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[Proposal] LA - Van

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I have been looking at the LA Roster on Capfriendly and noticed they are lacking depth, and that they are short a few players...…...


Please take a look...……...



What I am seeing is a shortage of bottom end defensemen and forward depth


Trade Proposal


Pouliot and Granlund both at 50% for 1 year




Budaj (send down to Utica) , 2019 1st, and 2019 4th


IMO, this gives LA some much needed depth, while giving us some room to move in prospects, while gaining assets


For LA, the cap retention and taking Budaj allows them to add an additional player at the TDL for a playoff run


All cap clears at the end of the year for both teams...…….





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1 minute ago, Adarsh Sant said:

You think LA would give up a 1st for that??

Well first, I think they are real shallow and are in need of extra players

But are just about out of cash......maybe I am wrong, which is why I suggested everyone look at their cap and their numbers

I think that moving some of their dead weight (Budaj) and getting depth players has to have some value

Am I wrong for thinking that?

With LA getting old, and their window is short

What do you think they can get in UFA for 2 million (which basically gives them enough depth to withstand the first bought of injuries

Do you think they signed Kovalchuk at 6.2 M to go out in the first round? Or not make it?

I am betting they move picks to get those players, and their value will be no more than what we are offering at 2x the cost, and still paying for Budaj

I think they have a problem

Maybe the return is 2 2nds?, but it shouldn't be anything less


It is a good question though and maybe I over shot...……...thanks

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They do have Fantanberg, LaDue who will play depth roles. 


Vilardi will probably play NHL this year, push some guys down the depth chart. If they are lucky, he could be close to Dubois in Columbus? Not sure Clague is ready, but is very exciting for them. 

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I'd do the 2 2nds though As BCNiel said I highly doubt JB trades 2 guys he just signed w 50% retained. 


I think selling low on Granlund would be an error not that you are, just making a blanket statement. He can score 20 and play 200' in almost any situation and play C in a pinch, signed under 1.5m to me he's worth a 2nd by himself no retention otherwise keep him it's not as though he hurts the team when he is on the ice and you dont hurt his development by having him in the press box to me he is ideal depth for the Canucks to play youth but have a guy they need to out work to stay in the lineup. 


To my eye Gagner and MDZ have got to go eventually this season. You might get mid to late rnd picks for them due to their ability to tread water at their valuable positions C and D  which is fine by me......... Loui on the other hand we are married to for 2 more seasons after which he could be moved to a cap floor team. He (Loui) is still a useful NHL player though his cap hit is atrocious.


  If the Canucks made the playoffs I might have Granlund ahead of him on my depth chart for the versatility.

From where I sit the Canucks don't need to sell these guys until our prospects actually out play them in meaningful games.


Counter proposal Granlund full bang to LA for a 2nd if not no harm in keeping him he hardly ever gets burned on poor coverage and can be used as a bandaid in the top 6.

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