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Tulsi Gabbard DESERVES A Thread!


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2 hours ago, Boudrias said:

I think the role of geopolitics in the division inside the USA does not get recognized enough. Economic interests are divided into major geographic areas with the corresponding push and pull. If unity of purpose deteriorates then what? Texas, Florida and Atlanta are hollowing out Silicon Valley. Might be a positive. The 

5 o'clock news doesn't unite anymore. ABC, CBS and NBC are ghosts of what they were. So many avenues in media can divert people. 


Yes JFK but all the POTUS with WW2 experience were grounded in a reality that we never saw. I think critical thinking has to reassert itself. I am sure it still exists in some 'think tanks'.  

I don’t watch the news on tv anymore. It’s all propaganda these days. You can literally get two different versions of the news just by flipping the channel. Gone are the days of simply reporting the news. 

It’s much easier to get the news from social media. I use Twitter and Telegram to get most of my news. I follow different people and channels to get a more holistic view of what’s going on so I don’t get trapped into the propaganda spewed by both sides. 

There is more division and hate in this world than at any point in our history. It’s sad really.  And the worst part is some people don’t even see it. They are blinded by whichever political side they are on and fail to see the division that is tearing our world apart. And now we face a serious recession or worse. Can’t recall a time in my life where it was this bad really. I feel sorry for the kids. They will have a hard time growing up if things don’t change. 

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The thing is, if the Democratic party wasn't the same Democratic Party, her "new" party she seems to be back, sure as **** ain't the GOP party anymore.  Barry Goldwater is rolling over in his grave right now.  She's a political opportunist which makes her no better than the rest of the "swamp".  Worse, in that she claims to be above that.






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