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Canuck All time records to be moved up this season


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On 2018-08-14 at 10:57 AM, N7Nucks said:

24 games and Edler is 7th in games played, stays healthy he can catch Burrows for 6th. Not sure I want to see him pass Burr, given how much love I have for him. Lol. 9 goals from Ohlund, that's fairly improbable but I could see Edler hitting it if he can get more shots passed defenders shins. This might be his last year with us, given our LD depth with Hughes and Juolevi coming up as top 4 potentials. Brisebois looks like he could be a solid 3rd pairing guy. Pouliot looks like a solid 3rd pairing guy himself right now. 


Markstrom making waves as a Canucks goalie, I really didn't notice how bad our history of goaltending has been. Geez Louise. Here's hoping Demko is what we need him to be. No offense to Markstrom but I don't think he'll be much more than what we have seen. This generations Cloutier. 

Cloutier has a bad rep given he was an average goalie on a good team...in other words if we had a good goalie we'd have had a much better chance going somewhere with a one line team.     One of the best days in Canucks history was the Bertuzzi trade, Luongo was probably the second best goalie in the entire league when we got him.  And yes we don't have much bragging rights when it comes to good goalies, no Vezinas, but a couple close calls (screw you Broduer).

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On 13/08/2018 at 11:51 PM, AlwaysACanuckFan said:

Here is a list of all time Canucks goal records heading into upcoming season..


1)D Sedin 393
2) Naslund 346
3) Linden 318
4) Smyl 262
5) Bure 254
6) Tanti 250
7) H Sedin 240
8 )Gradin 197
9) Burrows 193
10) Bertuzzi 188
11) Lever 186
12) Kesler 182
13) Adams 179
14) Skriko 171
15) Ververgaert 139
16) Mogilny 139
17) Morrison 136
18) Sundstrom 133
19) Boudrias 121
20) Rota 120
21) Ronning 112
22) Sedibauer 108
23) Schmautz 108
24) Hansen 105
25) Sandlak 104
26) G Courtnall 102
27) O'Flaherty 98
28) Blight 96
29) Ohlund 93
30) Fraser 92
31) Gelinas 90
32) Oddleifson 85
33) Edler 84
34) Lumme 83
35) Cooke 83
36) Williams 83
37) Gould 82
38) Raymond 80
39) Boldirev 80
40) Salo 74
41) Lalonde 72
42) Horvat 71
67)Baertschi 49
91) Sutter 33
93) Boeser 33


Will Boeser pass Salo this season? 

Will Horvat pass Courtnall? 

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29 minutes ago, DontFockWithBrock said:

Will Boeser pass Salo this season? 

Will Horvat pass Courtnall? 

Courtnall was a good winger for us for what seemed like some time...surprised that's all he scored, for a while there we had some very good wingers and Ronning was a great second line center.  Even our third line was decent, goals are sure hard to come by these days.  Screw you Roy and your butterfly, save percentages went way up after his clones came in and coaches realized they could copy the NJ model and make a bad team ok by doing so.   Sure the Garth Snow man helped goalies too (like they needed pillows on their shoulders and a 80 inch chest to protect them from pucks, Dryden is rolling his eyes) but nothing changed the goalie game more than Roy popularizing the butterfly and virtually taking the bottom of the net (high percentage area) out of the equation.


Its misinformation thinking today we have better athletes in net and that's the problem with low scoring, stand up goalies used to  kick save all the low shots and stop everything standing up.  Make the current goalies try that and they'd be lucky to have a .900 sp.  Add that now goalies are monster sized and it's even sillier.  Vernon (two cups, two different teams, all-star and rock and roll fight with Roy and a Conn Smythe) was listed at 5'9" and recently came out and let the world know he played at 5'7".    Artus Irbe was another shrimp.  Imagine how easy it would have been for them if they shrunk the nets to make it relative (Rinne, Bishop, Marskrom, Nilsson etc have a distinct advantage when it comes to net size. And Price, Luongo et al aren't that far behind them).  


The making the making the nets bigger idea has merit, most star goalies of the past were sub 6 feet.  Add the increased pad size and the non-leather aspect (they would gain substantial weight as the game went on to the point they were 10 times heavier than today's pads) and it's not hard to figure out why today a very good goalies sp rivals Haseks (who's probably the best goalie ever).


still now that why went back and did the math, each generation had some ridiculously great goalies.  Jesus doesn't save more than? .919 check out Dryden and Haseks too.  Wow.

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