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[Mafia] - Nineteen Eighty-Four (Game Over; Mafia Win)

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I'm not gonna be available for the remainder of the round.


If I actually get lynched you guys really need to look into the people who voted me and the people who were here but didn't sway the vote another way.


There are so many better options logically so if I do end up getting lynched take a long hard look at the people responsible.


Stop spreading out the votes and just settle on someone. My vote is for Otherwise or SC

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6 hours ago, Master Radishes said:



Don't like that throwaway shade-tossing in the last line. Not sure its townie behaviour, even for duce. If he flips red, 112 is probably scum too. Scum love to sneak one of their teammates in their reads list to attempt credibility.


Inquiring about BJ as if looking for a reason to vote for him. Goes after weak targets now rather than his earlier leans.


...And then he quickly, without justification, hops over to the BJ wagon. He was the fourth vote, and basically sealed it as inevitable in retrospect. Biggest bandwagon vote of all of them, no doubt.


Basically everything he's done has been wolfy. Is it TWTBW?* Possibly. But I don't really see any redeeming features to his posts.


*Sorry Zfetch, but you better learn this one.


4 hours ago, J-23 said:

Don't like this post at all....

Both totally fair.  


My idea with the BJ vote was to shake things up a bit - I expected more action after my shameless bandwagon.  Unfortunately, I tuned back in close to nightfall and the latest update had me still on J23... I wasn’t sure if it was some situation where I didn’t properly unvote or if it wasn’t allowed or anything.  


Then there was that late update that showed me on BJ. I kinda just froze at that point... it looked like Aladeen wanted to flip and he was right - that inactivity leading up to nightfall looked and felt bad for sure. Should have made some kind of a play considering how bad I looked anyways.

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On 2018-08-29 at 7:22 PM, otherwise said:

not a whole lot has stuck out at me, but zfetch's posting style/subject matter seems off. Maybe he's in a different mood, but not much of substance and more off topic than normal...imo. Bj while I'm not totally convinced is mafia has been quite defensive, which is understandable if he is on either side. It's a bit panicked to me so maybe a tp special. Lastly I have a strange feeling about TL, though not sure what that lean is atm. Also not sure about J23 he has done a good job pretending to be BW because he's becoming more and more suspicious to me with every post, just like BW


zfetch is shady af. ‘Nuff said.

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