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Calgary sportsnet host pokes fun at EP concussion


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If people wanted more of a reason to really hate Calgary well here's your chance, I couldn't believe what I was reading this is just ridiculous.


Eric Francis, a senior columnist for Sportsnet.ca and a host on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960 radio, launched a contest Monday morning asking listeners to “name the finishing move Matheson used on Patterson (sic).”


While Vancouver Canucks rookie Elias Pettersson recovers from a concussion, some Calgary broadcasters are having a little fun at his expense.


Eric Francis, a senior columnist for Sportsnet.ca and a host on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960 radio, launched a contest Monday morning asking listeners to “name the finishing move Matheson used on Patterson (sic).”



We are assuming Francis meant Pettersson, who, according to a report from TSN’s Bob McKenzie, will be out seven to 10 days, if not longer, as he recovers from a concussion suffered when the 19-year-old centreman’s head bounced off the ice in Florida.


If you can’t joke about head injuries, what can you joke about?


The winning suggestion receives tickets to the Eric Francis Pizza Pigout, a “celebrity” pizza party held Oct. 18 at the Cowboys Dance Hall in Calgary.


A number of Canucks fans were not amused with the contest and let Francis know about it on Twitter.





Just incase anyone is interested.


Contest and Open Phone Lines for 960

Local calls: 403-240-4444
Cell phone: *960 on Rogers Wireless
Text us: 960960

General Inquiries regarding SN 960 The FAN Radio in Calgary

You can email Program Director Kelly Kirch at kelly.kirch@rci.rogers.com
Switchboard: 403-246-9696

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Sure looks like the definiton of petty retaliation over being manhandled by Gudbranson (not knowing if there's a larger context to this - but regardless, it looks highly inappropriate).



I'm glad Dube was not injured.


And it's really unfortunate that the result of Hamonic standing up for him was a concussion.



But this is beneath Francis.   Ironically, Gudbranson apologized immediately for the hit on Dube - knew it was a bad hit.


We'll see if Francis has anywhere near the class of EGud.

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2 minutes ago, ReggieBush said:

We are seriously joking about head injuries now? Considering what we know about them, I would deem that a fireable offence. Insensitive, uncalled for, and a classless.

Yeah agree this is a joke, no one should be making fun of someone who has an injury, no matter what it is, just because he's butt hurt for what Guddy did, doesn't give him the right to make fun on someone's injury, not professional at all and he should be fired for even suggesting this imo.

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This is seriously done in bad taste “if you can’t make fun of head injuries what can you make fun of”, well maybe we could make fun of Homincs broken jaw, and start our own contest on what bones Gudbranson breaks the next time he lays a beating on one of the flames?

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5 minutes ago, aGENT said:

Rather than a ridiculous twitter all out SJW flame assault on the guy, I would hope Sportsnet would have the common sense and decency to suspend him for a week without pay or something.



I bet he claims he got hacked.

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4 minutes ago, Baer. said:

I think it's funny lol

I think this is the best thing that could happen under the circumstances.

I hope it goes viral.

Rather than butthurt whining about butthurt Calgary.

Canuck fans should hope every team in the league views this as a WWE joke.

DOPes looks bad, I don't care who it comes from but the more negative press for the NHL the better.


This has the potential to become the next "vote for Rory" or John Scott affair, pointed straight at DOPeS.


I do not choose to look at this as a slap at the Canucks but rather DOPeS

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