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[Mafia] - Nineteen Eighty-Four (Game Over; Mafia Win)

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5 hours ago, Master Radishes said:

Both wolfy but also within his meta. Il duce plays the same way (this way) regardless of his faction, generally.

I can see why you would/could infer that I was placing suspicion on Duce but the reality is I was just making a statement.

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Blue Jay 22


He starts the game with joke posts, but that's forgivable - he was literally the first person to post.


But he's done little since then that shows any serious attempt to scumhunt.


22 hours ago, Blue Jay 22 said:

Stop being a tease.

Returns with another joke post but no real game talk, despite there being a few more serious posts by now. Not much, sure, but enough to sink one's teeth into if one was serious about getting the game moving forward.


22 hours ago, Blue Jay 22 said:

What exactly do you want me to "engage" here?


21 hours ago, Blue Jay 22 said:

I say to that it has been 12 hours since the game started and that I've posted 5 times, not including this response. 2 of which came at the very beginning of the game, 1 in response to you, and 2 of confusion at people trying to shade me.


Sorry for not being a mafia boy genius like Aladeen and Zfetch and being able to have 5 reads right off the bat.


21 hours ago, Blue Jay 22 said:

I'm here now aren't I?

He then gets defensive at being called out by Zfetch and me (and 112). He still doesn't actually do or say anything to begin his own redemption. Instead...


19 hours ago, Blue Jay 22 said:

Do not let MR be the driving voice of the "town mob." All he has done is call out people who haven't met his suitable entrance standards. He is clearly reaching hard on AV.

...he goes straight for the 'MR is vocal and therefore must be mafia' card. A classic technique.


19 hours ago, Blue Jay 22 said:



Agree to disagree I guess. 

Dismisses Zfetch's reasons for calling him out - no attempt to engage until further pressed:


19 hours ago, Blue Jay 22 said:

How is disagreeing with your post being defensive? You said it was sketch, I said no it wasn't. You gave a reason, I rolled my eyes and said agree to disagree. 


You are just trying over exaggerate things to make me look bad. Get off your soap box.

Still super defensive.


11 hours ago, Blue Jay 22 said:

Not really a big fan of Zfetch or MR so far. Lukewarm on Detective J23 as well.

OMGUS call-outs of his detractors. Plus one random target thrown in for good measure.




BJ has had an unproductive early game, then got defensive when called out, turned on his accusers, and even tried to move past the accusation with his 'agree to disagree' line. And throughout all this he still hasn't actually tried to engage with game-solving in any way.

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Alain Vigneault


Almost immediately after I called him out for seeing him lurking twice without posting...


22 hours ago, Alain Vigneault said:

Hey guys :ph34r:


22 hours ago, Alain Vigneault said:

Vig and specials should goad the mafia into revealing themselves so that they can do their own thing.


21 hours ago, Alain Vigneault said:

BW been awfully quiet.

He appears, and goes for the silly posts to start with - again, like BJ, despite there being a little bit of serious discussion by this point (which he waves at in one of his joke posts).


At this point I vote for him to apply the pressure.


20 hours ago, Alain Vigneault said:

I mean, I had to enter the game at some point..?


Anyways, I'm fairly sure there's something significant to MR's vote of me so I'm not really bothered by it.

20 hours ago, Alain Vigneault said:

I should specify that I believe his vote is more than just a vote and it may actually serve another purpose.

Forgot to ask him about this - I'm not sure what he meant here. Kind of an odd response. He just sort of shrugs it off like it's no big deal.


12 hours ago, Alain Vigneault said:

I don't really rate Duce's post.

He next appears with this one post. He ignores any bigger fish and goes for the player who had just popped in with a single post. I don't mind that last part, more so the fact he ignores everyone/everything else.


3 hours ago, Alain Vigneault said:

I can see why you would/could infer that I was placing suspicion on Duce but the reality is I was just making a statement.

And apparently he didn't even mean anything by his post about ilduce? So then why bother posting?




AV was slanking and got called out for it, but has done little to really join the game and has posted nothing of consequence. He also has had a very laid-back, measured attitude so far, waving off the vote on him and even his own statement about ilduce as if they were nothing.


To be honest, in ISOing him here I'm almost actually leaning slightly less on him being scum, except for the fact that he's still not done anything to try to help solve the game.

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Scum leans:




Neutral reads:

SC - new and thus no feel for his meta; some scummy behaviour but not enough to justify a lynch

TL - I like his game better than last (where he was scum and I picked up on it right away) but not enough content to judge for sure


Town leans:











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^I agree with your BJ breakdown but don't think AV has been acting too out of line with what I would typically expect of him as Town. He's more of a neutral read for me whereas I have BJ and J-23 as scum.


Scum leans:

BJ, J-23


TP leans:

MR (slight), Zfetch, Aladeen, WW (also slight), 112

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4 hours ago, 112 said:

I don't know anything about Brexit but am still laughing about it. What a dumb decision whose reasons I don't understand.

Post-recession anxieties translating into anti-globalisation and anti-immigrant feelings, same as in the USA. Then add in a twist of a post-Empire superiority complex over never fully being part of Europe, and a campaign that focused on how much money the government has been 'wasting' on membership in the EU, and voila.

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Until Crumb had posted and I checked the player list, I didn't know that he and otherwise we're in the game. It is tough for new players to jump in but unless otherwise has a reason I'd expect more. I remember that @numb3r 16 once almost won as Mafia based on the new player situation where we don't lynch them for a while.


I didn't feel anything suspicious about J23 pointing out that BW was the host to AV. Zfetch's jumping on that was a reach, I feel, but then reaches are kinda all we have 1st round. What was odder was BJ jumping in then jumping out with 'agree to disagree'. Also a badly noticable Beetlejuice by AV and a bad reaction to being called out on it.


Scum lean: AV, BJ

Town lean: MR (though it's been a while since I played with him, or played at all), Zfetch

Neutral: Aladeen, TL

Monitor: Crumb, otherwise, J23

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