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I don't have the energy anymore to do an in depth sig, but with Gaunce being sent down I figured it might be time. I saw a great picture from a friend of mine who takes a lot of the Canucks pictures and figured I'd give it a shot:



Here's the link to the photographer's page (which contains the original used in the sig).


Thoughts? Criticisms? Complaints?


EDIT: here's the old Gaunce sig.




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7 hours ago, xereau said:

Is there a Canucks' font?  Like the one they use on their backs.  Would be a nice tie in.

Yeah, I've used Agency in the past but wanted something different this time around.


2 hours ago, CanucksFan95 said:

I like it, but for me Brock doesn't stand out compared to the background too much, perhaps make the background a bit darker/blurred? Overall good work!

You're right that I could do something to make him stand out more. I didn't want to lose the background or take a bunch of time making a clean vector of just him to stand out either. Maybe I'll do the latter and use a different color aura/highlight behind him.

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