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Waivers: who gets claimed?

Bert Diesel

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I really think that next season will be the season of two Canucks teams; Utica perhaps being equally important to the future of the team. The Utica team looks to be stacked while the big club may be harder to play against but isn't yet drastically improved. The Beagle, Roussel signings (although we can all agree were far too long) have the positive effect of making the farm team stacked. This relieves a large degree of the pressure on youngsters like Juolevi, Dahlen, Gaudette, etc. from jumping right into significant NHL roles. When injuries occur, we can see how these guys are progressing and that adds some excitement to next season. I'd be really interested in watching the Utica games next year as they will be almost more intriguing. This being said, there is a potential roster crunch looming. With all the bodies that require waivers to go down to Utica, Benning may consider a trade or he may lose someone valuable. From a pure asset management standpoint, i think that certain players are far more likely to be claimed than others. I think the likelihood of a waiver claim goes something like this:

Leipsic 80% he will be taken (also 9 points in 14 games as a Canuck)
Goldobin 70% (too much offensive potential, someone is likely to give him a shot)
Granlund 50% (pretty solid season in 2016; reasonable contract)
Hutton 45% (teams might like his upside; contract might scare them away)
Biega 40% (some team might like him as a depth guy)
Gaunce 25% (not very physical and can’t score)
Boucher 20% (Not proven in the NHL)
Gagner 15% (Isn’t really effective and has negative value= if he got claimed it would be a positive for Vancouver)
Archibald 10% (Not really an NHL player)



It will help if someone gets put on injured reserved early in the season; could prevent someone being lost on waivers. Here’s how I hope it shakes down for the 23 man roster:
1. Marky
2. Nilsson
3. Boeser
4. Horvat
5. Baertschi
6. Eriksson
7. Sutter
8. Virtanen
9. Roussel
10. Beagle
11. Schaller
12. Leipsic
13. Petterson
14. Edler
15. Tanev
16. Gudbranson
17. Stecher
18. Del Zotto
19. Pouliot
20. Hutton
21. Goldobin
22. Granlund
23. Biega

gaunce= waived (who would take him with so little offensive production)
Gagner=Waived (I hope they do this, nobody would claim his contract anyways and he is the least effective forward on the team)
Boucher= Waived
Archibald= Waived
Gaudette= Utica
Dahlen= Utica
Motte= Utica
Lind/Palmu/Gadjovich/Chatfield/Brisebois= Utica
Dipietro= Juniors

To summarize: waiving Gagner will prevent them from losing one of Granlund, Goldobin or Leipsic. Out of that list I would definitely keep Leipsic and prefer to see what the potential Goldobin has.

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My hope is that by the 2019-2020 season; a large chunk of the Utica contingent has graduated and that at least 4-5 players from the big club have been traded for futures. We can only hope that a proper rebuild is on the way (fingers crossed Benning or Aquilini don't screw it up). 

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I doubt anyone we choose to waive gets claimed.


Nor do I believe that should we waive and correspondingly lose any of those players it will be remotely the 'loss' parts of CDC and the media will claim it as. I can already hear the cries of 'asset management!! :frantic:'




IMO Gaunce, Archibald, Boucher and one of Goldobin/Biega likely gets waived (Biega if NHL Goldy shows up, Goldy if AHL Goldy shows up) and likely all clear.

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If I were to guess and put a random number on it.


Leipsic 75% gets claimed (Keep him imo)
Goldobin 100% gets claimed (Keep him imo top 6)
Granlund 60% gets claimed (He is a valuable bottom 6 guy teams may take a run at. Maybe he slides if u land on the right day)
Hutton 70% gets claimed (I think Hutton would be picked up. If he falters they would just dump him. He needs to have a good yr or his aribtration hearing will cost anyone re-signing him. his current contract is a noose).
Biega 40% gets claimed (Boston really liked him a while back. (I can see a team grabbing him as their 7th D if we waived him - medicore chance but possibile)
Gaunce 5% He hasn't proven himself enough to be considered a regular NHLer. (Maybe someone gambles on his size but there are better options).
Boucher 25% I think he slides no problem, maybe off chance a team like NAS grabs him for NHL depth.
Gagner 10% At his cap hit I think he slides no problem.
Archibald 45% I think he gets claimed by a contender who wants more size and an experienced AHLer.

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54 minutes ago, ItsMillerTime said:

Goldobin should be 100 no way a former 1st rounder who is 22 goes unclaimed.

Is he ready for the NHL full time? If he gets claimed, he has to remain on the NHL club. Teams finalizing rosters might not have room for a project to continue to develop on their NHL team. Corrado seemed promising (as a bottom pairing guy) until Toronto claimed him and had no use for him and ruined his development.


A guy like Duclair who is also 22 year old player with lots of offensive potential is maybe a season away from being waiver fodder and he's been riding on his one good 44 points season.


I personally don't believe it's such a sure thing for Goldobin to be claimed.


Granlund 90% (utility guy, can fit many roles for any team lacking anything)

Pouliot 70% (dmen are high valued, 1 year deal, shown glimpses of excellent play)

Hutton 60% (ditto to Pouliot, except contract might scare some teams away)

Gagner 50% (Blackhawks have shown interest and might grab him for free, but a team needing scoring would add a veteran with 50 point totals over a project)

Leipsic 30% (glimpses of good play given good minutes, but not much else, dime a dozen player)

Goldobin 30% (similar to Leipsic, if he wasn't 22, I might have him at 10-20% based on what he has done so far)

Gaunce 30% (defensive guys are underrated and more of these guys are claimed on waivers, but he doesn't excel at anything quite yet)

Biega 10% (good depth option, but unlikely to be claimed at the start of the season)

Archibald 10% (ditto to Biega)

Boucher 0% (shown too little, career AHLer with some call ups if enough injuries occur)


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3 hours ago, ItsMillerTime said:

Goldobin should be 100 no way a former 1st rounder who is 22 goes unclaimed.


2 hours ago, Rush17 said:

Goldobin 100% gets claimed (Keep him imo top 6)

Gotta echo what theo said. If Goldobin plays so poorly this fall that he can't outright win a job on a bottom 5, rebuilding team with a clear opening in the top 6 LW (the exact position he plays)... the likelihood of him getting claimed is LOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW.


The likelihood of it mattering if he does is about the same.


That said, here's hoping he comes in guns blazing and forcibly nails down that spot making it a moot point. 

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