S. attorney in Atlanta on Jan. 4, 2021, and comments made during December 2020 Georgia legislative committee hearings on the election. Raffensperger and other state officials have already testified before the special grand jury.

Willis also filed petitions for five other potential witnesses: lawyers Kenneth Chesebro, Cleta Mitchell, Jenna Ellis, John Eastman and Jacki Pick Deason. Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney signed off on the requests, which are similar to subpoenas, deeming them necessary to the investigation.

In the petition submitted to the judge, Willis wrote that Graham, a longtime ally of the former president, actually made at least two telephone calls to Raffensperger and members of his staff in the weeks after the November 2020 election. During those calls, Graham asked about reexamining certain absentee ballots “in order to explore the possibility of a more favorable outcome for former President Donald Trump,” she wrote.

A Graham spokesman did not respond to a request for comment.

In the petition for Giuliani’s testimony, Willis identifies him as both a personal attorney for Trump and “a lead attorney for the Trump Campaign’s legal efforts seeking to influence the results of the November 2020 election in Georgia and elsewhere.”

As part of those efforts, she wrote, he and others presented a Georgia state Senate subcommittee with a video recording of election workers that Giuliani alleged showed them producing “suitcases” of unlawful ballots from unknown sources, outside the view of election poll watchers.

Within 24 hours of the hearing on Dec. 3, 2020, Raffensperger’s office had debunked the video and said that it had found that no voter fraud had taken place at the arena. Nevertheless, Giuliani continued to make statements to the public and in subsequent legislative hearings claiming widespread voter fraud using that debunked video, Willis wrote.

“There is evidence that (Giuliani’s) appearance and testimony at the hearing was part of a multi-state, coordinated plan by the Trump Campaign to influence the results of the November 2020 election in Georgia and elsewhere,” the petition says.

Giuliani's attorney, Bob Costello, said he had no comment and that his client had not been served with any subpoena.

To compel the testimony of an out-of-state witness, a prosecutor in Georgia has to file a petition and then a judge has to sign a certificate approving the petition, said Danny Porter, a former longtime district attorney in Gwinnett County in Atlanta’s suburbs.

The next step is to deliver the petition to a prosecutor wherever the witness lives, and serve it to the witness, who is entitled to a hearing. If the person objects to going to Georgia to testify, they have to be able to show that either their testimony isn’t needed or that it would be an undue hardship for them, Porter said.

Special grand juries are impaneled in Georgia to investigate complex cases with large numbers of witnesses and potential logistical concerns. They can compel evidence and subpoena witnesses for questioning and, unlike regular grand juries, can also subpoena the target of an investigation to appear before it.

When its investigation is complete, the special grand jury issues a final report and can recommend action. It's then up to the district attorney to decide whether to ask a regular grand jury for an indictment.

It’s not clear exactly what charges Willis could ultimately choose to pursue against Trump or anyone else. In a letter she sent to top-ranking state officials last year, she said she was looking into “potential violations of Georgia law prohibiting the solicitation of election fraud, the making of false statements to state and local government bodies, conspiracy, racketeering, violation of oath of office and any involvement in violence or threats related to the election’s administration.”

Trump has denied that he did anything wrong.

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Attack of the killer snails, a long, slow moving horror flick-currently playing in Florida.


A Florida town is under quarantine after discovering a growing community of giant African land snails. The snails, which have a life span of nine years and grow to be eight inches in length, carry a parasite that can cause meningitis in humans.

On June 23, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) confirmed detection of the adult-hand-sized snails in New Port Richey, an area in Pasco county. The area was quarantined the following day.

The quarantine is different from what the world has become accustomed to during the COVID-19 pandemic. This quarantine prohibits residents from moving plants, soil, yard waste, debris, compost and building materials outside a designated zone. They are also prohibited from moving the snails to minimize risks of meningitis. If found, residents are advised to call the FDACS hotline.


According to Christina Chitty, a public information director at FDACS, the issue most likely stemmed from the illegal pet trade. It is illegal to own the invasive, East-African snails in the United States. Chitty told CNN that investigations are underway to find out the severity of Pasco County’s snail problem.

The species is very hard to control because of its rapid reproduction. They can produce up to 1,200 eggs in a year. This means that if an illegal snail owner discards just one into the wild or accidentally misplaces it, an exponential population increase is to be expected.

The snails could be disastrous to local agriculture and natural areas as they cause extensive damage to tropical and subtropical environments. They eat about 500 plant species, and even consume paint and stucco if they can’t find enough food, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). They do not have a predator, which makes eradication a more lengthy process.

The species was first found in Florida in the 1960s and it took 10 years and $1 million to eradicate it, according to the USDA. But it was found again in 2011 and reported eradicated in 2021 before the most recent discovery. FDACS plans on spending just three years to eradicate the snail population in Pasco County this time. To achieve this, they will treat the soil with a pesticide called metaldehyde, which is known to control snails and slugs.

Property owners inside the treatment area will be notified at least 24 hours in advance of the planned pesticide treatment.

“The goal is to eradicate the snails,” Chitty said. “It is a comprehensive and extensive process.”

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Get yer tinfoil ready. 


Last Week Tonight  with John Oliver did a segment on the guidestones. 




Part of Georgia Guidestones damaged by explosion, GBI says



An explosion Wednesday at the mysterious Georgia Guidestones in Elberton, Georgia has caused significant damage to the stones.

The preliminary information indicates that someone detonated an explosive device at around 4 a.m. on Wednesday, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigations.

GBI officials said officials with the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office found the explosion destroyed a large portion of the structure.

The Elbert County Sheriff's Office asked the GBI to assist with the investigation.

The guidestones sit on a site 7 miles north of Elberton on Georgia Highway 77 and are often referred to as an American Stonehenge.

Sky 4 flew over the site about 11:40 a.m. and saw one of the stones destroyed and another one damaged.


He said he lives about a mile behind the guidestones and didn't hear anything unusual.

However, some people who live a little closer said they heard and felt an explosion at about 4 a.m.

The viewer who took the pictures above said she lives about 5 miles away and heard a bang at 4 a.m. She said she went back to bed and when she woke up, she saw a Facebook post about an incident at the guidestones and drove by.

What are the Georgia Guidestones?

The following is posted on ExploreGeorgia.org:

"The Georgia Guidestones, Elberton's most unusual set of granite monoliths, poses a mystery for the numerous visitors who visit the site seven miles north of Elberton on Georgia Highway 77. Known as America's Stonehenge, this 19-foot high monument displays a 10-part message espousing the conservation of mankind and future generations in 12 languages. The Guidestones also serve as an astronomical calendar, and every day at noon the sun shines through a narrow hole in the structure and illuminates the day’s date on an engraving. The names of four ancient languages are inscribed on the sides near the top: Babylonian cuneiform, Classical Greek, Sanskrit, and Egyptian Hieroglyphics. The Guidestones are mysterious in origin, for no one knows the identity of a group of sponsors who provided its specifications."


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"After Jonathan Weir inadvertently shot and killed his friend with a machine gun on the Ontario estate of his uncle, former Dragons’ Den celebrity investor Michael Wekerle, someone staged it to look like suicide.

The illegal gun that fired two bullets that hit 18-year-old Tyler Swartz in the stomach in 2018 was thrown into a secluded pond and a legal gun placed beside his body.


Only then did Weir call for help, court heard.

He then told police he was out walking his dog when he heard a shot and returned to the house to find the carnage.

On Wednesday, a judge deciding an appropriate sentence for Weir — who pleaded guilty to manslaughter rather than to murder — asked lawyers their opinions on whether that evidence, and testimony heard at a preliminary inquiry in the strange case, can be considered when deciding Weir’s punishment.

Judge Richard Schwarzl, of the Ontario Court of Justice in Orangeville, voiced aloud questions on many minds after last year’s guilty plea.

“Can I infer, or do you agree, or is it up for grabs that your client threw the gun in the pond,”  Schwarzl asked Weir’s lawyer.

And of the new gun police found beside Swartz, he asked: “Is it agreed that your client put the gun there? And if so, is it agreed that that’s evidence of staging the crime scene?”

Schwarzl also asked about testimony at a preliminary hearing from friends who said that at the time of the shooting they were on their way to join Weir and Swartz at the Wekerle estate to eat, smoke cannabis and shoot guns, and that the pair previously handled guns while intoxicated, with one saying a shooting was an accident waiting to happen.

“These are questions of fundamental importance to everybody,” Schwarzl said.

The judge’s questions derailed the anticipated quick hearing. There had already been talk of not needing a second day, scheduled for Friday.

Instead, after hearing emotional victim impact statements, lawyers were sent off to discuss and consider their positions on Schwarzl’s questions.

Before that, however, Ryan Handlarskiy, Weir’s lawyer, said his client should not be sent to jail for his crime, instead asking for a conditional sentence. Crown prosecutor Danielle Garbaty said a conditional sentence “isn’t anywhere near the range that’s appropriate.”

Handlarskiy’s position also contrasted bitterly with victim impact statements given in court by Swartz’s mother and three older sisters.

Each referred to his “murder” — although the judge noted this was not, legally speaking, what Weir was found guilty of, but allowed them to express their feelings. They also pointed to evidence of extensive efforts to cover up the crime instead of calling for medical assistance.

Kim Swartz, Tyler’s mother, made an emotional plea for justice during her victim’s statement, delivered between sobs and gasps for breath.

“My son did not die from a disease … did not die from an automobile accident or even in the line of duty as a police officer or soldier. He was killed. He was shot. He was murdered,” she said.

“It has been three and a half years since Jonathan stole the life of my beloved and precious son Tyler.

“The horrific circumstances of Tyler’s death have left me emotionally bereft. I’m tormented by the terror and pain Tyler must have experienced at Jonathan’s hand, who he related to as a friend not a murderer, as he has come to be, through loading, positioning, and shooting an automatic assault machine gun at my son’s stomach,” she said.

“Over the past months, after learning of Jonathan’s attempts to cover up his crime with lies about his actions, I’ve waited, albeit impatiently. I’ve waited. I’ve waited to hear the truth as to what actually happened that evening, for sounds of remorse from Jonathan.

“Yet nothing was shown. And his actions remain without any semblance of remorse. Only his changing of stories, silence, and cowardice.

“Jonathan needs to be held accountable by the justice system.”

Tyler Swartz and Jonathan Weir had been friends since childhood.

Weir was living at his uncle’s compound at the time of the Dec. 27, 2018, shooting. He was 20 then. Wekerle’s gated rural property in Caledon, northwest of Toronto, spreads over 80 hectares and includes a forest, pond, and several buildings. Wekerle earlier said he was out of the country at the time.

Swartz and Weir were target shooting and hunting. Swartz shot a rabbit and they invited two friends, Justin Rheaume and Jon Viau, to join them for a barbecue. Before the friends arrived, sometime after 6 p.m., Weir picked up a Colt R75 — an old-school automatic rifle that is prohibited in Canada — and pointed it at Swartz. Two bullets shot out.

Court accepted that the trigger was pulled inadvertently.

Before any call was made to 911, however, one of Wekerle’s security cameras recorded a pickup truck, similar to the one Weir had driven to the estate, going down to the pond on the property.

Then, at 7:23 p.m., about an hour after the shooting, Weir called police to report that his friend had been shot.

Police soon realized the gun found beside Swartz’s body did not fire the bullets that hit him.

The following July, once the ice melted, Ontario Provincial Police returned to the estate and drained the pond, where they found a Colt R75 machine gun.

Weir was first charged with first-degree murder, which was lowered to second-degree murder before trial. In October, Weir pleaded not guilty to murder but guilty to manslaughter.

At that October hearing, an agreed statement of facts — which the Crown prosecutor and Weir’s lawyer consented was an accurate, although not complete, picture of what took place — was read aloud in court.

It did not answer many questions, including questions the judge is now asking.

Michelle Davids, one of Swartz’s sisters, said their brother’s killing sent her spinning with anger, grief, fear, and paranoia.

“The overwhelming anguish of burying him on his birthday will be with me the rest of my life,” said her statement, read in court.

Her attempts to seek help for her grief were further triggering. At her psychiatric appointments, a large sign behind the check-in desk notes a donation to the clinic by Michael Wekerle.

Before adjourning for the day, Handlarskiy and Garbaty said they would return to court on Friday with an additional agreed statement of facts. It “would answer at least some of those questions” asked by the judge, Handlarskiy said.

Schwarzl said he would then go over the material before issuing his sentence, likely within 30 days.

“A rush to justice is no justice at all,” he said.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FOUR years after the event and the Judge is saying "A rush to justice is no justice at all"

FOUR years


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This is good to read.

I dont listen to JR's pod cast but know him well as I'm an MMA fanatic.



Spotify podcast host Joe Rogan told the Lex Fridman Podcast that he has turned down multiple entreaties from former president Donald Trump to appear on his show.

“I’m not a Trump supporter in any way, shape or form,” Mr Rogan said.


I heard Joe likes Bernie. But it is still good to see him say this, as I feel a lot of his listeners like to do the Trumpty dance.


Remember when we had a great thread about US politics?

Oh and that other one...incredibly important topics.

What a sad state that even here at CDC that we can't talk about women's rights or the evil influence of organised religion.

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