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CDC Create a Player V2


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Just now, Zhukini said:

I know I'm a little late on this but that would be game! Thanks everybody for playing, it was interesting doing it a second time around. 


I'd like to do a version 3 eventually, but I'm still toying with the idea of doing it like this, or playing on a databse with Seattle and putting all of us on Seattle as 21/22year olds, and doing a game by game sim, with a 5 year window to win the cup. 

Or it could always just be a classic create a 14 y/o and follow their career. 


Let me know opinions if you see this! Thanks!

No preference. I'm good with either or.


Thanks for hosting as always.

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On 10/18/2018 at 11:53 PM, Zhukini said:



LW Anthony Carlucci has retired and been inducted into the Hall of Fame. 

He retired winning one cup. 

Thanks for playing!



Wow this is huge. I'd like to thank my dog for making me miss 2 months this due to that BITCH (It's a female dog so that's what they called) chewing up my charger and not allowing me to watch my career unfold. 

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