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On 9/11/2022 at 2:49 PM, bishopshodan said:


On 9/11/2022 at 3:25 PM, gurn said:

There is no evidence of Hans cheating in any overboard tourney, that I'm aware of- and Chess is a hobby of mine.

Hans has admitted to cheating twice on line, once when he was 12 and again at 16 yrs of age.

At 16 he was living alone in New York and trying to make a living streaming himself playing/teaching/learning chess. He says he cheated in random online games to get a better online rating and be able to play better players. This would bump up his online viewership and revenue stream. Paying the rent.

the guy is now 19, has spent the last 2 years playing over the board everywhere he can, around the world and has seen his FIDE rating go way up, quickly.


The online chess site Hans was at is Chess.com, and after the hint posted by Magnus; suspended Hans' most recent account, that they had previously allowed him to open.

 The site has said they've found more evidence of Hans cheating online, but have not said when this 'new ' evidence is from.

Of note Chess.com and Magnus have some sort of financial deal going on/done and a few million dollars are involved.


Magnus did not play well against Hans, either just a bad day or he took Hans lightly- as the kid has the lowest elo at the tourney @ 173 points less. in fact Hans was a late substitute, when someone else caught covid.


Magnus just played against Hans in another tournament.

Magnus had black, and resigned after Han's second move.


 So every other player there has to battle Magnus to attempt a win or draw, yet Hans gets a free, easy game.

Throws the integrity of the standings into disarray.

I'd not have Magnus at any tourney I ran.

Guy is more poorly behaved than many people's three year old.

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12 minutes ago, Playoff Beered said:

Major Anti-Regime Protests in Iran against the Islamic Republic, for after the killing of Mahsa Amini. Internet shut down by the regime in certain cities. Several protesters confirmed killed. Thread




Lots of video, glory to the Iranian people!!

Anyone catch Lesley Stahl's interview of Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi last night? The guy came off as a real hard ass....


He did say one thing that was bang on though...when Stahl asked him about reopening the Nuclear talks with the US, he asked why Iran should trust the US to stick with any deal. I think it's probably a certainty that the US would again pull out of any deal negotiated by the Biden administration, if Trump or any of his wannabe MAGA minions took over the White House in 2024, or beyond...

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I have a ton of respect for all the waitresses on the Munich Oktoberfest carrying hundreds / thousands of beer mugs per day. Can't even imagine how sore their arms and hands must feel at the end of the working day. Extremely hard work no doubt about it but well paid. Heard that a waitress is making EUR 4,000 to EUR 10,000 in only two weeks on the Oktoberfest.



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you decided to visit the famous Oktoberfest in Munich and you want to impress the locals with your knowledge about the Munich beer brands. Here's what you need to know.




The picture illustrates the six largest Munich beer brands that are served in several tents on the Oktoberfest. You see the different symbols for each beer brand on the front side of the beer mug.


From left to right:    Augustiner - Hacker Pschorr - Hofbräu - Löwenbräu - Paulaner and Spaten.


There's only one tent that serves Löwenbräu and only one tent that serves Hofbräu but there are at least three tents that serve Spaten und at least two tents that serve Paulaner.

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On 9/20/2022 at 8:48 PM, Playoff Beered said:


This is getting brutal ,  and the face of the regime is surfacing .


This should be the rising that throws out the regime and all of those associated with it.


This Video is Graphic ..   protesters female and male alike getting hacked and left to bleed to death .



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Iranian state-organised marchers call for execution of protesters



  • Calls for execution of rioters
  • Death of woman sparks mass protests
  • Army issues tough warning





DUBAI, Sept 23 (Reuters) - State-organised demonstrations took place in several Iranian cities on Friday to counter nationwide anti-government unrest triggered by the death of a woman in police custody, with marchers calling for the execution of "rioters".

The pro-government rallies followed the strongest warning yet from authorities when the army said it would confront "the enemies" behind the unrest - a move that could signal the kind of crackdown that has crushed protests in the past.

Demonstrators condemned the anti-government protesters as "Israel's soldiers", live state television coverage showed. They also shouted "Death to America" and "Death to Israel", common slogans the country's clerical rulers use to try to stir up support for authorities.

"Offenders of the Koran must be executed," the crowds chanted.

Iranians are fuming over the case of Mahsa Amini, 22, who died last week after being arrested by the morality police for wearing "unsuitable attire".

The morality police, attached to Iran's law enforcement, are tasked with ensuring the respect of Islamic morals as described by the country's clerical authorities.

The Twitter account 1500tasvir with 117,000 followers reported heavy clashes in the central city of Isfahan between protesters and security forces.


Amini's death has reignited anger over issues including restrictions on personal freedoms in Iran, strict dress codes for women and an economy reeling from sanctions.

The army's message on Friday, seen as a warning to protesters, read: "These desperate actions are part of the evil strategy of the enemy to weaken the Islamic regime."

The military said it would "confront the enemies' various plots in order to ensure security and peace for the people who are being unjustly assaulted".

Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi on Friday also warned "seditionists" that their "dream of defeating religious values and the great achievements of the revolution will never be realized", according to the AsrIran website.

Friday's pro-government demonstrations showed the strength of the Islamic Republic, President Ebrahim Raisi said, adding that turmoil would not be tolerated.

"The people's presence (in the marches) today, is the power and the honour of the Islamic Republic," Raisi, facing the biggest protests since 2019, said on live television after returning from New York where he attended the United Nations General Assembly.

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres met with Raisi in New York on Thursday and raised human rights issues, a U.N. spokesperson said.

The United Nations is concerned "about reports of peaceful protests being met with excessive use of force leading to dozens of deaths and injuries", spokesperson Stephane Dujarric told reporters.

"We call on the security forces to refrain from using unnecessary or disproportionate force and appeal to all to exercise restraint to avoid further escalation," Dujarric said.

Anti-government protests were especially strong in Amini's home province of Kurdistan and nearby areas. State television said two caches of weapons, explosives and communications gear were seized and two people were arrested in northwestern Iran, which includes the border with Iraq where armed Kurdish dissident groups are based.

Human rights group Hengaw said a general strike was held on Friday in Oshnavieh, Javanroud, Sardasht and other towns in the northwest where many of Iran's up to 10 million Kurds live.

Internet blockage watchdog NetBlocks said mobile internet had been disrupted in Iran for a third time.

"Live metrics show a nation-scale loss of connectivity on leading cellular operator MCI," it said on Twitter.

Mobile internet had been partially reconnected overnight.


Twitter accounts linked to Anonymous "hacktivists" voiced support for the protests and said they had attacked 100 Iranian websites, including several belonging to the government.

Websites of the central bank, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and several state-affiliated news agencies have been disrupted in recent days.

Iran's clerical rulers fear a revival of the protests that erupted in 2019 over gasoline price rises, the bloodiest in the Islamic Republic's history. Reuters reported 1,500 people were killed.

Rights groups such as Hengaw and HRANA, lawyers and social media users reported widespread arrests of students and activists at their homes by security forces in an apparent effort to curb protests.

Majid Tavakoli, a student leader turned human rights activist, was detained overnight, his brother Mohsen said.

"They raided the home and arrested Majid while he was asleep ... We are unable to do anything. Please spread the word," Mohsen Tavakoli tweeted.




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