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Rank Your NHL Goal Horns 1-31


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This is just a fun little thing I wanted to do to fill the void during the summer. Ranking my favourite goal horns 1-31, go ahead and post your rankings too!


#1. Dallas Stars



This goal horn is amazing, it has great sound and isn't too hard on the ears, it's exciting as well as it gets me pumped even though I'm not a Stars fan. Wonderful horn, never change this Dallas!


#2. Pittsburgh Penguins


This goal horn is ranked #2 for the same reasons as Dallas, except I think Dallas' is superior. I love the sound and harmony between the horns, and provides a unique sound you can't hear anywhere else in the NHL. I also like the goal song that accompanies this. Solid horn Pittsburgh!


#3. Calgary Flames


I hate this team like any other Canucks fan, but boy do they have an excellent horn. The 4-chime horn provides some amazing sound from the television and inside the arena! It hypes me up and makes me kinda wish we had this goal horn. I also like the goal song, very fitting for their team.


#4. Philadelphia Flyers


I think many of you will disagree with me on this one because I've seen so many people hating this horn because of how long and loud it is, but I love it for those exact reasons. It is the loudest horn in the NHL and IMO gives off an intimidating sound that tells you "This is Philly you're messing with!". I also love the length because IMO I think horns should be long to keep the fans pumped. The goal song could use work though... Not a fan of EDM goal songs...


#5. Vegas Golden Knights


This horn has grown on me the past year. This goal horn is basically also the Avs' horn. I love the deep sound it gives off and the multiple blasts that are used. It tells me that the guy operating it is like a fan and is excited to press that button. I also love the goal song because I am a fan of "Panic! At The Disco" and it is a song about Vegas! 


#6 Colorado Avalanche


Reasons I like this goal horn is stated above with the VGK. The reason this is ranked lower is because of the goal song, not that it's bad or anything I just prefer Vegas' song over Colorado's.


#7. Boston Bruins


While this isn't a real horn I like the sound of the recording anyway. The song that accompanies this horn is a good match. It's simple, safe and makes for a solid sounding goal horn.


#8. New York Rangers




ANOTHER recording?! Yes. This horn is unique like Pittsburgh where you don't have another horn that sounds like it. It is a recording of a NY fire department truck horn, and it's very solid. I also love the goal song, in the playoffs I believe it is played live every time they score!


#9. Detroit Red Wings


This horn is iconic in that it was the horn for one of the best teams in the past quarter century, and is played in very memorable moments (especially in the 90s). Though they now have a recording at the new building which made it way worse quite frankly, I hope they get the real horn back someday.


#10. Minnesota Wild


This horn makes the top 10 in that it gives off a great sound, but the goal song drags this one down for me... I like Prince and all, but it's not good as a goal song. If "Crowd Chant" was still their goal song, this would've been ranked higher.


#11. San Jose Sharks


This horn gives a deep, powerful, menacing blast that is heard throughout the arena. It's really a good goal horn IMO. I also like how they went back to their original goal song after they dropped "Rock n' Roll Part 2". Solid horn.


#12. Toronto Maple Leafs


This horn is just perfect. Not too extreme in any area, it is well rounded and is what a typical hockey horn is. I also like the goal song, gives out a good beat and pumps the crowd up.


#13. Tampa Bay Lightning


This goal horn is good but it is a little too loud IMO compared to TOR. They are very similar horns though, but that one flaw puts this one down to 13. I also think that the song is the downgrade to what they had season's prior (Fluxland).


#14. Vancouver Canucks


Finally, our Canucks are here at 14. This horn is pretty good, except IMO it is worse than what we had between 2009-2012. They changed one of the horns in that mix and it gives off a very rough start, but as it progresses it sounds fine, the horn before that started off smoother and had a crisper sound to it. The average goal song doesn't help it's cause either, it's pretty good but I think it was better before.


#15. Winnipeg Jets


This horn is smack-dab in the middle. It gives off a good enough sound, but doesn't make me feel pumped or intimidated much, it's just an OK horn. The song though is pretty good, and I'd prefer they stick with the song.


#16. Columbus Blue Jackets


This horn is nice, but it's too short. I'd love for it to be longer and draw it out because it's sounds pretty nice. I also like the beginning when it gives off one split second of a different sound and then carries on. The cannon blast and ACDC's "For Those About To Rock" kinda irritates me after a couple of times, so it bogs it down for me.


#17. Saint Louis Blues


Pretty average goal horn, though there is a sound in there I like about it, I can't really describe it but it's a very nice sound! I'm not to hot about "When The Blues Come Marching In". It's OK but I feel it doesn't pump the crowd as much as possible.


#18. Florida Panthers


It isn't inspiring to me nor do I really enjoy it much, it's meh for me. The goal song doesn't help either.


#19. Arizona Coyotes


The goal song is good, but the goal horn... I don't find it enjoyable to listen to. As well as whoever is spamming the coyote howl, that's annoying.


#20. Chicago Blackhawks


Sounds obnoxious especially after having listened to it a couple times, and we as Canucks fans know how it feels.


#21. Los Angeles Kings


I know many people love this horn and train horns in general but I can't stand this, especially when they blast it 5 times at once. The song is OK, it's not the best in the world. I actually would prefer to just have "I Love LA" as the song.


#22. Buffalo Sabres


This horn gives off an annoying sound. I don't find it really great, it's not the worst but it's still not easy on the ears. The goal song is funny though, I hope they keep it.


#23. Nashville Predators


I think the goal songs are solid, the goal horn is not the best though. It is very similar to Buffalo except it's more scratchy and ear-piercing.


#24. New York Islanders


While I'm glad they didn't switch to that awful preseason horn they used a couple seasons ago, I still don't like this horn, it's mundane and doesn't get me excited IMO. Doesn't help that it's in the Barclays Center and the acoustics make it even quieter. I do like "Crowd Chant" as their goal song and hope they keep it.


#25. Anaheim Ducks


This horn is too low for me to get out any excitement after a goal, and also the loss of the sirens brings this horn down even further. I like the goal song, especially the Mariachi version played during the playoffs, but that doesn't cover the goal horns deficiencies enough to warrant a higher spot.


#26. New Jersey Devils



I just don't like it. It isn't a pleasant sound and it's to loud for my liking for what sound it provides. The song isn't that amazing either.


#27. Montreal Canadiens


This horn is too high-pitched and does not intimidate anyone. It does pump me up when they score big goals but it's not a great sound. I also think they need to go back to "l'Oreille", this goal song isn't good.


#28. Washington Capitals


While I like the fact that it's unique, I don't like the horn. It's actually better than before IMO but it's still not great to listen to as a horn. It sounds like the Panthers horn except with obnoxious cop sirens. The goal song isn't impressing me either, I actually like the one they used the season before.


#29. Carolina Hurricanes


This might be a shock to some of you, but I don't think that Carolina's horn is the worst horn in the NHL. It does sound like it's broken and needing some help. The "WOO WOO" isn't helping the cause either.


#30. Ottawa Senators


I hate hearing this horn, it leaves my ears ringing and is too high-pitched. The song's pretty solid though.


#31. Edmonton Oilers


I despise this horn, it's the worst horn in the NHL. It's not enjoyable to listen to, it's not exciting, it's not even boring, it's just annoying. The goal song also sounds like a new age "Chelsea Dagger". Fortunately, the Oilers suck.


And that's my goal horn rankings! This is just for fun and I want to see some of your rankings on your favourite horns in the NHL!


All credit goes to FamousGoalHorns.

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I'm a little old school and the best goal horn up until they moved to their new arena, the Red Wings had one of the best goal horns across the league.  The one they used in the Joe Louis Arena sounded so much more cooler



The new arena has terrible sound acoustics and the horn sounds muffled.




Other favourite ones would be Dallas', Minnesota's, Calgary's, Buffalos and the old WCE Canucks goal horn haha.

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My top 5:

 Dallas Stars, like you said, it really gets you hyped even if you aren't a fan. The horn is also very pleasing to hear.

Anaheim Ducks, i love the muffed, almost kind of dull noise it has, isn't too hard on the ears. 

Calgary Flames, same thing, it's pleasing to the ears and it's quite a unique noise.

San Jose

St Louis



The top 5 I least like:

Chicago Blackhawks, my ears bleed and their goal song is so freaking annoying

Habs, disgusting, unpleasing 




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I agree with this list because of the terrible goal horn Edmonton has! Hearing it go off for the first time I literally thought they were trying to evacuate the arena due to some kind of emergency. It is so annoying, I would rather listen to a test of the Emergency Broadcast System through arena speakers than to hear that travesty of a goal horn ever again. 

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I like the train horns like Los Angeles (my favourite) and Calgary.


In the middle are the ferry-type horns like Vancouver's.


The "foghorns" such as Anaheim's are the worst.


But... the horns that aren't actually horns (Boston!) shouldn't even count.  They are worse than the worst.

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If you thought this one was bad, try 2017 Oilers in their first year at their new stadium. Sounds like two trains having intercourse with each other.





Also, just a personal opinion, I like Chicago's, LA's, Rangers and Preds more than the ones you mentioned. Those I'd venture top 10 for me. Calgary is not a top 15 for me personally.

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