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[Discussion] Rick Celebrini leaving Canucks to join Golden State Warriors


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9 minutes ago, TimberWolf said:


I'm thinking he's leaving because he just hit the jackpot for his profession. Good for him

You are probably right. He was working for the Canucks and WhiteCaps. If he's giving up two gigs for one he's probably getting paid. NBA has less contact to so maybe he feels his work will look better in the NBA then around NHLer's who gets smashed every game.

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This was from an article written 4 months ago. Seems like our injury problems have been around for longer than some realized. Even in the 2010/11 season we lost the 7th most games due to injury. You may want to look at the last 2 links below to look at injury comparisons between the 2010/11 season and the 2017/18 season....they look pretty similar.


Currently the Canucks are fourth in the NHL in games lost, only trailing the Golden Knights, Sabres and Canadiens. Vancouver has been most injured franchise since 2008-2009 according to ManGamesLost.







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"Widely known as one of the top sport and orthopedic physiotherapists in North America...."


Gee, why would LInden have brought in this 'failure'?


I expected that once he'd set up his M.A.S.H. tent, the casualties would end.


Never happened.  Who needs him?

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