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[Mafia] - Nineteen Eighty-Four (Game Over; Mafia Win)

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I may not be scum hunting as well as others, but this wagon against me is based off jacks**t. I have not been defensive, nor aggressive this game despite the charges, but I will be plenty of both from here on out until nightfall. Apparently, I haven't been defensive or aggressive enough.


Anyone who has played with me knows my scum game is much cleaner and covered than what has been put out. I can give MR a slight pass in this because I've only been scum a small number of times he has been around, but 112's vote and reasoning for me looks incredibly suspect because she should know my style of play by now. 


People need to stop pretending they can read me. Reading through more now.

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I wasn't going to bother with MR's garbage ISO of me, but there is so much trash thrown in there that it needs to be addressed because certain people apparently want to ride the "pile on BJ" wave.


4 hours ago, Master Radishes said:

Blue Jay 22


He starts the game with joke posts, but that's forgivable - he was literally the first person to post.


1. But he's done little since then that shows any serious attempt to scumhunt.


2. Returns with another joke post but no real game talk, despite there being a few more serious posts by now. Not much, sure, but enough to sink one's teeth into if one was serious about getting the game moving forward.




3. He then gets defensive at being called out by Zfetch and me (and 112). He still doesn't actually do or say anything to begin his own redemption. Instead...


4....he goes straight for the 'MR is vocal and therefore must be mafia' card. A classic technique.


5. Dismisses Zfetch's reasons for calling him out - no attempt to engage until further pressed:


6. Still super defensive.


OMGUS call-outs of his detractors. Plus one random target thrown in for good measure.




BJ has had an unproductive early game, then got defensive when called out, turned on his accusers, and even tried to move past the accusation with his 'agree to disagree' line. And throughout all this he still hasn't actually tried to engage with game-solving in any way.

1. So has half of the people playing but whatevs.


2. That is your own opinion, not mine. At the time of the "joke post" in question, I didn't find much interesting. Sorry for not giving your Vig post much attention. You have my undivided attention now though so are we even?


3. BS post. 3 veteran people had called me out at that point. Apparently if I'm not in agreement with it, it's being defensive. Also I don't need any redemption from any of you.


4. BS post. Ironic as well since you are all about deflection and casted my vote on you aside. I don't even think it gets a hand wave in its direction.


5. BS post. Claims that I didn't bother attempting to engage Zfetch when I was the one who engaged him in the first place about J23. 


6. :rolleyes: Agree to disagree I guess.


Hope that is aggressive enough for you, you wanker (I have no idea what this is, I just hear British people call each other it a lot in movies).



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