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Keeper league looking for GMs

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Hello y’all.  Looking for 2-4 GMs for my cash keeper league.  (Potentially 2 rosters to take over, 2 expansion rosters)


Coming up on season 2 on Fantrax.  


EDIT:  1 of 4 taken






Salary Cap

Cap is $80 M and only dressed players will count against the total cap number.


Keeper Rules

Prior to expansion draft in August, each GM must keep 10-13 players for the following season:

-5 players at any position and experience (1 Goalie MAX)

-5 players with under 200 total NHL games played (goalies must have less than 82 games played to qualify)

-0-3 players with 0 (zero) nhl regular season games played (playoff games do not count). If you do not have these players on your roster, you may acquire them via trade. 

Entry Draft

A 1 round NHL Entry Draft will take place in late June/early July.   Teams will draft in order of worst to first from the prior seasons standings.  There will be an even % lottery for the non-playoff teams.    

Dispersal Draft

A dispersal draft will be held in late September to fill out rosters.  Order will be opposite the previous years standings and will be a linear draft. 


League fees ($50) MUST be paid out to Evan before dispdrafting occurs.  If you do not live in proximity to Medicine Hat, I will accept e-transfer payable to _____.


League Standings

Weekly Head to Head Matchups.  Full Rosters set for each week (12 forwards 6 defencemen 2 goaltenders)  3 Reserve slots.  3 Minor league slots (player in minors must have less than 40 NHL games played.)  Totaling 27 players.  A (W-L-T) record will dictate Overall standings.  



There will be 4 rounds of playoffs coinciding with the last 5 weeks of the nhl regular season. 

Top 16 league finishers in the overall standings will make the post season.  Top 2 teams in each conference receive a bye for the first round and $50. 

Round 1: (All round 1 winners receive $50 back, or re entry fee waived for following year)
Seed 5 vs Seed 12
Seed 6 vs Seed 11
Seed 7 vs Seed 10
Seed 8 vs Seed 9

Round 2 (Teams reseeded)
Seed 1 vs Seed 8
Seed 2 vs Seed 7
Seed 3 vs Seed 6
Seed 4 vs Seed 5


Round 3 (Teams reseeded)
Seed 1 vs Seed 4
Seed 2 vs Seed 3

Round 4 (two week period)
Round 3 winners face off for league title and remainder of $$ pot. (Est. $450)



Trades will be permitted immediately following the draft.  Trades will be made official pending commissioner approval.  Roster guidelines must be maintained for every transaction (salary cap, active players, etc.)

Dispersal Draft Picks (Rounds 1-3) may only be traded in offseason transactions, and a window that opens prior to the nhl trade deadline. 

Trade Deadline has yet to be decided, but will likely occur with a third of the season left to play.

Off season trading will be permitted.

FA pool will be open up after the dispersal draft with a MAXIMUM of 3 claims per week.   The week will reset Monday morning.  Waiver claims will always be awarded to the worst team making the claim  


Offensive Scoring

Goals – 1.5 points
Empty Net Goals -- (1 point)

GWG – 0.5 points

PPG – 0.5 points

SHG – 2 points

Assist – 1 point
Shoot Out Goal -- 0.5 points


Additional Scoring

Shots on Goal -- 0.1 points

Blocked Shot – 0.1 points

Hit – 0.1 points

Fighting Major – 2 points

Minor penalty – (minus 0.5 points)

+/-  --  0.2 points (minus players will deduct from you point total)


Goaltending Scoring

Win – 1 point

Shut Out – 1 point

Save -- 0.1 points

Goal Against --  (-0.5) points






If you have any interest, please pm me with any questions!



There are currently 20 rosters.  2 teams potentially disbanding, and hoping for 2 team expansion. 


4 new GMs will draft their keeper teams ASAP.


1 team taken so far. 

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I'd have been interested if I wasn't in a dozen leagues already. Sorry sir.

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46 minutes ago, Patrick Kane said:

Can u post the rosters?


There are currently 18 keeper rosters consisting of players with the keeper restrictions.  All other players have entered the player pool which is very talented and deep.


The 2 disbanded teams and the 2 expansion teams will draft players from the player pool using keeper restrictions. 


Top fantasy players available include Crosby, Ovechkin, Couturier, Pavelski, Ehlers, Marchesault, ROR, Monahan, Lundqvist....   list goes on and on. Plenty of quality youth and prospects.  


The list will be deep every year as each team may only keep 5 players with up to and over 200 NHL regular season games played.  GMs May also keep 5 players with under 200 games played.  In addition each team may keep up to 3 players with zero games played. 


This forces tactical decisions and transactions.  Salary cap also implemented.


For instance my team:


Any exp:














Zero GP




As players graduate from year to year, I have to make decisions on what to move and how to stay competitive.


Its honestly a really fun and tactful league.  Members also have a 60% chance of winning their money back. 


I finiahed 2nd out of 20 last season.... for an idea of how my keeper roster stands up...  but I had very good depth aswell. 

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I am not interested in taking over someone elses mistakes in a cash league.....and somewhat leery of a cash league advertisement on CDC, to be honest. No thank you.

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