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'Mom, I'm in trouble': Grande Prairie woman faces decade in Thai prison




One of two tourists charged with vandalism for spray painting graffiti on an ancient red-brick wall in northern Thailand is from Grande Prairie, Alta.


Closed-circuit TV footage allegedly shows the pair spray-painting a wall near the Tha Phae Gate, the main entrance to the city's old town.

"They admitted to the crime," Police Major Anon Cherdchutrakulthong told Reuters. "When people visit somewhere they should know not to [leave] graffiti


Not an event, but not worthy of a thread either. I don't have much sympathy for someone going to a foreign country and spray painting an ancient wall, but hey, I've done some dumb things in my life too....just not this astronomically blatantly stupid.  


Let this be a lesson to Canadians travelling abroad, don't be an idiot.


Hopefully she just gets the fine and a one way ticket and lifetime ban.


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Canadian embassy in Greece vandalized by group in apparent opposition to mining

A Greek anarchist group has claimed responsibility for an attack on the Canadian embassy in the country early Sunday morning.



hmm, Anarchists..

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This is very sad....and a bit scary...






Seven children have died as a result of adenovirus at the Wanaque Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation in Haskell, New Jersey.

The Wanaque facility has been "instructed not to admit any new patients until the outbreak ends and they are in full compliance," according to the health department.

The timing of the deaths is not clear. The health department was notified of respiratory illness at the center on October 9 and Wanaque sent parents of children at the facility letters about the infection on October 19 according to Nicole Kirgan at the New Jersey Department of Health.

On Tuesday the New Jersey Department of Health announced the death of six pediatric residents at the center and the infection of 12 additional residents. Wednesday the department announced an additional pediatric death.


I don't think there's much doubt that decades of prescribing antibiotics for every little thing has created strains that are resistant to the drugs we have available. (although I have no evidence that this was the case with these deaths) it looks like those chickens are starting to come home to roost.


We also have this new, Polio-like disease on the rise:




The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Monday that there are 155 patients under investigation this year for acute flaccid myelitis, a condition that that can cause paralysis and mostly affects children.

Of these, 62 have been confirmed by the CDC in 22 states, and the remainder continue to be investigated.

Acute flaccid myelitis, also called AFM, is a rare but serious condition that affects the nervous system -- specifically, the area of the spinal cord called gray matter. It affects fewer than one in a million people each year across the country, the CDC estimates.

The number of patients under investigation is up from 127 patients a week ago, though no new confirmed cases have been reported.


...and it isn't just in the US:


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On 10/22/2018 at 12:09 PM, bishopshodan said:


Canadian embassy in Greece vandalized by group in apparent opposition to mining

A Greek anarchist group has claimed responsibility for an attack on the Canadian embassy in the country early Sunday morning.



hmm, Anarchists..

Modern day Greece...people you never want to take advice on on how to run a country. 

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This is so depressing:





Two girls at a middle school in central Florida were waiting in a bathroom, planning to overpower at least 15 smaller students, kill them with knives and drink their blood, authorities said Wednesday.

The Bartow Middle School students were arrested Tuesday and charged with conspiracy to commit murder, possession of a weapon on school property, carrying a concealed weapon, and disruption of a school function, Bartow Police Chief Joe Hall said during a news conference.

According to officials, the 11- and 12-year-old girls said they were Satan worshipers and were going to drink the blood and eat the flesh of the students they killed. The girls then planned to kill themselves, they said.

The plan was foiled Tuesday after an automated call from the school notified one of the girls' parents that the daughter was missing from class, Hall said.

The district attorney has not indicated whether the girls will be tried as adults. CNN does not name minor suspects unless they are tried as adults. It's not clear if either of the girls has retained counsel, as neither has a court date set.


It isn't just that two pre-teens could conceive of such a thing, but it's also going to bolster the argument from the "moral" element of society that tells us that things like horror movies, Video games and rock music promote these type of acts, when it's really a severe lack of parenting...

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Wish I lived in the city this happened in, I'd have a new favourite place to eat.



Lisa Nagengast’s plane touched down in Tampa on Saturday evening, and the first thing she did before getting out of her seat was listen to her voice mail. That was when panic set in.

This Week's Circulars


t was her brother, Greg Holeman, an Army veteran, whom she had just returned from visiting in Nebraska following his back surgery. He was in extreme pain, something was wrong with his incision site, and he couldn’t feel his left leg, he said. He was alone with no one to call for help. He couldn’t afford a taxi, and he didn’t know if his veteran’s insurance would pay for an ambulance.

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“I’m going to drive myself to the hospital,” Holeman, 48, said on the voice mail.

Nagengast immediately called him back and forbade him from driving. Give me the name and number of your social worker, she said, and I’ll call her and she’ll send help. He dictated a number for Pam, his social worker, and Nagengast, 50, wrote it down on a napkin.

She dialed Pam as she started walking off the plane, where there was a lot of background noise.

When someone answered the line, Nagengast quickly and forcefully explained who she was and that her brother needed a ride to the hospital. He didn’t have money for a cab, and there were no ride-sharing services in his small town of Columbus, Neb.

“Let me get my manager for you,” the voice on the other end said.

When the manager picked up, Nagengast repeated her story. “I need you to help me. If you need me to pay for it, I will. We have to get this done.”

The manager said that he had some drivers and that he could send one to help her brother. He’d call her back in 15 minutes.

By then, Nagengast, an IT consultant, had walked her way through the airport and into her husband’s waiting car.

“Was I mean to him?” she asked her husband. She felt extra pressure to help her brother, she said, because both of their parents and their sister were deceased, so the two siblings had only each other for support.

Her husband assured her that, no, she wasn’t mean, she had merely conveyed that it was an emergency.

A few minutes later, Nagengast’s phone rang, and a man identifying himself as Zach said he was ready to take her brother to the hospital. He just needed her brother’s name and address, he said.

“Don’t you have it in his file?” Nagengast snapped at him incredulously.

Zach responded: “You called Jimmy John’s.”

Nagengast was silent for a moment.

“You mean, like, the food place Jimmy John’s?” she asked, realizing that she must have dialed the wrong number.

Zach confirmed that she had called the sandwich chain, not Pam, the social worker.

“I was like, ‘I’m so sorry, I called the wrong number,’ ” Nagengast said. “I’m so sorry.”

Zach, whose last name is Hillmer, assured her it was no problem.

“I’ll take your brother to the hospital,” he said. “You just need to give me his name and address.”

Hillmer, also a military veteran, is familiar with post-traumatic stress disorder and asked whether Holeman would be okay getting into his car.

“I will call him and make him get in the car with you,” she said.

Thirty minutes later, Nagengast called her brother’s phone, and he confirmed that he was at the hospital. It turned out that his bandage needed changing and his medication an adjustment. He went home later that evening in a cab — which the hospital paid for.

Jason Voss, the 19-year-old Jimmy John’s manager with whom Nagengast spoke, said it was pretty clear she had no idea she’d misdialed.

Lisa Nagengast.© Lisa Nagengast/ Lisa Nagengast.

He said he was making sandwiches that evening when his girlfriend, who also works at the shop, answered Nagengast’s call. Confused, she handed him the phone and he listened to Nagengast’s story.

“I was pretty sure she had no idea it was Jimmy John’s,” Voss said. “I didn’t think I needed to say anything. It didn’t seem relevant at that moment.”

He said he listened to her story and could hear the desperation in her voice and thought he could be of service.

“Somebody needed help, and I got on it as quick as I could,” Voss said. “I was going to go myself, but I was manager and I didn’t think that was the best option.”

Since local media reported the story, Voss said he has been interviewed several times, including on live radio.

“I feel like stuff like this happens all the time, and it’s interesting people are taking an interest in it now. People feel like they need something, anything good right now,” he said. “Something like this is really small, but if it helps people, that’s good.”

Read more:

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This is bad news for everyone:






Far-right presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro was declared the winner of Brazil's presidential election on Sunday, according to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.

Bolsonaro was declared the winner after 94% of the votes were counted.

The tribunal said it would provide more details during a press conference, which is scheduled to take place in the capital, Brasilia, shortly.

Bolsonaro's victory against Fernando Haddad, a leftist ex-Sao Paulo mayor, caps one of the most polarizing and violent political campaigns in Brazil's history.

Prolonged recession, rising insecurity and a massive corruption scandal that rocked political and financial institutions were among the many issues voters considered.

Bolsonaro won the first round of the elections this month amid a field of 13 candidates. But he fell short of the 50% needed to win outright and avoid a runoff against Haddad, from the Workers' Party.


One Trump was more than enough...<_<

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2 hours ago, Tortorella's Rant said:

I have a tough time believing Abbotsford is not higher on that list. Plenty of criminals in this town.

Its a weird list for sure.

It suggests that small towns in western Canada are terrible with the exception of the lovely Vancouver Island.

I had a giggle that Edmonton is one slot worse than Surrey. A few posters on here can get their regional debates roaring again.

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I really hope these two get what's coming to them:




Two day care workers in St. Louis have been charged with crimes after a 2016 video of a "fight club" featuring young children surfaced, a court official said.

The children were 3 and 4 years old, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner's spokeswoman, Susan Ryan, told CNN Wednesday.

Mickala Guliford, 28, and Tena Dailey, 22, were charged with endangering the welfare of a child, a felony, according to probable cause statements from prosecutors.

The women directed at least six children to have fistfights, the state alleges, noting that the children wore a padded glove and used it to hit each other's heads and bodies.

Video shows at least six children fighting over 35 minutes, according to prosecutors.

A child who had just fought is seen crying on video, the document says.

Still, the women encouraged and supervised the fighting, and one woman is seen "jumping up and down with excitement," it states.

The alleged incident happened on December 7, 2016, the birthday of a child identified in the document as C.L. He suffered red marks and swelling on his face and forehead and a black eye, prosecutors say.


WTF is wrong with some people....:angry:

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Something that may be of interest to outdoor sports people and really, anyone.


this years big wave event in Portugal will be live streamed this Friday.  Competitors from around the world will try and surf waves 30’-80’.  Some have claimed 100’ waves.



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Alfred and Wilbert Peterson were born joined at the waist and facing each other, and spent their entire life this way.

They have two sets of arms and legs and their own hearts and stomachs but share a lower digestive tract and a penis.

This shared penis has become a major source of conflict between the twins over recent years, and Alfred is now going to court to keep his brother from masturbating.

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On 11/7/2018 at 11:23 AM, RUPERTKBD said:

I really hope these two get what's coming to them:



WTF is wrong with some people....:angry:

&^@# that....I want to know where one is nearby to lay bets. I've told friends for 10+ years that if I watch their kids this is exactly what I am doing!  Guess who never gets asked to babysit!! 


Actually a buddy asked last year if I could watch his 5 and 3 year olds for a few hours.  I just laughed until he hung up.  I am a call in case of dire emergency only situation :P

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It's the old "my grandmother died" excuse. And it's normally a slam dunk when it comes to handing in late homework.


Except when an instructor asks for proof.

In a sequence of events worthy of a sitcom, the Real Estate Council of B.C. has given 120 days suspension to a Vancouver real estate agent who penned a note for an intern trying to explain his way out of a missed deadline.


Hmmmmm.....I wonder what Harv is doing these days....B)

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While the Dotard in chief shares clueless tweets about "forest mismanagement", two Canadians are doing whatever they can to help the victims of California's wild fires:





They were headed for a Paradise, Calif., holiday, but a B.C. couple are spending their vacation in a Walmart parking lot helping wildfire victims.

Destinee and Paul Klyne of Penticton, B.C. had planned a restful break in the Northern California town for mid-November, but then a deadly wildfire erupted, destroying much of the community.

Despite that, they decided to go ahead with their trip and flew to the region earlier this week to help out. They've been serving meals to fire evacuees — everything from hot dogs to pasta to quesadillas.

"Yesterday, we served 1,200 meals," Destinee Klyne said. "We just did up 500 quesadillas and they're gone."

Every morning, the couple has been driving from Sacramento where they are staying to Chico, a city about 24 kilometres west of Paradise, where many of the evacuees have ended up.

Paul Klyne said they asked where help was needed, and were told it was a Walmart parking lot. 

The Klynes describe the parking lot as filled with people either looking for help or providing it. Food trucks, tents, and volunteers dot the area with smoke so thick Destinee says it is difficult to see the Walmart sign from the other side of the lot. 

The couple have been buying and giving out $25 gift cards bought from money sent in from friends and family.

Destinee Klyne says she has seen evacuees filing in, some in cars with their side panels melted off, with few belongings.

"Words fail me. They are literally starting all over," she said. 

The fire has been called the deadliest wildfire in the United States in a century. At least 63 people have been killed and 600 are still missing. 

Paul Klyne recalled one evacuee who was unable to rescue his elderly mother from the fire. 

"It's devastating," he said. "I had to walk off. I talked to him for a while and I took leave for half an hour."

Still, the couple says witnessing the spirit of giving and gratitude has been heart-warming.

"I've had more hugs from strangers than I have in my whole life," Destinee Klyne said.

Paul Klyne said although the couple's efforts might be miniscule compared to the scale of the devastation, a little compassion goes a long way.

"When it's dark, it's hard to see the light. This helps them to know there is light. That we care. The world cares. And we're here to help."


Not the way most of us envision spending a vacation, but props to the Klynes for their selflessness.

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