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Book: UFOs by Leslie Kean - NY Times Bestseller


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Just now, Boudrias said:

Never heard that before. I am already forgeting detail about the 60 Minutes story. Didn't the pilots they interviewed say that the UFO came out of churning water in the Atlantic? Maybe the Canuck Orca is higher up the peaking order than given credit for. :)  

I didn't see the 60mins interview but I have heard that before too.

The Pentagon 'tictac' footage started out like that I believe...something going on in/over the water.


A lot of these pilots have been speaking for a while. Such as in the book that inspired this thread. 


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On 5/19/2021 at 9:43 PM, UnkNuk said:

I wonder if one branch of the US military is busy doing and building things that the other branches are simply unaware of?

I see 4 distinct possibilities from this

1. Its usa technology we havent seen before, meaning that somehow the americans have jumped at least 4 generations ahead of what we have now. This is a scenario that isnt too horrible but definitely has a chance of destabilizing the world.  

2. Its another country (like russia or china for example. This would be a shocker because how could they leapfrog the usa that much without anyone knowing. This has much more potential for global destabilization so its not a great scenario.

3. Its aliens. Might be the second best scenario seeing as they have been coming for decades and seem to be peaceful at the moment. Still scary as hell to think about considering the ramifications this would have on world religions and society in general.

4. Its a wakanda like country who are far advanced beyond what we are capable of but have sealed themselves off from the rest of the world and are just observing us. I honestly believe this may be the best possible outcome of the four here but i am definitely open to other possibilities. 


Either way we could be in for a wild few decades if any of these are true

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