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Top/Bottom Teams, 2018~19 NHL Season


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Started wondering if it's easier to forecast the bottom-5 teams, as opposed to calling the top-5 finishers(overall finish, reg season)?


Only 1 way to find out, I guess? Call it.. who you feel will finish top/bottom? Bonus ? : Two teams that'll have the biggest point swings from preceding yr(one positive, other neg)


1- Winnipeg

2- Washington

3- San Jose

4- Nashville

5- Pittsburg


bottom: Det, Ariz, NYI, Mtl, Ott(last overall)


biggest increase in pts: Coilers

biggest decrease: Bruins


...Think hard, & get those predictions IN by April 1st, eh?


Time Capsule Thread?..Guess I feel that's mostly for our boys. Most posters seem to focus on the local predictions.

Winner gets a hearty frozen mukluk to the derriere..GL!

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1 hour ago, Nuxfanabroad said:

TBay gettin a lotta love. Predicting they fall back a tad(no Stevie Y; poor goaltending yr; and/or injuries).


Vegas will be interesting. No surprising anyone, but they added talent.

TB hasn’t peaked yet with a murders row of forwards that can get the job done, Sergerchev just getting started with his baby-steps minutes and one of the best young goalies in the league.  And Hedman.  No team except maybe WNP can boast such depth in all positions, couldn’t get It done against WSH last year, but they would have made mince meat out if Vegas if they did.   Our division is now arguably as tough as the central, just no easy games except against ARI.   But that will change the following season...

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